Fear. For his life.

Happiness. His family was safe.

Sadness: He's going to have to leave him now...

These were the feelings that Bill felt as he slumped across the generator. "Last cigarette in the pack..." He said, taking it out and eating it. "You've made a big mistake, Tanks."

...It was a magical cigarette.

The 3 Tanks ROARED as they came in, the ground shaking, and pebbles flying into the air as they came for Bill.

Bill laughed loudly as he yelled, "HORSESHET!" at the tanks and they stumbled back. He stood up and held a card, showing a lady, up into the air.

"MOTHER OF MERCY! I SUMMON YOU!" he said as lightning struck in front of the tanks and there stood a majestic looking lady. Wearing a all white robe, she was truly beautiful. She looked at the Tanks, innocently.

Bill chuckled as he held another card. It was face down on his palm. "Wanna know what this card is?" A grin grew on his face as he showed the card. It was horseshet. "I equip the COAT OF HORSESHET ONTO MOTHER OF MERCY!" he yelled as she became horseshet.

Mother of Mercy laughed and attacked the Tanks. The pure smell of horseshet make them explode, with Mother of Mercy.

Now Bill was all alone. No Tanks. No Mother of Mercy. No survivors. "VIETNAM GODDAMMIT" he said as he jumped high into the air, broke the building, destroying the bridge as well (which caused the l4d2 survivors to die) and flipped into the air. "VIETNAAAAAAAM" he yelled as he teleported to the L4D1 survivors.

Zoey cried in joy as she saw Bill. "Where have you been?" she asked. "oh i dunno" replied Bill.

Then they all flew to Candy Mountain, where they feasted on candy for the rest of their days.

"I HATE CANDY" Francis said, then laughed, implying he was kidding and just wanted a line in this story.

"PUNK A$$ ISLAND B1TCH" Louis yelled as he destroyed the Florida Keys with his explosive pills.
The end.