Chapter 3

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Puck took deep breaths as he pushed open the dumpster lid and held out a helping hand. Kurt grabbed it and heaved himself out, patting himself down and avoiding his glances at Puck. "You okay?" Puck mumbled.

"Yes…" Kurt picked up his jacket and bag.

"C'mon…" Puck jerked his head in the direction of the front doors. Kurt followed silently. "You said you wanted someone who could…man up…and commit, right?" he asked.

Kurt nodded numbly, casting a confused look around the crowded hall. "What are you doing?" he hissed as Puck grabbed his hand.

Puck cast him a would-be cocky smirk, if his eyes didn't give away the unyielding worried shine. "Manning up," he whispered, pulling Kurt into his side comfortably. "EH!"he yelled through the hall.

As if in a movie, people stopped and stared. Kurt flushed bright red and looked at his toes. "As you can see, I'm looking highly friendly with the local gay kid, Kurt Hummel," he announced, clutching Kurt closer as he spotted Azimio not too far away.

"You don't have to-,"

"Shh, babe, big boys are talking," Puck cut him off and smiled at the annoyed glare he received. "I would like to say I am Hummelsexual, as in I love Kurt, and only Kurt," he took a deep breath at the sucked in, shocked gasp Kurt gave. "I'm not gay, or bi, even," he nodded to himself, the conclusion making more sense in his head, but he continued nonetheless. "I mean really, who wouldn't want to tap this fine ass?" he smacked Kurt's ass as he spoke. "Seriously, his legs are long, shapely, and strong enough to hold himself up on m-," Kurt jabbed him particularly hard in the ribs. "His ass is pert, perfect and damn right gorgeous; have you ever really like, looked at his eyes?" he added, finally letting Kurt go to throw his hands into the air. "They're freaking amazing!" he added as his arm automatically wound around Kurt's shoulders again.

"St-stop telling them about my physique!" Kurt stammered, his face blazing red as people stared at him, looking up and down.

If Puck thought he was fine, what was disclaiming he wasn't? But oh no, Puck wasn't done! "He may not have the hips girls do, but c'mon, how can you not find this-," he grabbed Kurt's hips and crushed their bodies together, "Hot?" he said it more fiercely into Kurt's ear, but the other students heard fine enough. "His lips are amazing, soft, plump…look great when they're busy in other areas," he nipped at Kurt's ear.

Kurt let out a low gasp, his eyes screwing shut. "S-stop that," he growled as he pulled away, eyes lust laden and dark, staring at Puck hungrily.

Puck smirked. "And have you ever noticed how beautiful he looks when his face goes all red?" he spoke softly, pulling Kurt back to him, cradling his face in-between his two hands.

Kurt let a small smile grace his face, leaning up but was cut off from his kiss when Azimio let out a disgusted sound. "Why don't you get a fuckin' room, fags?"

Tense silence reigned until one girl, to whom Kurt had never spoken to before, glared at Azimio, "And why don't you get checked into a mental asylum?" she asked angrily, standing with her hands on her hips and a fairly menacing stance in place. "Go be a homophobe somewhere else," she added harshly. "These two are clearly a hot couple of dudes and I wanted to see some hot boy kisses, so fuck off!"

The outburst was followed by a few murmured agreements from fellow girls. Kurt and Puck looked at one another, the girl, and then back at each other and crumbling into laughter. "I think I made my point," Puck murmured into Kurt's ear.

Kurt nodded, a smile on his face. "Mhmm…"

"We cool?"

"I should say so," Kurt said softly, standing on his toes to press a chaste kiss to Puck's lips. "Noah…" he breezed by him with a small smile directed at him.

Kurt could distinctly hear that same girl as he walked away. "Look at that! Your idiocy made me miss their only kiss! I will make you pay dearly!" Smiling, he went to his locker and told Mercedes what happened.

Shocked silence followed his gushing and he felt a sense of dread. "You don't approve, do you?" he whispered.

"Nu-uh, baby boy," she wrapped an arm around him and smiled, "Just shocked," she shrugged, dropping her arm, "Puck? Noah Puckerman?" she clarified.

Kurt nodded and smiled pleasantly. "Yes…he's amazing, once you get over the douche-baggery," he let out a contented sigh.

"So…he just…told everyone he was Hummelsexual?"

