Title: Without Love

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Summary: Tired of meaningless fooling around, Kurt stops all contact with Puck, outside of Glee Club. Puck can't function without the anticipation of Movie Night, surprisingly.


Puck ran a hand over his shaved head, a feeling of loss for his Mohawk. Movie night. He dreaded it, but it also made his month…it made him wait in anticipation for the second Saturday of every month, just to go to a movie!

How pathetic was that? Sure, he fooled around with Santana a bit, sexted her and all that, but she didn't even come close to making him feel nervous, excited, or even remotely turned on as he should be, whereas his monthly movie date could make all those feelings erupt in him with a simple smile.

Shuffling from foot to foot on the porch of one Kurt Hummel's house, he psyched himself up. "C'mon, Puckerman…" he ran a hand over his shaved head and grimaced, "You're a sex shark…a stud…you have the guns…he's lucky you make your second Saturday availa-,"

His mantra was interrupted as one Burt Hummel opened the door and scowled down at him. The imposing father-bear always made Puck shift uncomfortably. "Mind running that last line by me, Mohawk?"

"H-hi, Mr. Hummel…"

"Were you about to say that Kurt was-,"

"Noah!" Kurt pushed by his old man and smiled at him before turning to his dad. "Isn't one of your shows on?" he asked with the perfectly raised eyebrow directed at his dad.

Burt puffed up his chest, "I heard him out here muttering…thought it might've been a creeper," he said defensively as he walked back to the living room.

Kurt shot Puck an amused glance before closing the door behind them. "Well…what movie are we going to see?" he asked with a nervous smile.

Puck ran a hand over his skull and shrugged, "Anything you want, Princess," he replied easily, descending the stairs of the porch and waiting for Kurt to do the same.

Kurt shrugged and followed lazily, holding his bag securely to his side as they ventured to the death trap of Puck's truck. "So…um…since, you know…it's going to be Valentine's Day our next…movie night…" he began as he buckled up, "I completely understand if you don't want to…you know…do the whole movie thing…" he peeked at Puck to gauge his reaction.

"And what…?" Puck shifted uncomfortably, "Go for dinner or something?" his voice was tight.

Kurt frowned at the answer. "No…" he felt a little hurt rise at it. "I mean if you have a date with Santana or something…" he coughed uncomfortably before smiling slightly. "It's okay, you know…I really do understand-,"

"Just be quiet, Kurt," Puck sighed, leaning over and pulling the smaller boy into a chaste kiss. "Now, what movie?" he asked as he started driving.

"I don't know…" he whispered. "Does it really matter?" he added quietly.

"Guess not, considering all we do is makeout once the light goes out," Puck leered at him before turning back to the road and smiling. Kurt looked down, blushing.

-At the Theater—

"Two, for that one," Puck mumbled as he pulled out his wallet. Kurt had gone off to get the popcorn and drink. They decided that he'd just point at the screen and they'd go to whatever. As Puck had stated, it didn't really matter, because they didn't really watch the whole movie anyways. The two boys met up at the gate and were let in to a cheesy romantic movie; "Great."

Puck looked at Kurt in slight surprise. "What, thought you'd enjoy some gay little-,"

"You really have no right to call anything gay, Puckerman," Kurt cut across him, sneering. Puck merely rolled his eyes as they entered the still lit room. They made their way back to the darker seats in the back and fell into them, looking around covertly. "So…about next month…I'm sure you're busy and all, so-,"

"I'll probably bring someone out for dinner, yeah," Puck shrugged. "Not sure if I'll even see you that weekend…sex shark and stuff," he shrugged off his leather jacket, missing the hurt that flashed behind Kurt's eyes before they became cold and even flippant.

"Yeah, figured as much…"

"Hn…" Puck leaned back in his chair and let his head fall onto the seat."Tell me when the movie starts…I'mma take a nap," he yawned and let his eyes close.

Kurt played with the hem of his Alexander McQueen jacket before shrugging it off and making sure it wouldn't wrinkle, sat back to survey his 'date'. Date…that's a word he hasn't used before… Kurt thought bitterly. Fuck-buddy, dirty little secret…hell, even Sexter-extraordinaire… the last one made him smile, because despite being disappointed with the lack of confirmation on what 'exactly this was', he had to feel a bit of pride knowing he got the sex fiend off on words alone.

The theater slowly started filling up, but failed at making the halfway point of occupants by the time the previews were over, thus leaving Kurt and a still-sleeping Puck in just as much attention as anyone else. He glanced at Puck and felt a hallow feeling in his chest and turned to stare at the movie. He was going to enjoy a movie for once…even if said movie was a cheesy romance that would undoubtedly bore him to tears.

Sure, he liked musicals, and romance, and even a bit of drama, but his favorite movie genre? Horror, with Action a close second. Staring at the leading lady, then the leading male, he made a face as they fell in love, then were ripped apart, and then found each other again all in time for the two-hour movie to finish.

Honestly…he could've written a better script…

"Oh, woe is me," he mocked snidely as the credits began rolling. Poking Puck on the shoulder, he got no response. Shoving worked, but it also served as Puck letting out an exceptionally loud obscenity that caused people to turn. Kurt ducked his head to not be seen and was level with Puck as the moviegoers started ignoring them, leaving them be.

"Any loud-,"

"You didn't wake me up." Puck muttered, more statement than question.

"I…felt like watching the movie…" Kurt muttered as he pulled on his jacket, a sense of defense rising. "I knew if I woke you up, we'd end up making-,"

"Isn't that the whole reason to come here?" Puck asked shrewdly.

Kurt remained silent as they reached his house. He turned to Puck. "Not anymore," he avoided looking straight at him. "Is it wrong of me to want more?" he asked quietly, feeling the pinpricks of tears behind his eyes. He took a deep breath and schooled his features. "I'm sorry, Puck…I just can't fool around with you anymore…I…" he cleared his throat to cover us the building pressure in his chest. "I get it, we were bored during the summer with everyone going away for a while, so we went out and had fun and even fooled around on more than one occasion…" he cleared his throat again. "I'm just saying that we only hang out once a month, and when you want to sext, we sext…" he finally faced Puck, only to find him staring resolutely out the window. "I guess I'm saying…this is the last time…we hang out…I guess." So full of uncertainty, he reached out a tentative hand, only to have it smacked away.

"Fine." Puck's one word answer to him bearing his soul crushed him more than he thought it would. Nodding numbly, he climbed out, grabbed his bag, and walked up to his house slowly, hearing the tires of Puck's truck squeal as they peeled away.

Wincing, he opened the door and found his dad sleeping on the couch. Going over, putting a blanket on him, and kissing his forehead, he left him there after turning off the TV. His moves were jerky and automatic as he straightened up. When he found himself downstairs half an hour later, showered and finishing his nighttime routine, he had to snap out of his Puck-induced daze.

This is for the best…for both of you. He had to keep repeating the mantra, over and over and over again until it made his head hurt and his eyes blurred from the late hour. Bed.


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