The Truth About Index.

Nope, I'm not the owner of To Aru Majutsu no Index, I just write fan fiction about it.

This is a little idea I got when I heard a fan theory (which I won´t tell because I don´t want to spoil my own story) on a forum I visit, so credit goes to the people that created it. It´s a little short but I think it´s enjoyable at least.

It was finally the day of the decisive battle, today Kamijou Touma managed to infiltrate the windowless building to confront the general director of Academy City, the mastermind behind every unfortunate thing that happened to him ever since he lost his memories.

It wasn´t without effort either, many of his friends and comrades had to be left behind to give him this window of opportunity to use the secret passage they managed to find; but it was all going to be worth it, he was going to defeat the bad guy and bring an end to the conflict between magic and science once and for all.

He walked across the building´s hallways carefully following the instructions Musujime Awaki managed to give him before teleporting back into the battlefield to help her GROUP partners in the fight against the city defense force; as he advanced through the maze a feeling of solitude and fear was slowly forming in him, but he managed to resist it and eventually reach the place he was looking for, a huge room with a giant glass tube in the middle and inside of it was none other than the person he was looking for… Aleister Crowley.


"Kamijou Touma, we finally meet face to face, I've been waiting for this moment."

"Crowley, Why? Tell me why did you do this? The SISTERS project, The British civil war, World War 3 and god knows how many other tragedies you created, so many people dead or suffering, all because of you!"

Crowley chuckled a little.

"I did not cause any of that, those conflicts were just the product of other people greed."

"People you manipulated! They were nothing but pawns in your hands! So many of them sacrificed themselves, their homes and their homeland and what for? Nothing! Tell me why did you do all this? What did you want to accomplish?"

"My goal is to create a world where the simple thought of doing magic is considered a sin; to completely annihilate all magical knowledge off the face of the earth."

"But why? I heard all of it from heaven canceller; you used to be a magician didn´t you? Not only that but the greatest magician of all time, why would you want to destroy that which you dedicated your life for?"

"My previous life… worthless! Ever since my illusions were broken every accomplishment I did as a magician has been nothing but a burden; I only have one reason to live now."

"What is it? What could possibly make someone commit the foul deeds you´ve done? "

"The only thing that can drive a man to destroy even heaven itself, the purest and most beautiful form of love that exists in this world…"

Touma was shocked at his answer and could do nothing but sweat drop at it; that was definitely not what he was expecting.

"Eh~? What the hell are you talking about…"

"Touma… what are you doing here? I thought you said you were going to school and then to the convenience store to get food!"

Huh? He turned around and found his partner a petit nun named Index standing in the doorway; she was looking at him completely surprised and so was Touma; you see before the final battle, he realized just how much of an important person she was to him so he had no choice but to trick her about what he was going to do, he could not afford to let his beloved get hurt because of him… so just why was she in that place?.

"Index… well that was kind of a lie I told you so you´d be safe… wait a minute what are you doing here? Or more importantly how did you even got in here?"

Index pouted at him annoyed "Well since you told me to take the day off I figured out I could use the warp point near your apartment to visit daddy in the mean time."

"You mean I went through all that trouble crawling through the sewers and there was a… wait a minute… daddy…? Just who are you talking abou…"

He stopped mid sentence as he noticed something important… first he looked at Index´s hair, a light blue tone that he had grown to love just like the girl it belonged to and then at Crowley whose hair was the same color... that couldn´t be a common trait and neither were the emerald like eyes they both had.

"…So you´re saying that… this person is your… father?"

Index just nodded and smiled.

"Wait a minute!" he turned back to Crowley "…then the reason you did all that stuff was because…"

Crowley just nodded.

"Correct, it was parental love."

And then Aleister attention turned towards his daughter as a smile that seemed sincere and overjoyed appeared on his face.

"How are you pumpkin pie?"

"Fine, thank you daddy! By the way what are you and Touma doing together? "

"Well I've heard the rumors through one of my information networks so I kind of wanted to meet my daughter´s boyfriend."

Index blushed red like a tomato and started fidgeting with her fingers embarrassed.

"Daddy you´re embarrassing me… we´re not official yet..."

