It Sucks To Be Leah

This drabble was my entry for the Twilight Gem Awards Pearl Challenge. I came in 3rd out of 3 entries, WOO! Check out the other entries on the Gem Awards blog at gemawards (dot) blogspot (dot) com or at Twiwrite (dot) net. I'm not generally a Wolf Pack story person, but I had fun with this, so I hope you enjoy. Oh and a big thanks to DreamersDaze who fixed my grammar and etc for me.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Twilight.

It sucks to be Leah.

I fucking hate being a wolf. I honestly cannot imagine anything worse than being forced to fulfil my tribe's destiny by transforming into a giant, smelly, ugly, fucking dog. No sorry, not a dog, a majestic fucking wolf who should feel honoured to defend our mighty (ha!) people from the friendly neighbourhood immortal bloodsuckers.

Oh wait, I know what's worse than turning into an oversized mutt; having your asshole of an ex-boyfriend as the Alpha of your little pack of mutts. It gets better; we all HEAR each other's thoughts while we're shifted into wolf form, so I get the visuals when he thinks about fucking my cousin. The cousin he dumped me for because of this freaky wolf-imprinting thing. Sam is a guy, he thinks about fucking my cousin a lot, and apparently she lets him stick it up her ass. That, right there, is some information that I could have happily lived without knowing, and of course all the guys are all 'way to go Sam' until they remember me. Yeah, bitter harpy ex-girlfriend over here, doesn't want the details.

The tribal elders say that imprinting draws us to our best genetic match so we can pass on our wolfy genes to future generations. That's all well and great for almighty Sam, but no, I went through fucking MENOPAUSE when I shifted. I'm 17 years old and I can never pass on my wolfy genes. No, I get to defend the fucking people who sentenced me to this hell, from our enemy who is unlikely to ever attack us. So instead I get to run circles around the Rez, listening to my ex-boyfriend think about how much tighter my cousin's pussy is than mine.

I am the epitome of the phrase 'fuck my life'.

Hmm, looks like it's my turn to patrol. At least I can have some fun making the boys squirm. Maybe I'll think about the first time I got my period, or that time Paul popped a boner watching the guys play football. A girl's gotta get her kicks somewhere, right?

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