An Unexpected Spring


The sounds of the reception drifted quietly between the buildings, though it was heard keenly by Sesshomaru and myself.

I glanced at him as we stood beside the bone-eater's well, checking his armour one more time. His feudal era clothes had been kept with meticulous care, so much so that I had never noticed their discreet aging during my foray into the wrong time. They were a stark contrast to my pure white kimono and I knew that we only had minutes before somebody came looking for us.

'Are you sure this will work?' I asked uncertainly, even as I wondered why he had to do this now. People usually noticed when the bride and groom vanished. They had certainly noticed my golden eyes, though most had been too polite to comment.

I'd had no markings appear on my face, so I didn't need a concealment charm to keep my new nature hidden. Sesshomaru and I had soon learned that my nails only became claws if I changed into my true form; otherwise, I could file them down to a normal shape and they would remain that way until I changed once more. It was… convenient to not have to wear a bracelet as Sesshomaru did.

Sesshomaru looked up and gave me a small smile. 'There is something I never explained to you,' he said. 'I waited at the bone-eater's well four hundred years ago with the expectation of giving you the instructions you would need once you'd returned to the correct era. However, you can imagine my surprise when the first creature through the well was not you, Kagome… but myself.'

I gasped. 'What?'

He lifted an eyebrow. 'Kagome, four hundred years ago I had not found my mate. That only occurred a month ago.'

My eyes widened. 'So it couldn't have been the Sesshomaru that existed in that time.' I laughed in shock. It made so much sense! One had been the Sesshomaru of today; the mated Sesshomaru who'd spoken to her and given her the instructions all that time ago. The other had been the Sesshomaru of four hundred years ago, who'd made sure to be in that clearing to wait for her. It was really no wonder that the Sesshomaru she'd known in the Sengoku Jidai had been so confused by her scent.

'Indeed not,' Sesshomaru agreed. 'So, if you will excuse me briefly, there is a conversation I must have with your past self.'

I couldn't help it; I abruptly threw my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. 'Sesshomaru,' I whispered. 'Thank you for kidnapping me and illegally marrying me. And thank you for organising a second wedding that I will actually remember this time'. I leant back a little to meet his eyes. 'I love you.'

His eyes softened and he brushed his fingers over my cheek. 'You are mine, Kagome,' he said. 'And you are perfect.'


A/N: And so it is over! Thank you so much everyone for coming along on this journey. I hope you've all enjoyed it =)