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Yamanaka Flower Shop

"Troublesome, you don't need us Inoichi" Shikaku muttered and groaned when a pan smacked him in the head, to this day he couldn't work out where his wife always had a pan ready to hit him with. The original Ino-Shika-Cho trio stepped out of the house and took a look around, Shikaku stated "Troublesome, just track them down Inoichi, you're the sensor of the group" Inoichi chuckled "Yeah I know, suppose I should try to find Naruto's though, no doubt he has the larger reserves"

Closing his eyes he focussed on the young man's chakra signature that he had become so accustomed too over the past month. His eyes widened in shock when he felt a Chunin level chakra with him, a chakra signature that felt just like Ino's. "Something wrong Inoichi?" Chōza asked his lifelong friend, Shikaku was studying his friend curiously, it wasn't fear in his old friend it seemed more like genuine shock.

"Uh, I think my daughter has Chunin level chakra reserves" The other two couldn't hide their shock at that revelation "You telling us that the daughter who one month ago possibly had the lowest chakra reserves in our kid's class now has possibly the highest?" Chōza stated in disbelief, Shikaku muttered under his breath "Troublesome blondes" But was trying to work out how one of his closest friend's daughter could have improved so much, the only difference between one month ago and now was her losing her adoration for the Uchiha and...

The Genius's eyes widened as he suddenly thought Naruto may have played them all for fools acting much like Kushina did as a child. No doubt those pranks were to test his stealth, infiltration and escape skills. Hiding his true ability in an attempt to be accepted in the village, living on his own, not getting fair treatment at the academy, he may have acted like the fool so no one stopped him from getting a ninja rank, failing twice on purpose so that it would be even more convincing. The civilians on the council would happily allow it if it led to the demon's death in the field. Perhaps he truly was a ninja and his parent's son after all, despite the hardships the boy has endured he has deceived the entire village.

The fact that Ino become his first true friend, his first girlfriend would make him do almost anything for her, training her wouldn't be out of the question. The one thing playing on Shikaku's mind now was just how powerful Naruto truly was, there was no doubt he was loyal to the village and would be a great addition to their ranks especially due to his status of Jinchuuriki. He remembered well Iwa's Jinchuuriki in the last war and the devastation he caused, could Naruto do the same. If he was in the boy's shoes he would have turned against the village long ago for their treatment of him, but Naruto shrugged it all off and kept a smile on his face regardless of the hate thrown his way.

A smirk came on the scarred man's face and Inoichi caught it but didn't comment, it seemed his daughter's sudden growth made sense to his old friend. Looking over at his other friend he mentally sighed at the man's still pure disbelief written all over his face. "Well how about we go see what they're doing then guys" Inoichi stated snapping both other men out of their thoughts, Shikaku smirked "You sure Inoichi, it could scar you for life" Inoichi turned with a puzzled expression for a moment before he paled and leapt to the roof and started towards the direction he sensed them full speed, the other two following suit after giving each other a smirk.

Training Grounds

Naruto looked up at the sky and called out "Hey Ino, let's call it for the day, we go back to the academy tomorrow after all. Plus your Mum wanted us back by 6." Ino looked up sweating from her current exercises and said "Fine but let's spar first without our weights I want to see how much we have improved if any" Naruto had insisted that she only apply a small amount of chakra since even though they had started training physically for a two weeks at the time he believed that her muscles weren't strong enough to handle much so asked her to add enough to equal 2lb and very slowly work her way up over the weeks, she did listen and currently she had 15lb so she was curious how much of a improvement there was.

Naruto hoped his suggestion of such a low weight would make her apply only a small amount more, he couldn't exactly talk though as he currently had 30lbs. Looking over he stated "Alright Ino, remember to release the seal just touch the marking on your left chest and say chakra release, since we're already worn out from training and the chakra in the weights isn't too strong we probably won't feel too much of a difference Chakra wise, but should notice some change in our speed hopefully" Ino narrowed her eyes before touching her left breast and stating "Chakra Release. Why did you say left chest and not the mark on the bottom of my left breast honey?"

