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Summary: Naruto had lost everything in the war, by keeping him and Bee out of the battle, they doomed them all. He develops a Collaboration Jutsu with his wife to send their memories back in time. He and his wife Ino Uzumaki as well as Neji Hyuuga use it. This is their story, their second chance. Pairing's strict Naruto/Ino, probably Neji/Tenten, other character pairings may come later.

AN: Alright so I'm a fan of Naruto time-travel fics. This is my attempt at one. Let me know what you think of it.

It had been three years since the end of the war, all their friends long dead and buried. Naruto often thought back to how stupid the Kage's had been, keeping him and Killer bee out of the war had ensured the deaths of countless Shinobi. They may have stood a chance if he and Killer bee used some of their strongest attacks to wipe out a chunk of Madara's Mokuton army. Perhaps by killing Kabuto early. But that wasn't the case, one by one Shinobi fell while Madara's army increased in number as Kabuto reanimated the dead.

Naruto finally fed up with sitting around had entered sage mode and was shocked with what he saw, many ninja he knew to be dead were now fighting his friends. He tried to leave to help them out but Bee stood in his way, telling him it was safer for all if they were here. The rest he heard from his wife. Eventually a terrible blow had hit the joint shinobi army. The Tsuchikage & Mizukage had been killed, their bodies reanimated by Kabuto. They had eventually been stopped by Gaara but he was killed.

Before Kabuto reanimated him however Rock Lee and Miato Gai activated all 8 gates and managed to defeat Kabuto at the cost of their lives. Effectively ending the reanimated threat, but not before said threat had done enough damage. 40% of the joint shinobi army lay dead. The Rookie 9 and the remaining 2 members of team Gai were still fighting hard. But then Sasuke appeared with his new eyes. Activating Susanoo he cut down any who stood in his way laughing insanely as he did so. He killed without remorse his former teacher Kakashi who had tried to use his own Mangekyou sharingan ability to stop Sasuke.

Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno and Neji Hyuuga staggered into their hiding place, Neji was missing an arm, Sakura looked fatally wounded. Naruto rushed to them asking what had happened, why were so many shinobi gathered in one place. "I'm sorry Naruto, the Kage's believed this to be the only way to keep Madara's plan from coming to fruition, by keeping you and Bee out of the battle. But now they are all dead. So we've come here to warn you." Sakura explained struggling to maintain conscience from the loss of blood. Bee for once looked completely serious "They killed my brother?" The other 3 nodded, Sakura continued "Madara did. There's no time to explain in detail but yes, Sasuke came after Lee and Gai killed Kabuto at the cost of their lives and killed anyone he recognized as being a shinobi of the leaf, he ignored the others. But Madara didn't he and his army targeted them. Naruto he killed Kakashi first laughing, he then killed Kiba, Hinata and Chouji with Amaterasu. Long story short we believe that we may be the only survivors. The Shinobi army is dead"

Killer Bee gasped "5 nations worth of shinobi and the samurai nation wiped out. Just how dangerous are they" Neji chuckled "We were able to take out the source of their army, only Sasuke and Madara remain." Naruto was looking at them all like they had grown second heads. There was a war, his friends all dead. This had to be some kind of joke but their wounds, their distant looks. Naruto knew it too be true. All because of Sasuke, all because he was too soft to kill him when he had the chance, maybe this was how the first Hokage died. Not killing Madara when he had the chance.

"Naruto there's not much time left, I'm dying. Even my and Ino's skills together can do nothing. Please I beg you, kill Sasuke, if not for revenge for all those he has murdered then do it as my dying wish. Please" She then began to cough up blood. Naruto sighed, he didn't want to kill his friend but was he truly even his friend anymore, Naruto refused to believe any different for so long and look where they were. Taking a deep breath with his eyes closed he entered sage mode, opening them he said "I promise Sakura" She smiled at that.

"HAHAHA" Maniacal laughter could be heard from outside "Come out come out Sakura, you're the next to die. I decided to give my loyal fangirls what they always wanted. Come on out Sakura" Naruto's eyes that were horizontal slits thanks to sage mode, he also tapped into the Nine-tails chakra, making a cross like pupil turning to Bee he said "Let's go" Bee nodded and they both vanished at high speeds. Sasuke had Susanoo activated thinking him invincible when Naruto punched him in the face. Sasuke was in shock, what was that yellow blur.

"SASUKE, YOU WILL PAY FOR ALL YOU'VE DONE" The demonic voice of Naruto roared out. His white chakra cloak surrounding his body, he was still relatively new to the power so he knew he had to finish it quickly. "Y-You got through Susanoo, how? HOW DID YOU DO THAT NARUTO" Naruto didn't respond but pinned him down with 4 tails of chakra and then used the other two to grip onto the ground and launch at him at an insane speed with a Rasengan in his hand. Sasuke's eyes widened and tried to use his Mangekyou Sharingan to suppress the fox within his mindscape.

