Rent a Girl

"Who wouldn't if your mom has a man in your house without his pants on, who does nothing at all but drink all day and doesn't even have his complete teeth?"

-Mikan Sakura

"I need a woman."

-Natsume Hyuuga

"Dear, you should get home after school right away," Yuka Sakura said sweetly, talking to her daughter on the phone.

"I still have student council duties after school mom. I'm afraid I can't go home early," Mikan Sakura said, sighing as she tucked some loose hair into the back of her ear.

"That's quite unfortunate," her mother replied, "But surely you could make it for dinner."

"Of course mom," Mikan smiled, "I'm never late for di—what the hell is going on your side mom?"

Mikan frowned as she suddenly heard her mother laughed.

"Sweetheart that tickles," her mother chuckled.

Sweetheart that tickles, Mikan frowned at her cell phone and asked, "Mom, do you have some company there?"

"Oh yes sweetheart! You could say I have company over here. That's why I want you home early," her mother answered.

"Oh, so what kind of company do you have mom?" Mikan questioned with a stern voice.

"A male company," her mother giggled, "Dear I want you to see him. He's adorable even without his pants on."

"You have a male company without his pants on?" Mikan shrieked.

"Yes dear," her mother said calmly, "He's really cute. His name is Youichi."

"Mom," Mikan asked distressed, "Does he even have a job?"

"He doesn't have a job. In fact, he does nothing at all. He had just a bottle every now and then," her mother replied.

"What?" Mikan shouted. Her mother sighed and said, "Mikan calm down."

"I can't calm down!" Mikan hollered, "Where in hell did you meet this person?"

"I just met him a while ago," her mother chuckled, "He had the most beautiful crimson eyes."

"You invited a complete stranger in our house just because you liked his eyes," Mikan said in disbelief.

"Of course not dear," her mother uttered, "He was a son of an old friend. And I just didn't like his eyes. I liked his smile too even though he doesn't have all his teeth."

"M-Mom," Mikan stammered, "I'm going home right away after school."

"That's great dear. But I thought you have some school duties after school," Her mother said.

"I have to go meet that person you're talking about right away," she muttered.

"Well then, goodbye. I'm taking him out for lunch," her mother said and put the phone down.

Yuka laughed as she pinched Youichi's cheeks, a three year old toddler.

"One day, you're going to give your daughter a heart attack," a boy said lazily towards Yuka.

"My daughter is so serious. She needs to slack down a bit," Yuka mumbled.

Rent a Girl

Mikan closed her cell phone and put it in his pocket. She exited the comfort room and went directly at the cafeteria. She looked at her friends and sat down with them.

"You looked upset Mikan," Anna Umenomiya chuckled as she pushed a Caesar Salad towards Mikan.

"Who wouldn't if your mom has a man in your house without his pants on, who does nothing at all but drink all day and doesn't even have his complete teeth?" Mikan hollered. Her friends gasped.

"Your mother is really reckless," Nonoko smiled.

"She's beyond reckless. She's crazy," Mikan reached for her fork and stabbed her salad.

"Mikan, don't release your anger to the poor salad," Anna held her friend's trembling hands.

"I'm gonna murder that man who thinks he can have my mother," Mikan hissed.

Rent a Girl

After school, Mikan did everything she can to go home early. She flung open the door and walked inside the house.

"Mom, where is he? Where is this Youichi?" Mikan asked.

"Oh, you're early dear," Yuka came out from the kitchen and gave her daughter a kiss and a hug.

"Where's Youichi?" Mikan asked again, getting irritated and impatient.

"He's sleeping dear, he'd been up for the whole afternoon entertaining me," her mother laughed, "He's so lively! I can't keep up with him."

Mikan cheeks were tinted by red. "Mom I know you've been lonely without dad. But to have someone who's undeniably devious—" her words were cut by a stranger emerging from the stairs.

"Oh, your daughter arrived," he said impassively.

"Mom, he's so young!" Mikan gasped, "How old is he?"

"He's a year older than you dear," Yuka answered.

"You mean he's only 17 years old!" Mikan shouted, "And you did it with him?"

"Whatever 'it', do you mean dear?" Yuka asked. She was confused by what her daughter said.

Mikan turned redder and said, "So his name is Youichi?"

"Oh that's not Youichi," Yuka said.

"Then who the hell is he?" Mikan asked.

