I ask that you please read my Author's Note before you read my fic.

A/N: I am a very large Kuroshitsuji fan, and love a great Ciel/Sebastian smut fic as much as the next fangirl. But, I want to take this fic farther than that, and touch on a much deeper issue.
Kuroshitsuji takes place in late 19th Century England. Unfortunately, back then, there were laws and practices against homosexuality that could end in severe punishment. The death penalty for such was abolished in 1861—about twenty-six years before Kuroshitsuji's storyline, if I've done my math correctly—but that was about it. If found convicted of buggery, a person could be kept in penal servitude for life, or serve a term no less than ten years in prison. Same-sex sexual activity did not become legal in England until 1967, and civil partnerships not until 2005.
In this fic, I want to delve into the hardships that were faced back in the 19th Century. Even with Kuroshitsuji's supernatural storyline, I don't think these are facts that can just be overlooked.
Thank you for reading my author's note, and I hope you enjoy "Convicted."

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroshitsuji. I am merely fan, and make no profit off of this fan fiction.

Convicted – Prologue

"Shameful," He thought. "You are shameful, Ciel Phantomhive." The butler thrust into him again, hitting that one spot that sent jolts of pleasure throughout his small body. Ciel cried out in ecstasy and dug his fingernails into Sebastian's back. The demon smirked and quickened his pace. The boy felt like he was going to melt beneath the demon.

"Shameful," The word passed through Ciel's mind again as both master and servant groaned as their climaxes neared. Sebastian's smooth, cool fingers moved from the boy's nipples down to his young member to stimulate both of Ciel's most sensitive areas at once. The sensation was unbearable and Ciel saw stars as Sebastian once again slammed his cock against his pleasure spot. He was driven over the edge. Ciel came with a passionate scream that Sebastian just barely managed to stifle with a bruising kiss. The young boy's body jolted and twitched from his orgasm and he groaned low in his throat when his butler also climaxed.

"Shameful," He felt the demon's seed fill him up and both lay next to each other, minds whirling from their passion-induced highs. Ciel blindly grasped for Sebastian, still wanting to feel his soft skin. His butler fulfilled his unspoken request and scooped the boy into his arms.

"Young master, do you wish for me to stay with you tonight?"

"Yes," Ciel answered and wrapped his arms around Sebastian's neck. "I do." The demon gave a nod to acknowledge his master's words and pulled the blanket up to cover their naked bodies.

"You are shameful, Ciel Phantomhive," He thought as he drifted into a deep sleep. "You are shameful, but for some reason love every minute of it."