Naruto cocked his head to the side in confusion "Because you haven't really got breasts right now Ino" Before he touched his own mark and said "Chakra release" Immediately he felt much lighter, he looked down at his feet and bounced a few times before smirking. Naruto saw a shadow descending and dodged the heel drop aimed at his head, his eyes widened when he saw the power put behind it as cracks appeared in the ground. Looking into his girlfriend's eyes he saw the look he had seen many times in Granny Tsunade and Sakura's eyes.

The Ino-Shika-Cho trio arrived just as the kick landed and their eyes also widened because they saw the speed at which Ino moved to strike Naruto, the speed Naruto used to avoid it and the power behind the kick. Chōza's mouth dropped open, Inoichi had wide eyes while Shikaku had a curious calculating look. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DO NOT HAVE BREASTS NARUTO" Ino roared causing all three men to pale and then sweat drop at what caused the attack in the first place.

Naruto merely looked at her blankly "I mean you don't have breasts right now Ino, you know you will but not right now" That obviously wasn't the right thing to say as Ino took off towards him and the two began a Taijutsu battle. Naruto was only dodging her strikes at first but his eyes widened as the punches and kicks were getting faster as the fight was continuing. He began knocking her attacks off target for some time but realized he wouldn't be able to do that for long before she saw some way around it so he caught her arm when she aimed a punch at his head and he threw her over his shoulder into the lake behind. Naruto jumped onto the water and stood still looking around trying to see her.

Seeing something in the corner of his eye he looked over and saw the elder Ino-Shika-Cho trio. He froze up realizing that they must have seen their fight or at least some of it just then and was desperately trying to think up what to tell them. Since he was currently distracted he didn't notice Ino emerging nearby glaring at him before running at him and shouting "I AM NOT FLAT CHESTED" as she punched him in the jaw, her eyes widening when she made contact the same time as his as he was then sent flying a good 30 feet away and rolling a few times before coming to a stop.

She stood frozen for a few moments with her fist in the same position as it was as it hit her boyfriend before she shook her head and ran over. Reaching him she said "Naruto, are you alright, I'm sorry I thought you were just going to dodge again" She was about to start healing his jaw when he grabbed her hand to stop her making her look him in the eye, he held her gaze before looking in the direction of the trio watching and she followed before her eyes widened.

Chōza Akimichi couldn't believe what he just witnessed, Inoichi wasn't lying when he said he felt Chunin level chakra from his daughter, she definitely moved at least at a highly skilled Genin or low Chunin, the fact they could water walk but her powerful strikes something else all together, he had only seen something similar from extremely skilled ninja with high chakra control like battlefield medic ninja such as Tsunade in the last war. For a pre Genin to achieve such skill within a month would be laughable but he had just witnessed it with his own eyes.

Naruto was moving even faster however dodging the strikes and being able to read her next attacks was something earned from experience, he then thought of the rumors of the attacks on the boy when he was younger from some civilians and even ninja that made him realize perhaps he did have experience in avoiding strikes aimed at him. He looked at the boy who had just been knocked a good distance around 40 feet was not bothered by the punch but the three of them, he was looking at them with fear easily written in his eyes something that bothered him slightly as well as deeply confused him.

Inoichi was staring at the two kids in shock, they were moving well above most Genin's, only the most skilled like the rookie of last year Neji Hyuuga would match them if the rumors were true. But they hadn't even finished the academy, his daughter would struggle to lift something weighing 5kg a month ago and fawning over the Uchiha. Now she was dating someone in his opinion was someone he would like to see with his daughter, especially when his heritage is revealed since she liked him before that but also throwing very fast punches and kicks that weren't just fast but very powerful as well if that last one was anything to go by.

All this within a month, he shook his head in shock and noticed the look on the young boy who won his daughters hearts face, then he saw the same look mirrored in his daughters eyes. What could possibly cause them to have such a look, were they worried one of the three would do something to them?

Shikaku analysed the fight and saw the skill behind each strike and defence, the two were definitely at least highly skilled Genin's in terms of skill. Gazing at the looks in the kid's eyes he believed that his suspicions were true, Naruto was and by involvement Ino were worried that they would reveal their skill to someone higher like the Hokage or the council. That could make the Civilian side take drastic action to prevent Naruto becoming a shinobi as he would be allowed access to Jutsu and with them believing him to be a demon to them it's just giving him more power. With Naruto acting stupid and weak it makes the council believe he is likely to be killed on a higher ranked mission.

