Hi, peoples! I am back with (yet another) random oneshot Johan Liebert introspective! Yay!

*Random object gets thrown*

Okay, who did that?

Monster and all its characters are the intellectual property of Naoki Urasawa. Thank you very much.

Hilfe! Das Monstrum im mir Wird explodieren!

A letter. Fairly easy to understand in principle. A simple, written message to convey emotion.

What happens, though, when the emotions one must convey are too intense to put into words? What then is one to do?

The answer is to be so cryptic and enigmatic that only the person to whom the message was intended would be able to discern its meaning.

Please, Tenma, hear me.

Help me.

I can't control the monster inside me.

Mir Helfen, Doktor Tenma.

Bitte helfen Sie Mir.

A/N Translations: Hilfe! Das Monstrum im mir Wird explodieren!: Help! The monster inside me is about to explode! I got that from chapter 31.

Mir Helfen, Doktor Tenma: help me, Doctor Tenma.

Bitte helfen Sie Mir: please help me

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