take a sit doesn't matter what
you say he'll just smile and shake his

you shrugged the moment you saw him
veins too visible in his words his eyeballs
too white for your taste a ruined suit
lying near your feet on the floor

and yet he's a mystery your mind's aching to
solve but why, are his scars meaningful
enough? or the voice so broken at the end
does it interest you just out of a void
in your pocket why dear doctor why you
want him just for yourself tonight?

is it the fear you see tingling inside that
scarred child he must be inside
or a memory of something
you couldn't grasp onto before mixing
things up and facts joining the choir
in your head from time to time?
you want to see the inside of his eye-lids
that's for sure dear fellow but what
if there's nothing you wanted to see?
seek your rabbit doctor always late
to diagnose someone else's dreams

you feel you think there can't be a void
behind his words a sweet fragrance of decay
must have its source there just wasn't anyone
yet willing enough to seek it out

with Freud laughing in your face Jung lookin' ready to
come back from the grave you can't be beaten
that parody of a laugh breaking freely down
the throat must mean something veil a secret he
forgot but you see cascading beneath the lies he feeds
the crowd daily with fantasies dreamt out to ease the pain
you feel crawling down the skin

but doctor, are you sure he's
the patient
and not you? Not your fears being played in front
of the crowd full of masks everything having its cause and twisted
sense facing him having the same effect as looking into the mirror
of your mother's eyes…