A/N: So, my co-author and I decided that this story needed a reboot. It's one of our longest, proudest fanfictions (since it is, basically, a novelization of season 1 with some shippy stuff taking the front seat in some places), and that it deserves better than the state it was in. So, I decided to go back and fix a few things. A few errors, and most glaringly, a lot of grammar mistakes that I commonly made when we first wrote this fanfiction. So, I'm going to be going back and fixing this fic so that it is polished as it deserves to be!

This is the prologue, it's basically a huge recap of everything up until the mansion episode. Chapter 1 is technically coming next. It switches between Matt and Tai's POV in this beginning bit here, but roll with it, it'll be third person soon enough. Now, please enjoy the updated Boys Will Be Boys!

My parents had been hovering around the television lately, always watching the news. Apparently climates were changing all over the globe. India was getting ice storms, Africa was flooding, America was getting too many tornadoes. Weird stuff like that. But I'm 11 and don't have time to worry about weird weather, especially since I'm going to summer camp! Kari, my little sister, can't go this year 'cause she's sick with the flu, so I'm gonna bring her back something special. I'm so excited. Sora said she was gonna be there. She's my best friend. I know I'm gonna have a great time. Games, swimming, campfires, sleeping under the stars, and the warm sun overhead. Yeah, it's gonna be awesome!

I'm not particularly excited for summer camp. I thought I was old enough not to do this anymore, but apparently not. I guess I'd have to go anyway, since it's TK's first time going to camp and I can't leave him alone. I guess it's sort've nice to be able to be around him for a while without having to be with one parent or the other, just the two of us.

Even the bus ride to camp is fun. Sora and I sat up front. We talked about how were going to go fishing, play baseball, make dream catchers, everything! Sora's pretty cool. She's more like a guy than a girl, not like Mimi. That girl is all about pink and caught up in some American Western phase. I bet she's gonna take one look at the tents on the ground and start crying about bugs crawling in her hair while she sleeps. Sora and I ran off the bus once we got to the site. Everything seemed perfect, until I bumped into him. "You! Aw man, what are you doing here?" Great, Matt had come along. He must have been at the back of the bus brooding. He's that ugly grey cloud that comes along and rains on your parade.

"You have a problem with that?" Great, him. The other kids I can stand, even if they are a little weird. But I just can't deal with Tai. Looking at him, you'd think he'd be a cool kid. Soccer player, decent clothes, not like the stuffy nerds that make up the other guys at this camp like Izzy and Joe. But once you get to know him... This kid grates on my nerves more than I think anyone could.

I turned my chin up at him. Matt's always got that look on his face like he's better than you. Fat chance. "Why'd you even come, Matt? Your sucky mood is gonna ruin all our fun."

"I have to watch TK." I didn't even have time to explain myself more and just walked past him. I really don't even see why I bothered as much as I did to grace him with a response. I had better stuff to do, especially since, knowing him, he'd just start a fight with me if I said anything more.

"Don't brush me off!" I turned to go after him, but Sora caught my arm.

"Tai, leave it alone." She looked kind of sad when she said that, and it made me feel weird. I just grunted and went to the bus to get our stuff. Counselors had told us there were girl tents and boy tents. I guess I can get that, but really wanted to bunk with Sora. She's cool. Not to mention I didn't want to get stuck with Izzy or Joe. They probably snored or used inhalers. So lame.

I was pretty pleased when I got put the same tent as Joe, since TK was in a tent with some other younger kids anyway. Even if Joe is a cowardly nerd who's always complaining about certain camp activities, at least he's not fighting me every three seconds, so I could get some rest if I just zoned out his worried complaints or him counting his emergency rations for the billionth time.

Once I got my stuff put away, I decided that nature and I should have some quiet time together. I climbed up the nearest tree and laid out on the sunniest branch. Yeah... This is what summer camp is all about. I had just dozed off when something cold hit my face. At first I thought it was rain. Oh good, Matt brought the storm clouds with him. But then I sat up and saw, to my total disbelief, that there was actually snow falling from the sky. Snow! In the summer!