"His name is Natsume Hyuuga. Does it ring the bell? The great manga artist of the series, Shinigami's Hidden Tales," Yuka replied.

Mikan nodded, "I know him. So what he's doing here?"

"We're going to discuss it over dinner," Yuka smiled, "Call Youichi, Natsume!"

"Oh yeah, the most important person I needed to talk to," Mikan grumbled.

After a few minutes, Natsume appeared with a boy he carried in his arms.

"Mom! Now who the hell is he?" Mikan hollered, pointing at the boy.

"He's Youichi dear," Yuka replied.

"You mean to say that the toothless nude dude you're talking about is this child?" Mikan asked in disbelief.

"Yes dear," Yuka smiled. Mikan slumped on the floor, "Mom, next time tell me the age of the guy you're bringing over to the house."

"Mikan get dress now. We're going to eat dinner," Yuka said.

"Yes mom," Mikan answered.

Rent a Girl

"So what are you both doing in here?" Mikan asked politely as she ate the steamed fish on the table.

"I need a woman," Natsume replied nonchalantly.

"And we're going to help him dear," Yuka said. Mikan put down her chopsticks first and faced Natsume, "I suggest that you don't ask for my mother's help. Who knows what woman she will pick?"

Yuka smacked her daughter's head.

"So what do you need a woman for? You don't seem the type to be desperate in finding a girlfriend since you're looks is not that bad," Mikan said, continuing to eat.

"I need her to accept an award for me," Natsume mumbled.

"What kind of award?" Mikan questioned him.

"An award for the manga I've draw," Natsume replied.

"Why should you let a woman bring your fame? I mean the Natsume Hyuuga is not hiding his true gender and face to the public who loves his works," Mikan said.

"Yes, well you see. I specialized in drawing adventure, fantasy and shounen manga. I don't mix any romance for it," Natsume explained, "But the manga I've won an award is on different genre."

"So what kind of genre is it?" Mikan asked, reaching for the glass of water and sipped on it.

"Smut dear," Yuka answered for Natsume. Mikan choked on her water and stammered, "S-Smut?"

"Yes dear," Yuka smiled. Mikan coughed awkwardly and said, "You can let mom take your award."

"He can't. You see the competition he entered is strictly for teens only. That's why he needed a teen around your age to get his award," Yuka uttered, "That's why he needed you dear. You're going to take the award for him."

"What?" Mikan exclaimed. Yuka patted her daughter's back, "Dear calm down."

"You know I can't mom. I'm the student council president of a prestigious all-girls school. What will my friends think if I accepted an award for a smut manga I apparently draw?" Mikan shouted.

"It's alright," Yuka grinned, "You can switch schools anytime."

"I'm going to switch schools in the middle of the year?" Mikan rolled her eyes, "That's ridiculous."

"You really can't?" Natsume frowned, standing up from his seat and went towards Mikan. He knelt down and Mikan followed him with her eyes. He looked up and Mikan blushed when she found out that their faces were so close together.

"I really can't," Mikan said. Yuka stood up and announced, "I'm going to bring out our dessert." She went towards Mikan and purposely pushed her towards Natsume. Their lips met in an instant and Yuka chuckled.

"Wow! A kiss minutes after you met. That's my girl," she patted her daughter's back. Mikan pushed Natsume away and hollered, "Mom!"

Mikan looked at Natsume who was currently smirking.

"Stop smirking!" She shouted.

"Oh dear, since it is Saturday tomorrow, can you please babysit Youichi?" Yuka asked.

"Huh? Why?" Mikan frowned.

"Natsume and Youichi will be staying here for a while. Natsume had to go to school and I would be the one looking out for Youichi. And because you won't help in Natsume's problem at all, we're going to find a girl tomorrow. You should stay and babysit Youichi for us," Yuka explained.

"Fine," Mikan crossed her arms around her chest and glared at Natsume. "Now you, get out of my face."

Natsume smirked and leaned down to whisper on her ears. "Let's get along from now on. I'll be teaching you a lot of fun things."

Mikan pushed him away and hollered, "No thanks, you perverted manga artist!"

Rent a Girl

Author's Notes: I've been inspired by a book to write this one. :) Hope you like it. My updates might be slower this time.

Dedication: To all those patient readers of mine who are always there even if I'm slw in updating my stories.