The Ninja side would see it as something else entirely, either wanting him to rise the ranks faster perhaps so they could have him on higher ranked missions, Danzo would want a skilled Jinchuuriki under him, Shikaku wasn't stupid and knew that Danzo still had that root anbu program still running. He thought of many scenarios and realized that there were only two options available to the young boy. Reveal himself as skilled this coming Academy year to avoid later backlash when he becomes Genin and is suddenly skilled or remain as he is but that would mean remaining that way until the Chunin exams.

He knew that would be difficult for anyone especially if something happened during a mission. Sighing he knew there was only one option, walking over he vaguely sensed his old teammates following. Reaching the three he looked Naruto in the eye and smirked slightly "You are one troublesome young man Naruto Uzumaki, you have deceived the entire village of Konoha. Something that I only believe one other did as well when she moved to Konoha around your age, you truly are your mother's child Naruto"

Naruto eyes widened and his mind raced trying to make sense of the elder Nara's words but the man's chuckle brought him out of his desperate thought race. "I'm sorry but I can't tell you more about her even her name until you become a Jonin, it's a law made by the Hokage and all information is sealed and placed somewhere extremely secure. Don't worry, we won't betray your secret, as Jonin commander I have a bit of sway in the council"

Naruto cocked his eyebrow trying to figure out what he was getting at "Also these two next to me are on it too, the Aburame clan and Inuzuka clan's neutrality towards you. Even Hiashi has mentioned that his nephew and his daughter speak highly of you. You don't have to hide your true skill any longer, the council doesn't have enough sway to stop you becoming a Genin if you're anything above the dead last of the class, in fact it would be best that you show some of your true skill at the academy as soon as possible, I don't mean show it all just show that you are skilled."

Suddenly slots started to fall into place, Naruto realized that Shikaku must believe that he had trained from young and hid his skill and acted like the fool in order to deceive the council to stop them from banning him from becoming a ninja. He mentally began cheering at how well this would fall into the three's plans, if they did as Shikaku stated the three of them were so above the other students that it would be pointless wasting such talent and placing the three most skilled together. That could allow him to try and change Sasuke from becoming what he did.

Ino had similar thoughts racing through her own head but she was more interested in making sure to put Sasuke in his place early, she knew that her boyfriend wouldn't allow her to kill him until he did something truly bad but she could still make his life hell for the pain he caused in her last life. The screams of the leaf ninja he killed entered her mind still, having Naruto with her always helped her settle but since they came back she sometimes awoke and cried when she realized she was alone. Sakura's dying plea also entered her mind and made her mentally smile.


Neji stood guard near the entrance holding what remained of his missing arm, she along with Sakura had sealed the wound so he wouldn't die of blood loss but the pain would still be present for quite some time, that didn't seem to faze Neji though. His stoic face was all that was present as his Byakugan blazed, his eyes widened before he turned to look at them and called out "It is done, Naruto penetrated Susano and has killed Sasuke"

Sakura coughed up more blood and Ino looked down worried "Sakura calm down, your body is too weak right now" Sakura merely chuckled lightly "I-Ino, I'm dying and we both know it, please promise me something" Ino looked at her oldest friend and smiled sadly before nodding "Anything Forehead" Sakura looked her in the eye "I've seen the way you've looked at Naruto since he returned from his 3 years away, don't try and hide it, I also know you didn't do anything after seeing me show how I feel for him. Soon I will be gone Ino, please give him what he's always craved for and I promise you he will give you the same but more. Give him the love I will never be able to give him because I wouldn't accept it until now when I am close to death. Promise me you will love him Ino"

Tears were coming down Ino's cheeks as she whispered "I promise" Neji took that time to call out "It is done, Madara is dead as is Killer Bee" Ino looked up in shock "What about Naruto?" Neji closed his eyes "He is fine, on his way back now" She let out a breath and turned to Sakura and gasped, checking for pulse or breath she realized that Sakura was dead. Bursting into tears she cried over the body of her oldest friend. She heard Naruto say "I kept my promise Sakura, it's over" Looking up she saw the man she secretly desired for and all the pain and grief erupted at once and she flung herself onto him and cried in earnest holding onto him tightly.