I knew that everyone else must've noticed as the snow started coming down. Even that kid Izzy, who was always buried in his laptop, put it down to look up at the snow flakes... if only to go back to trying to connect to the net. A bunch of the other kids at camp had gone off to do some hiking trip or something, but seven of us were left standing on a cliff, watching the snow fall. It was seriously freaky.

I punched that smug kid in the arm. "Good job, Matt."

"What'd I do!" I snapped, crossing my arms.

"Obviously this crappy weather followed you here!"

"You realize that's impossible," Joe mumbled from somewhere behind me.

"Whatever. All I know is that Matt is always giving everyone the cold shoulder. Thinks he's so cool. Always sulking about something. Now look; freezing gloomy snow storm. Matt's rotten vibes brought it here."

"Hey, I-!" I started, putting my fists up.

But Mimi squealed, "Look at the sky, everyone!" That's when we all turned to see what looked like an aurora dancing across the sky. It was even more out of place than the freak snow.

Izzy was saying something about Arora Borey Alice and Alaska or whatever. I wasn't really listening. I was more focused on this green hurricane looking cloud spinning up in the sky. It looked like some weird vortex, like aliens were gonna come through or something. Suddenly there was this explosion and fireballs fell from the sky. Someone screamed about meteors so we all dove into the snow.

I wasn't scared... really. Even if they were meteors, they were so small that they couldn't have hurt much, anyway. They'd be meteorites, right? But they weren't meteorites. These strange things started floating out of the ground, and everyone took a grab at them. I think Joe's almost got away from him.

At first I thought these things were Tamagachis. Super alien Tamagachis. It was the only explanation. Everyone was mumbling about them when the water in the lake exploded! Of course we all tried to run, but tidal waves were hard to escape from. We were swept up in seconds. I kept waiting to drown, for water to fill my lungs and for everything to go black, but that didn't happen. Instead... I woke up with a giant living piece of bubblegum sitting on my chest and staring at me. I freaked.

It still amazes me how everyone managed to scream, even when the water swallowed us up. Even when I should have been drowning, I could hear them yelling and screeching until everything went quiet and I found myself on the ground in some jungle somewhere. Everything seemed completely normal, that was, of course, until I turned over to be looking straight into the face of what looked like a furry orange blob with a huge black horn on its head.

I could tell you what happened next, but you wouldn't believe me if I tried. Let's just say it involved more talking blobs, a giant killer beetle, and our little talking blobs turning into weird monsters. Digital Monsters. Digimon, to be specific. That's what they call themselves anyway. Me and the kids all met up again. Even Matt. Why couldn't he have drowned? Not only were we stuck in this crazy computer world, but grumpy gloomy Matt had to be there too. His Digimon looks like a six-legged dog cross-bred with a unicorn. I dunno. My guy is totally awesome. Agumon is his name and breathing fire is his game. Seriously, I have a little orange fire-breathing dinosaur! How cool is that!

Gabumon's an... interesting guy. He's supposed to be a reptile, or so his scales would suggest. But he always wears that fur, and later... well, much later, he changed again into a wolf. I have no idea how that leap in logic works, but everything's screwed up in this crazy world anyway. Road signs grow on trees for no reason, there's phones sitting on beaches that just eat your coins to tell you stupid, incorrect information, and then, of course, everything we run into wants to kill us.

I guess I sort of got used to Matt after a while. Even if we all weren't the best of friends, we figured out we'd have to get along and work together if we're gonna survive. Matt's still pretty anti-social, though. Actually, he only seems interested in defending himself and his little brother. I can admire him for being a protector, but he has to get over this whole selfish thing. It's getting on my nerves. Guy doesn't listen to a word I say! I'm the leader here. Why doesn't he get that? Matt ticks me off so much that the kid is all I can think about sometimes.

