Enkidu07's Drabble Challenge

Prompt Words: EMERGENCY

Word Count: 100 words on the dot.

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Disclaimer: Neither the boys nor anything related to Supernatural belongs to me. I'm just having some fun with the boys, playing around with Eric Kripke's sandbox.

Old Habits

By: Vanessa Sgroi

Dean gripped the steering wheel hard and glanced in the rearview mirror, briefly mesmerized by flashing lights of a number of emergency vehicles swirling in the distance. Tension melted from his shoulders as the lights grew smaller. He wiped at his forehead with a trembling hand.

"Whew. We barely made it that time," his gaze flicked to the unconscious man beside him, "Sam-mmy." He reached over to pat his brother's knee but hesitated, hand hovering over denim. Finally letting his hand drop, he gently squeezed—bad blood and ill-will between them falling by the wayside, at least for a moment.