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The Looking Glass Wars - A Growing Fear

Chapter Two - Annabel

Footsteps echoed on the cobbles behind her and Eden struggled to control her breathing. Someone had been following her for a couple of streets now. But what could she do to stop them? The only imagination Eden had was through her writing, but writing could do nothing against some unknown menace. And so Eden kept walking. Her long brown hair was sticking to the back of her neck as she hurried along the alleyway. The backstreets of Wonderland were cold and harsh; nobody wanted to be a no-one. And yet it turned out that Eden was a no-one. She'd always had friends, all the way through her life. But everyone knew she had strong views. They just didn't know her views were this strong.

Annabel Lewis was a petite little girl who had a loud-mouth. She had short blonde hair that curved in a messy bob around her head and often there would be a pencil behind her ear. Annabel had known Eden her whole life and the two girls could turn to each other at any point. But lately Annabel had been growing tired of Eden's extreme views and wanting to just settle back and concentrate on her art and schoolwork. Annabel didn't want to lose her childhood friend, and yet she didn't want to keep a boring politician for a friend. Annabel was thinking about all of her dilemmas and making a paintbrush hover in front of her when Eden stormed in the door.

"Annabel!" Eden exclaimed, slamming the door behind her.

"Eden?" Annabel asked, the paintbrush immediately dropping to the floor.

The blonde-haired girl would never admit her thoughts but she felt awful for wanting rid of her friend. Eden had been angry at the Wonderland government for a while now and Annabel had always been there to listen to her, but Annabel liked her Queen – she couldn't care less what Eden thought. Withdrawing from her thoughts Annabel managed an eyebrow raise at Eden who stood flustered still by the door.

The front room in Annabel's house was as plain as a chalkboard. It was the mark of the inside of all Wonderland houses nowadays. A wooden oak front door was barred by a wooden block and a key stuck out from the latch. Candles danced their flames in shades around the room, a wooden table sat scratches deep into it on one half of the room. Chairs surrounded it and in the other half a sofa lay. All rooms in Wonderland tended to be like this nowadays, it was like they were slipping back into the Dark Ages. Alyss did all the outside decorating and so the colourful glass spires of Wonderland rose up still, but this generation had given up on using imagination to paint their rooms. The Heart Crystal used to give hope to all those who saw it but now there was only Everqueen in the sky, and who could see that? "Annabel, someone's following me!" Eden gasped falling into the room.

"What've you done now?" Annabel asked hurrying over whilst wiping her hands on her apron.

She stood in black and white. A small black dress covering her slender frame topped off with her white apron. She looked alike that of a maid would in the other world… But how was Eden to know. Her dream was to go to the other world; she just hadn't made it yet. "I haven't done anything!"

Annabel rolled her eyes and picked up the paintbrush which lay covering the floor in an icky green paint. "Now look what you made me do," she sighed, heading over to the sink in the corner.

"Anna, I need your help," Eden pleaded.

That was enough to make Annabel look up. They hardly used nicknames anymore and calling her Anna had brought her attention. It was like they were small again… Like they didn't know anything in the world. But Annabel knew better. "Well, someone else will have to help this time," she said, slamming the brush in the sink and hurrying over to the spillage with a cloth.

"Anna…" Eden stood staring at the other girl.

Annabel kept wiping at the floor, even when the stain was gone. Eden headed over and lay her hand on the other girl's shoulder. "Please?"

"What do you want now, Eden? Hmm? Is it like the last time you got me in trouble? I'm one of the only friends you've got and you abuse me!" she squawked.

Eden fell silent and moved away from her friend. Her long brown hair hung in tendrils around a sad face. "I didn't know you felt that way…" she sighed and looked at the door. "I'd better go then."

"I think you'd better," Annabel scowled at the floor and began scrubbing again.

"There's no need to take it out on the floor…"

"You're like some kind of terrorist sometimes, Eden! Always hiding from your mum. I don't want to know this time, I really don't."

"Someone's following me and I haven't done anything. Excuse me for thinking you cared."

Annabel straightened up, her short hair bobbing around her face. She sent one glare at Eden before she retreated through a corridor into another room. Eden stared at the picture she'd been painting. A sickly green shade for the grass but sat around on it were herself, Annabel and Josh. A hint of pain hit Eden as she thought of Annabel's big brother. He'd left when they were only small and joined the Alyssian Army. That's what they called it nowadays… And it had taken his life, along with so many others.

Eden sighed as she walked away from the painting. She had to admit Annabel had talent, but it was going to waste – just like everyone else's imagination. Eden pushed open the front door, she had no bag, no food, no anything, all she had was herself and a long road of silence. That was until she heard the cough behind her as she started back down the street. Slowly, Eden turned around to spot just who she thought it was.

Homburg Molly.

"You know, you've got to be the worst person to follow. I thought you were never going to come out of there."

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