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Time's Up

'Look Ianto, I said I was sorry.'

'I don't care, Jack. That hurt.'

'I didn't mean to bite it that hard.'

'You shouldn't have bloody bit it at all!'


The row carried down from Jack's office to the main Hub, rousing Owen from his work in the Medical Bay. Jack and Ianto were having a domestic again. Intrigued, he slid under the railings and went upstairs to hear more.

'Come on Ianto, don't ignore me, please.'



'You know why I'm upset. It's an heirloom and you just desecrated it.'

'I'll make it up to you tonight. I promise.'

'Oh, I bet you'd love that wouldn't you? You are not coming near it ever again, Jack Harkness, unless you deserve it!'

'Do I deserve it now?'

'No. You fucking well don't.'


Ten seconds later, Ianto stormed out of the office, glaring at all who crossed his gaze, huffed, and went down to the Archives. Owen caught a rare glimpse of emotion as he watched; anger with just a hint of despair. Through the window, he could see that Jack was just as distraught; collapsed in his chair with little intention of moving for a very long time. Owen rolled his eyes.

'What the hell was all that about?' he shot at Tosh. To his surprise, she giggled before answering.

'Jack broke the stopwatch.'

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