Even if I am getting used to this team we've been forced to make, it bugs me that Tai thinks he's automatically the leader. He always makes these rash decisions and wants to go the most dangerous route, regardless of what's going on with everyone else. Why won't he drop that superior attitude and just listen to me once in a while?

Matt's all up in my face again. We were just attacked by a Grizzlymon who ended up being so strong that he sent Agumon back into Koromon and Gabumon back into Tsunomon. Why's he so pissed? It's not like they won't be able to Digivolve again in a few days. At least they didn't die. "Why do you always have to fight every decision I make, Matt? The forest was still safer than the prairie! Out there we would have been sitting ducks for just about anything!"

"Yeah, well out there we could have seen what was coming for us and our Digimon could've Digivolved before it attacked us! In the forest we had no clue where we were going and that thing snuck up on us! Why don't you stop and listen to the group for once?"

"Hey!" That's when I pushed him. "The group is just fine with how things are going. It's you who seems to have a problem with everything we do! Maybe you should think about getting on board!"

"I think you're the one that should get your head out of the clouds! This isn't a game, Tai! We could get killed out here and you just care about leading us all into the most dangerous parts of the island!" I pushed him back, putting my fists up, gritting my teeth. This happened nearly every day and it always ended with us throwing punches and then wrestling in the dirt.

"You don't think I'm taking this seriously? I'm doing the best I can! Be more appreciative, you ass!" I heard Mimi gasp.

"Tai, you aren't supposed to talk like that," Sora said to me, again with that sad look on her face.

"Or what? I'm gonna get in trouble? With who? We aren't kids anymore, Sora. We can't afford to be out here. This is real, and I'm going to do and say what I have to to make sure we survive!" I turned my eyes back on Matt. "And that means putting you in your place." So I punched him in the face.

I retaliated, holding my nose, which I bet was bleeding, and kicking my foot out to take out Tai's ankles and send him crashing to the ground. I sometimes thought we fought each other more than our enemies.

"Cut it out you guys!" Joe ran in. It was a rare occasion when he stepped up and actually behaved like the oldest kid in the group. He saw the blood dripping between Matt's fingers. I noticed it too, but instead of feeling concerned, I just smirked with a sense of satisfaction. That's right, Matt. I know how to handle you. "Come on," Joe said while trying to lead Matt away. "Let me look at your nose."

I wouldn't back down like a dog with a tail between my legs, though. I ripped away from Joe and leaped at Tai, punching him right back, square in the face. Not quite as hard, since his nose didn't start bleeding like mine, but I'm sure it was enough to make him think twice about picking a fight with me again. Of course, it was then that Koromon got involved and forced us to break it up before I finally went with Joe to bandage up my nose.

Okay, so I wasn't expecting that. If I was, I would've protected myself better. "You suck!" I shouted after him while rubbing the bridge of my nose. Man that hurt! I looked down at my pink bubblegum shaped friend. "Thanks, Koromon."

"Why do you two always fight, Tai?" he asked, watching as I got lead away to hopefully find a stream or something to wash all of the blood off my gloves.

"'Cause he's a royal jerk," I grunted. "If Matt wanted to make all the decisions, he should have spoken up to be leader a long time ago. We needed someone to be a guide and make final choices, so I stepped up."

No one ever elected Tai leader. There was never a vote. He just said something and most everyone blindly followed him. It was crazy. Every day that passed I'd watch him put us in more and more trouble in an incredibly reckless way. I guess I could see how someone could find his courage pretty endearing, but when it boiled down to it's bare core, he was just stupid.

And when you peeled away all Matt's layers of indifference, he was just a bitch. I hated that guy... Seriously.

I guess everything finally cooled down a bit when he finally found a decent place to have a good meal. It seems like all these kids ever think about is food. But when we found a mansion in the middle of no where, full of food and running water and oddly enough, bath robes, everything seemed to change. It started pretty normally, considering how often we'd find random buildings and signs of intelligent life with no one in sight...