A/N—Oh boy. I feel as if I've dug myself into quite the hole. While I was happy with what I wrote, I don't quite get the feeling that everyone else was as satisfied. And I can completely understand how some feel that this was a rather unfinished piece.

So, I am feeling compelled to write a continuation at some point. This was originally planned as, really, just a oneshot with an epilogue of its own, so I have no further ideas for this piece beyond what was written. However, I promise to give this one some more thought since I can see that many would enjoy a more..."thorough" ending. I'm not sure when I'll have this complete (my way of writing doesn't quite work when I try to force a story), but like I said, I will think this one through some more.

Again, apologies to those that felt it was unfinished. But for me, the way I posted this story was exactly what I was going for. And those familiar with my writing know that I tend to leave doors open; I don't like to tie every single thing up because I don't think everything works that way. Life will always be an unfinished story ;)

So! Please look forward to a possible continuation of this piece in the future. Thank you again for all those that took the time to read and review; you all make me strive to better my writing :)