When he entered Naruto's mind however there was no fox, just a massive ball of chakra and hundreds of Narutos. Paling he quickly left just as 5 Rasenshurikens hit the place he was standing. Naruto wasn't messing around he wanted him dead. His eyes refocussed to Naruto coming at him with a sad but determined look on his face. Sasuke tried to use his lightning manipulation but the tails didn't even react freaking out Sasuke knew he was about to die. "RASENGAN" Naruto roared as his attack smashed into Sasuke ripping his torso to sheds. Laying down in a bloody mess on the ground very close to death he looked up to Naruto. Coughing his life flashed before his eyes and a lone tear escaped him "N-Nar-u-to. T-ake m-my e-eyes"

Letting a tear fall for the man he once called a brother Naruto plucked out one of Sasuke's eyes ignoring the grunt of pain from him. He was about to go for the other one when black fire engulfed Sasuke's body. Naruto avoided it barely. He quickly opened a scroll and sealed the eye in it. Pocketing the scroll he saw the man responsible for everything, he saw Madara Uchiha. "So you did what Hashirama was never able to do, you managed to kill your best friend, kudos to you" Madara taunted. His Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan glaring at the Nine tailed Jinchuuriki.

Naruto rage increased and once again he entered his nine tails cloak. He knew it was dangerous but he couldn't afford to hold back. Naruto vanished in a blur and went through Madara, said man spun around to kick Naruto when Madara hissed in pain. Killer Bee had pierced him with a sword through the man's final Sharingan eye. "YOU INSOLENT LITTLE..." He froze when Killer Bee entered his 8 tailed human form "This is for my brother" Bee hissed when he exploded in a massive shower of chakra. Killer Bee lay in the centre of a massive crater once the dust settled.

His body broken Naruto approached him. "Y-yo Ni-nine. T-the ox w-will soon b-be free. It all u-up to you" Naruto nodded and turned to Madara's broken form "You scum, I would have created a utopia. How dare you, how dare you take it away from me. I won't allow it" With his remaining chakra he summoned forth the statue of outer pain and released the tailed beasts before taking his last breath from chakra exhaustion. The 8 tailed Ox then came pouring out of Killer Bee in a mountain of chakra and stood beside Naruto glaring at the other 7 tailed beasts. Said beasts just looked on at the two before scattering into the distance.

Naruto entered the giant turtle to see Ino crying over the body of Sakura. She must have died during the battle Naruto thought to himself solemnly. He walked over stating "I kept my promise Sakura, it's over" Ino looked up and launched herself at Naruto crying heavily now, burying her head into his shoulder. Neji looked on with a contemplative expression "What now?" Sighing Naruto said "We find a way to go back" The other two looked at him in shock "What do you mean Naruto?" Ino asked. "I mean we find a way to either go back in time or send our memories back in time, to stop this form ever happening."

A year after the war Naruto and Ino got married. They felt like it was the only happiness they could find. Naruto, Neji and Ino sat down to discuss some more ideas to how they might be able to return to the past. So far nothing they came up with could achieve it. Naruto then remembered Kakashi's technique and he opened the scroll with Sasuke's eye. "Hey guys, what about Kakashi sensei's Mangekyou Sharingan technique to warp space and time. We may be able to open a portal to the past."

Neji scoffed "We don't have a Mangekyou Sharingan eye Naruto. So why mention such a plan" Naruto than got his famous grin on his face and stated "But we do have one, I took one of Sasuke's when I defeated him" Ino looked up sharply "You took one of HIS eyes" she hissed. Looking at his wife calmly he stated "Yes Ino I did, it was his dying request, I guess he didn't want Madara to get them. Now I need you to remove one of my eyes and implant his"

Ino looked at her husband angrily "I will not put a part of him in you Naruto" Sighing knowing she would say that he used his trump card "This is the only idea that even stands a chance of working Ino, if you don't then we probably will never see our loved ones again" The poor woman looked torn between anger and hope, finally she relented "Fine but you will wear your headband like Kakashi Sensei, I will not have you flaring that eye everywhere"

Another year passed by and Naruto had finally successfully recreated his sensei's attack. He also took it one step further to target a specific time, the three of them discussed a test before trying anything so they got a rabbit and Naruto sent it through a portal to 5 minutes before. Unfortunately the Rabbit was completely mutilated and dead. So they were back to square one. Naruto couldn't work out how Madara was able to phase in and out like he seemed to do but Madara was alive for over a Century, Naruto couldn't afford to wait that long to learn such a technique.

A few months later Ino was suddenly hit with a brainwave. "Hey guys, what if instead of sending our bodies through the portal we send our minds back?" Neji thought about it and said "But how could we do that?" Ino got a mischievous smirk on her face. "You forget that I'm from the Yamanaka clan Neji, we specialize in the mind arts. All we have to do is get you two to learn the Mind Body Switch technique my clan specializes in. If we send our minds through then cancel the technique our minds will go into our young bodies. What I'm not sure of is what will happen to our younger bodies, I assume we would merge."

They spent the next 7 months making sure they all had perfect mastery of the technique. The great thing about this would be if they were ever discovered and Inoichi was told to go inside their heads they would be able to manipulate what memories to show him. The day finally arrived when they would take the chance. Naruto before he opened the portal gave his wife a kiss and shook Neji's remaining hand. If it didn't work out he wanted them to at least die on good terms with one another. Naruto entered sage mode, activated his fox cloak and lifted up his headband, activated his Mangekyou Sharingan and charged as much chakra into the portal as he could while thinking of a specific time.

They did the calculations and they realized the earliest they would be able to go is when they Naruto and Ino were 11 and Neji was 12. They decided this would be best so that Ino may try to get onto Naruto's team with Sasuke. Also it allowed Neji to help with Hinata's confidence and make her be the clan heir she would become at 16. The portal was open they only had a few moments to do this, they all formed the Yamanaka hand sign and said "Mind Body Transfer Technique" All three of their bodies hit the ground and the portal closed.