Flashback end

The other two men looked at Shikaku as the pieces fell into place and they both looked at Naruto in a whole new way, respect radiated from the both of them at the young man who had just pulled the greatest deceit on possibly the whole village. Smiling at his daughter he stated "Well I guess you've found yourself quite the catch princess, if I'm not mistaken he has the makings of Hokage" He sent mischievous glance at Naruto when he said Hokage making the young man quirk his eyebrow before a big grin plastered itself on his face.

"Don't worry Shikamaru's dad, Ino already convinced me to not hold back so much this year. Just you wait, I will become Hokage greater than even the Fourth" He boasted that caused Shikaku and Inoichi to chuckle to themselves. Chōza looked at each of them, looked at the young man in front of him, than thought of the words his old friends had just spoken. His eyes widened when he remembered Kushina Uzumaki and her hidden skills that eventually made her famous, her hatred for Minato Namikaze was obvious to all in their childhood. He then looked at the Hokage mountain and the Fourth and then pictured his face, looked back at Naruto and his eyes widened in shock. He gasped and was about to say something and two sets of hands clasped over his mouth and he realized it was Shikaku and Inoichi who had done so.

"Yes to what you're thinking, and if you value your life you will remain silent on what you now know, we will need to see the Hokage immediately" Shikaku whispered into his ear earning a nod from the large man. Naruto looked up in shock at the three men who must know of his parentage, looked over at Ino who rolled her eyes as the men were whispering before she stood up "Alright we're going to head back to the house now, we'll see you guys there I guess since you having a men gossip session" She took Naruto's hand and began to walk away. The trio blinked a few times before they chuckled and shunshined to the Hokage tower hoping to catch their leader before they left.

Hokage Tower

The three Jonin appeared in the Hokage's office and saw the Hokage quickly hiding a small orange book that caused all three to sweatdrop. "Sorry to uh disturb you Lord Hokage, but we thought you should know something that shouldn't leave this room" Inoichi stated, the Hokage merely waved his hand "It's alright I already dismissed the Anbu and set up the sound barrier" Causing all three to sweatdrop again "Uh okay then, Chōza here figured out Naruto's heritage after we saw how skilled he was tonight"

Hiruzen quirked an eyebrow at that statement "I don't think I understand Inoichi, explain" Shikaku stepped up instead "Allow me Lord Hokage, Naruto has been deceiving us all" The aged Hokage's eyes narrowed at Shikaku dangerously "Explain now" Shikaku merely smirked slightly before explaining his reasoning with Inoichi and Chōza adding in their own theories in places. 15 minutes later the Third sighed "I should have realized this myself but he even managed to convince me, he is much like his mother but obviously has his father's drive at training. I don't have to tell you Chōza that this is a SS class secret that could place the entire village in danger if ever revealed before he is old enough to defend himself and stop any assassins from wanting to claim his life."

The large man nodded grimly thinking back to Minato's flee on sight order and his decimation of the Iwa army in the third ninja war. If Iwa heard he had a child especially that he was a Jinchuuriki there would be attacks on the young man and possibly the village as the whole. Hiruzen's eyes softened and he stated "Well I agree with you Shikaku, he should reveal some of his skill now to remove any backlash from the civilians believing the demon has taken control of him to become as strong as he is, so he as well as your daughter Inoichi may be stronger than most of our Genin now, possibly a few of our Chunin?" The man nodded his head and the aged leader couldn't help but laugh at that.

Yamanaka Household

Ino and Naruto walked into the house and were instantly engulfed in a tight hug from Izumi "Where have you two been, you said you'd be back by 6 and where is your father Ino?" Ino waved her hand "Gossiping with Chōza and Shikaku" She then noticed the bruise on Naruto's face and gasped "What happened Naruto, who did it, when I find them –" Her rant was interrupted when Naruo began laughing "Calm down Izumi, it's not that bad, I've had much worse than this happen to me, it was just a sparring accident before when I was distracted, your daughter has a hard punch"

For observers like Yoshino, Zara, Shikamaru and Choji it was quite interesting to watch the facial expressions on Izumi's face. It went from relief to anger to shock as Naruto talked. Shikamaru looked at their new looks curiously, Naruto looked much better in his new clothes. He sat and thought about how Naruto could have had worse than he did now, he then thought of the hateful looks villagers threw him and his eyes narrowed at them being the only possible explanation since he lives on his own. He remembered his father's words when he asked why the villagers looked at him like they did and his father told him only to do what he believed was best towards Naruto. Looking at Ino he realized she had done just that too and vowed then to himself he would try to do the same to the young blonde.