"Mhmm!" Kurt laced his fingers together and smiled. "And he said he loved me, and-and-and,"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa…hold on white boy-,"

"Before you say that we're moving too fast, I must tell you the truth!" Kurt cut across her, "We've been going to the movies once a month since summer…when you went to the Caribbean for that cruise…" he struggled with something to say, "We've been kinda…hooking up…sporadically through all these months and…I fell for him," he smiled meekly at her.

"Wait, wait, wait…"

"I know, I should've told you, but-!"

"You've been doing the nasty?"

"No!" Kurt's face flushed, "We haven't gotten to…sex,"

"So what, making out, hand jobs, blow jobs?" Mercedes was left speechless as Kurt nodded with a red face, poking his two fingers together. "Seriously?"

Kurt nodded. "Yes…I…well, he's good, but I-,"

"T-M-I, Kurt," Mercedes bit her lip but smiled at him reassuringly, patting his arm, "You're still my boy, okay?"

"Kay," he whispered. "Let's go to class,"

"You've got to give me more details!" Mercedes gushed as they thread their arms together and started walking to class.

-00 -cause its badass-

Kurt smiled as he lit the candles in his basement room before venturing upstairs and sticking the note onto the door, closing it and getting the Eggo Waffles ready. His dad was out with Carole for the weekend on a reclusive honeymooners get away—one they had to wait a year for, but they were gone, now, and Finn was with Rachel. Strategically placing a flashlight on the floor in a small spotlight with a plate next to it, he placed a single waffle every meter (on a paper towel each, of course) along a path to his room.

Grabbing the syrup from the cupboard, he smiled as he let a droplet onto his finger, sticking said finger into his mouth. Going to his room, he turned on his iHome and soft music started playing.


Sitting on the edge of his bed, he shimmied out of his robe, put it away carefully, and sat on his bed before shaking his head and lying on his back, under the blankets. Why is this so hard? He thought angrily as he got out of the blankets and sat huffily in middle of the bed. What would get his blood pumping? Kurt pondered this and stared at the ceiling. He did say he loved my ass…and legs… Frowning, he thought for a while longer before nodding his head at the final product of his plans.

Getting off the bed, he wandered around the room (stark naked), picked up a random magazine and laid down with his stomach to the bed and his legs lazily moving to their own accord. This way…he'll see my ass and my legs…is this too much? Kurt didn't have too much longer to think about it, because he heard Noah's steps on the front porch. Act NATURAL! Kurt's mind screamed as a sense of panic overtook him.


Noah jogged up the porch steps and raised his hand to knock but frowned at the folded paper. Taking it off, he squinted to read it and recognized Kurt's swirly writing.

If this is Noah, come on in!

If it's someone else, go away!

PS: Flashlight is used to guide...use it!

Noah frowned. He had this whole shpeal about wanting to go on a real date, where he took Kurt out to dinner in front of the whole town on Valentine's Day, and Kurt wanted him to use the flashlight to guide himself around the house?

The serious romantic-lacking department in his mind didn't put two and two together.

Digging under the doormat, he found the key, inserted it, and stepped into the dimly lit hall where he spotted the flashlight and plate innocently sitting in front of the door. Bending down, he picked the two up and frowned before shrugging and leading his way to Kurt's room.

He froze when he seen the first waffle. A grin broke out over his face as he picked it up and placed it onto his plate. "Syrup…I be needing some…but…Kurt is probably waiting…" he forced himself to keep moving, keeping the flashlight trained on the floor. Whence reaching Kurt's basement bedroom door, he paused. He had at least five waffles and wanted to eat them (since they were still warm) but opened the door and guided himself down the stairs, stopping on the middle staircase to pick up the last waffle.

"Kurt…?" he called softly, listening to the music that was playing. He descended the stairs and nearly dropped his plate. "Kurt?" his voice was strangled as he took in the sight of his naked boyfriend, lazily waving his legs back and forth, reading a magazine.

Kurt looked up and his face was bright red, but he managed to smile coyly. "Noah," he greeted.

"W-what are you…doing?" he whispered.

"Well…I figured that we were technically 'together' for all those months…or am I wrong?" Kurt felt a tad vulnerable as the thought went through his mind.