Aleister chuckled as he watched his daughter cute response.

"Ah come on, don´t lie, I know you´ve been living together."

"But daddy, I'm a nun in training."

"That just because your mother forced you…"

As they continued with their chat Touma finally snapped out of the megaton hammer that had just been dropped on him and interrupted the family reunion.

"Wait a minute, so then the reason you were trying to destroy magic was because of… Index?"

"Of course! Because of her mother meddling there are 103.000 magical grimoires stored in my little pumpkin pie´s head, thanks to that every single magician in the world wants her for their own purposes and you must have witnessed just how far are they willing to go, or don´t you remember who was manipulated and used like a toy during World War 3... tell me do you think is wrong for a father to try to create a better world for his daughter?"

For the first time in his life Kamijou Touma was speechless; he could see where he was coming from, if there was no magic in the world then no one would need a magical book so Index would be free of her shackles and be able to live a normal life… to be honest he had dreamed of a world like that before.

"Oh my! Such a dedicated father, if only he was that committed to paying his daughter´s child support as well!"

Huh? He turned around again and this time was none other than the Archbishop of the Church of England standing in the doorway.

"Laura, it´s been ages since we last saw each other in person, what do I owe the honor of your presence here? Are you here to break my illusions again? And for the last time, as long as we´re still married I owe you nothing!"

The Archbishop chuckled a little "I´ve come to reclaim what´s mine, this city now belongs to me!"

"What are you talking about? We signed a prenap remember? so even if you divorce me you´re not going to get anything out of me."

"Yeah, but since you faked your death, as your 'widow' I now own everything you had in life, including this place."

"But that´s…"

Once again Touma snapped out of it and interrupted the… couple I guess.

"Wait a minute Laura san? You´re his wife?"

"Yeah that's correct; somehow I'm married to this scum; we´re separated right now, but we´ve never signed the divorce papers either."

"But then that would make you… Index´s mother?"

Index got in front of him trying to calm him down.

"Yes Touma, I don´t think I mentioned this before, but she´s my mother."

"But… But… how come no one ever told me that?"

Both Index and her mother looked at him, raising their shoulders and talking in unison.

"You never asked." / "You never asked."

Touma took a step back, you mean that everything that happened, all that suffering, dead and destruction… had been nothing but a lovers' quarrel between these two; somehow he felt like his world was falling apart.

"I can´t blame you for being surprised Touma kun, I can´t believe I fell for this worthless man either…"

Then contradicting her own words a little she blushed.

"But he just has this thing that made me go crazy for him… I still remember when we first met and he just gave me that look of his, man I just couldn´t resist and when I came into, I was floating upside down on his tube… clotheless; god my knees get weak just by thinking about that."

Ok, that was way too much information, not to mention her choice of words and tone of voice made the whole thing sound way dirtier than it already was.

"Anyway Aleister as I was saying, I´m planning to build a bath house here so I want you out of this building by tomorrow, unless…"

The couple looked at each other eyes and Touma noticed they did it in a weird yet strangely attractive way.

"Unless… what Laura?"

The Archbishop chuckled and blushed a little.

"I´m open to have some 'diplomatic negotiations' about this matter."

Ok, what´s with the weird emphasis on the words 'diplomatic negotiations'?

"Of course Laura, you know I'm always willing to have some ´diplomatic negotiations´ with you."

There it is again… somehow Touma was starting to feel like he shouldn´t be there anymore.

"Ok, then we better begin now, I've been waiting to have some ´diplomatic negotiations´ with you for the longest time… Index!"


Index suddenly moved closer to him and grabbed his arm.

"Let's go Touma!"

"What do you mean Index why do we have to leave?"

He stopped talking as he noticed Laura was moving closer to the glass tube and she was slowly letting her extremely long hair fall into the ground.

"I'm not sure myself, but mommy always tells me that whenever she and daddy are going to have some ´diplomatic negotiations´ I must leave the house for a couple of hours and bring them back a pack of cigarettes."

After hearing this and seeing how Laura had placed a ladder near the glass tube and was slowly (and quite sexily might I add) climbing towards the top, Touma simply had to agree and leave that place as fast as he could.

"Such misfortune!"