Choji was staring at both Naruto and Ino in confusion, unlike Shikamaru he was not paying attention to the conversations around him so was quite confused to why Naruto was there and why Ino's mum was fussing over him so much, also the fact that they were wearing something new. Turning to Shikamaru he asked "Hey Shika, why is Naruto here?" Sighing Shikamaru stated "Troublesome, weren't you listening to our parents, Ino is dating Naruto now" Choji looked at his best friend in shock and then at the two blondes in shock but didn't say anything. He was too stunned to say or think anything at the moment.

Meanwhile Yoshino, Zara and Izumi were looking at the young boy in concern, they had husbands for ninja so were used to seeing them bruised and battered after training and similar but the statement from the boy in front of them who wasn't even a Ninja yet hit them all hard. They like all adults in the village knew of the burden Naruto carried and the only explanation to how he could have gotten bruises or similar worse than the one on his jaw could only be explained by villagers doing it to him at some point. They felt anger for the naive villagers, if the boy was the demon they wouldn't even be able to glare at him before getting attacked and a demon surely wouldn't allow them to step all over him.

Ino saw the dark looks cross the woman's faces and sighed before leaning over and whispering into Naruto's ear "Good work honey, they more than likely think that little statement about you getting hurt worse was due to someone doing something before you were a Ninja, you should be more careful with telling things like that about your time during our old life" Naruto blinked before whispering back "Well it wasn't totally a lie, I was referring to being injured after some major fights but I doubt you remember because you paid no attention to me at the time but when I was younger I had quite a few trips to the hospital usually on my birthday since it's October 10th and many villagers would get really drunk. I would miss a few days of the Academy to heal. It would have probably been weeks if furball wasn't helping speed it up"

Ino stood there for a moment thinking over what her boyfriend just said and then she shouted out "THEY DID WHAT" The three men had just walked into the house to hear the scream and ran to the source and looked confused for a moment. Ino was currently seething and glaring at the window while Naruto was whispering to her "I don't care Naruto, being drunk is no excuse and on your birthday every year since you can remember. Why didn't you tell someone, how can you not hate them?" The three woman and Shikamaru eyes widened at that statement, a few moments later Shikaku picked up on what the statement meant and narrowed his eyes. After around 30 seconds Inoichi and Chōza figured it out while Choji was just sitting confused.

Naruto looked her in the eye and noticing Shikaku in the corner of his eye stated "If I hated them then I would just become what they think I am, if I was too strong when I was younger and stopped them then they would believe it even more. If I told someone many would claim it was just lies. Ino I don't want to be hated more, I just want acknowledgement for being me" Ino's eyes softened and the adults looked at her in alarm at how she seemed to understand the young man's statement, did she somehow figure out the villager's biggest secret they all wondered. Well three of them thought it was the villager's second biggest secret.

"Sorry Naruto, I didn't think before I started my rant" Ino knew full well how Naruto always had that goofy grin when they were younger and did stupid things trying to get people to notice him for him. Naruto merely smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek "Forget it, the past is the past, someday I will be Hokage than everyone will acknowledge me" The watchers all smiled and couldn't help but wonder how the young boy could remain the Happy child he was after everything he's been through, as he stated he could have easily just become that demon everyone presumed he was. But he never did, always remained a happy boy wanted the acknowledgement of being Naruto Uzumaki, resident of Konoha.

With the tension broken Ino merely smiled at her boyfriend before looking around at everyone. When she locked eyes with Choji it was the first person she had watched die she had seen since they came back that she was truly close to. She ran over and gave him a tight hug shocking the boy immensely at the strength she was showing if the hold was anything to go by "It's so good to see you again Choji" The boy merely awkwardly patted her back not sure how to take this new Ino.