"No-no-no…we were…but…" he held up the waffles with a bit of trepidation. "I thought you had like…a picnic down here or something…" he felt a constriction in his jeans and had to take a deep breath to calm himself.

"Well…" Kurt felt his face heat up at what he was about to say, but he said it nonetheless, "You can use my body as a plate…" his voice cracked.

Noah sighed, walked over, and fell onto the bed, turning to face Kurt. "Did you really mean that or is this some ploy to…" he trailed off as Kurt reached behind himself as he raised himself up, pulling the blanket around his bottom half.

"I…I meant it…" he had located the maple syrup and slowly dumped some onto his bare torso. He held himself up with his elbows and watched Noah's eyebrow raise, his eyes raking over his bare chest and noticed the awkward shifting. "Oh, God…" Kurt let himself fall back and groaned, "You aren't really used to me having a dick, are you?" he pressed his palms to his eyes. "I'm such an idiot…" he mumbled.

Noah shook his head, and started ripping the waffles, using a piece to catch some syrup off Kurt's nipple. Kurt let out a small gasp as his hands flew from his eyes and he stared at Noah. "I'm fine with you having a cock, Hummel, if I wasn't, I doubt I'd have blown you," he purred, popping the waffle into his mouth. He picked up another piece and dipped it into a small pool on Kurt's chest. "And you do not know how much this is a turn on for me," he added as he leaned forward, capturing lips in a soft kiss.

Letting out a low mewl, Kurt slowly wrapped his arms around Noah's shoulders. "Noah…"

"Hm?" Noah had gone back to eating his waffles from Kurt's body. The waffles were gone within minutes and Kurt, despite usually thinking it was disgusting how Noah could eat that fast, was kind of turned on. Noah let out a low groan as Kurt pushed his into the mattress. "You are…so hot…" he leaned forward and nipped at Kurt's lip.

Kurt smiled and kissed back, tongue slipping passed parted lips. Letting out a low groan, he smiled as Noah rolled them over and started placing kisses along his jaw, moving to his neck and nipping and sucking.

"You're going to leave a hickey," he complained.

"Good…" Noah smiled and began licking the syrup from Kurt's body, relishing in the small moans Kurt let out. "I want to hear you, babe…c'mon…" he flicked out his tongue and licked at the rosy bud on Kurt's chest. Kurt let out a small gasp and stared down at Noah with dark eyes. "That's better…louder…" his hand travelled downward, grasping Kurt's member in his hand, grinning in satisfaction as Kurt's eyes rolled back and he let out a long moan.

Noah grinned down at the panting Kurt with a sense of accomplishment, replacing his hand with his mouth, making a face at the taste before sucking a few more times, letting out a low groan, causing Kurt to let out his own panted, "Y-yes…"

"How far did you expect us to go, tonight, babe?" Noah murmured against Kurt's erection.

Kurt gasped and whimpered at the loss of contact, "I…I-," he tensed as Puck's mouth engulfed him again, arching his back on his bed, gripping the sheets beneath him. He let out a contented sigh, sat up and began pulling at the clothes that stopped him from really getting a feel of what he wanted to do. Groaning, he pulled the jeans clean off and let out another groan as he cupped Noah's bulge from the outside of his boxers.

Why did I use boxers for once? Was the only coherent thought Noah mustered up.

"Ugh…Noah…" Kurt moaned as Noah's mouth left him while his hands found his aching member again and started a slow, torturous stroke. "You're-you're killing me here…" he dropped his head back and let out an appreciative groan, squeezing the growing bulge in Noah's underwear.

Noah let out a small gasp, biting down on the juncture between shoulder and neck, grinding against Kurt's hand. "Fuck!" he licked the angry red mark and pushed his boyfriend back. "Babe…how far did you plan this to go?" he murmured again as he climbed onto his boyfriend, pulling off his suffocating shirt.

"As far as you want."

Kurt pulled Noah down forcefully and let out a low growl as Noah ground into him.

"Top, or bottom?" he licked the shell of Kurt's ear, smiling in satisfactory as Kurt could barely make out a coherent mumble. "Bottom it is…" he dug around the side table drawer before finding a tube of self-heating anal lubricant. "Perfect…"

Kurt's eyes glazed as he stared at the ceiling, wondering briefly, what Noah was doing. His eyes shut slowly, feeling the hand that was palming him under the covers move away. He let out a whimper.

"Shh…shh…" Noah mumbled, smiling again as he squirted a liberal amount onto his fingers. "This'll hurt, but I'll be gentle," he kissed Kurt sloppily, slipping his tongue passed parted lips and exploring the cavernous mouth, mapping him out and tasting everything he wanted to. Kurt let out a low moan, kissing back, sucking Noah's tongue into his mouth, and letting himself his fill of Noah.

Noah moved one hand from holding Kurt's hip down, to his shaft, stroking in long, slow strides, letting him feel. Kurt let out an appreciative groan, throwing his head back. "Baby…this is going to be uncomfortable…" he murmured into the kiss, probing the bundle of nerves. Kurt tensed before trying to calm by taking a long, deep breath.

Noah saw the chance and plunged the first finger in as quickly as he could.

Kurt's back arched off the bed, letting out choked off, ragged breaths. "It'll be okay…" Noah whispered soothingly. When Kurt was relaxed enough for another, he added a second finger, again letting Kurt become accustomed to it. "Are you okay?" he asked, marveling at the beautiful sight below him. His eyes drank in the sight of the pale, flushed complexion of his new lover in rapt excitement.

Kurt merely nodded, eyes clenched shut. Noah chewed Kurt's bottom lip as he slowly probed the tight hole, scissoring and twisting. Kurt's breathing turned ragged as he fought down the urge to scream. "N-Noah …" he clenched at Noah's back, leaving angry red nail marks. Noah had to add another finger, just to be safe and he searched for that spot that would make Kurt see stars.

"Kurt…" Noah groaned as Kurt's walls clenched around his fingers, after hitting the bundle of nerves people liked to call the prostate, something Noah liked to call the 'oh fuck, do it again' button. He brushed against it a few times before replacing his fingers with himself.

"Fuck!" Kurt swore loudly, grabbing at Noah desperately, wrapping his legs around Noah's waist, holding him still, and burying his face into the crook of Noah's neck.

Despite finding Kurt swearing, incredibly hot, he had to ask, "You okay?"

Kurt nodded and pulled him into a kiss, wrapping his arms around Noah's neck and pulling them closer.

"God, you're so hot," Noah started moving slowly, pushing in and out, searching for Kurt's sweet spot again.

Kurt couldn't think straight. "Y-you…too…"

Noah grinned to himself, "I know…have you seen my guns?" he grunted possessively. Kurt let out a low groan, pulling them together in a sloppy kiss as Noah quickened his pace. Wrapping long fingers around Kurt's shaft, he synchronized his strokes with his thrusts.

"No-Noah…Noah…" Kurt gasped. "I'm going to…Noah …!" his clenched his eyes shut tight, legs locking around Noah's waist as his seed spilled over his hand and their stomachs. Noah grunted as Kurt's walls tightened around him, becoming increasingly hot, and Oh, God…too much. Groaning, he bit Kurt's neck before he too came, riding out his orgasm with a few final thrusts.

They lay in a tangled heap on the beds sheets, panting and sweaty. "I came to ask you if you wanted to go on a proper date…in front of the town…at Breadstix…" Noah gasped out as he pulled out gently from Kurt.

Kurt's eyes widened and a grin could've split his face as he let out a squeal, "Of course!" attacking Noah's face with kisses.

Noah smiled, wrapping his arms around Kurt and nuzzling his face into his hair. "Glad to hear it…now, round two?" he mumbled.

Kurt grinned, "Definitely," he pushed himself up and rolled them over so he was bearing down on his prey. "My turn…" he purred seductively into Noah's ear. Noah grinned and pulled Kurt into a searing kiss.

And that's how Finn found them, letting out a disgusted yelp and falling back. Scrambling to his feet, he covered Rachel's eyes and turned his head away. "S-so…I'll just leave the big-brother lecture for later…bye," he squeaked and ran back up the stairs with Rachel in tow.

Kurt looked down at Noah, smiled, and placed a small kiss to his lips. "Took that better than I thought…"

"Big brother lecture?"

"Meh…hurt me, he'll hurt you…you know," Kurt grinned at the raised eyebrow and placed another tender kiss to his lips. "Wanna continue or should we do damage control?" he murmured.

"Fuck 'em," Noah grinned and pulled Kurt to him again.


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