Pulling herself away she beamed at him before looking over to see Shikamaru watching her and slowly sneaking away. Ino narrowed her eyes before the boy went wide eyed as Ino quickly reached him and gave him a hug too. Shikamaru groaned muttering "Troublesome blondes" Causing Ino to chuckle remembering Temari. She never saw Shikamaru die since he was part of the Strategic team in the war but she heard he fought bravely with his father until the end. They only lost due to running out of chakra in the end.

Being released Shikamaru was planning strategies on how to get out of such a troublesome situation again. The only method that would work as far as he could tell was become faster than her or become better at his clan's various Jutsu. He groaned knowing this meant he had to train, but avoiding troublesome situations like that was more important than being lazy. The group then sat down to eat while chatting about various topics but soon enough the two families left. Shikamaru saying goodbye to the two blondes and Choji merely waving stating he'd see them tomorrow.

Naruto stood to leave too when Ino looked to her parents and said "Can Naruto stay the night?" Looking at his girlfriend he narrowed his eyes "It's fine Ino, I'll see –" He stopped and his eyes widened when he saw something in her eyes, something that he hadn't seen in a few years, seeing Choji and Shikamaru must have brought up some hard memories for her he assumed and she needed him there to help sleep. Inoichi and izumi both also saw the distress on their daughters face but couldn't figure out what could be causing it, in any other situation Inoichi would have denied the question but that look was one that shouldn't belong on a young girl.

Naruto looked over at Inoichi and stated "I swear that I will not do anything inappropriate with your daughter Inoichi if you let me stay tonight, you have my word and I never break my word" Inoichi looked at Naruto and with his years of experience in the Interrogation department he couldn't see any deceit in the young man's eyes. Looking over at his wife he nodded to let her know he believed him, she looked back at her daughter and thought back to a few mornings in the last month where she had walked past Ino's room hearing soft sobs.

At the time she just assumed it must have been a nightmare but the look in her daughters eyes told her it might be something else, something she did herself after her parents had died in the previous war or whenever Inoichi had gone on a dangerous mission and she woke up alone fearing the worst. She felt whatever it was that was bothering her daughter Naruto would be able to provide the comfort she needed, it might even have something do to with what had happened that night, the discovery her boyfriend had been attacked by villagers before perhaps. But the look in her eyes wasn't fear, it was something else, something she didn't want to see often, looking over at her husband she sighed.

"It's fine with us as long as you don't do anything inappropriate" Ino beamed and gave both her parents a tight hug and dragging Naruto up to her room. Naruto had never seen Ino's room before and he had to say that it was very, well Ino. It was decorated in purple all over from what he could see, he noticed a scratch on the wall and Ino answered his unspoken question "From where I grabbed the Sasuke poster" He sighed before he kept looking around, walked over to her desser and looked through it silently, closet where he looked over curiously when he found pajamas like the ones he owned and a few more of his overalls.

"What I've been meaning to add some of mine to yours too you know" He merely chuckled before looking over at her bedside table that had a picture of the two of them both wearing matching grins. He smiled when he saw that, they looked even happier in this picture then they did on their wedding day. Not to say he wasn't happy when they married but all those they lost weighed on them especially the fact they never grieved properly because they were trying to find ways to go back to prevent it from ever happening.

His eyes then met the bed and had to smirk, the design was random purple and orange flowers scattered all over. He looked over at Ino and got wide eyed when she was standing naked in front of him, she just smirked before walking over to the closet tossing him his pyjamas before taking out her own which had white flowers on a purple fabric and putting them on slowly buttoning up the shirt starting from the bottom and then dropping the pants on the ground behind her. She turned around and slowly bent forward to pick them up before putting them on. Turning back around she frowned when she saw he was already changed but smirked when she saw a bulge in his pants.

Bouncing over she turned on her lamp and bounced over to the main light switch before going to the bed. Climbing under the covers she patted the spot next to her and Naruto climbed in. She immediately positioned herself next to him so he could hold her and she turned off the light. "I've missed this, just going to sleep next to you and waking up to find you there" She whispered, he merely kissed her neck before saying "Me too, are you alright though?" As he tightened her grip on her slightly, she simply sighed "You know the answer to that but I'll be fine with you hear next to me through the night and in the morning" Sighing he said "Goodnight my love" Ino smiled to herself as she drifted off to sleep.