Haruhi searched through her cupboard desperately trying to find something to eat. She hadn't had time the day before to do her grocery shopping because of club activities. So now she was stuck looking for something that might still be hanging around the house. Was there anything? As she reached into one of the higher up shelves, she felt her hand bump something that didn't feel like a food container. Curiously, she picked it up took it down and was surprise to see it was an old gray box. What was it doing in the cupboard? Then Haruhi realized what it was, it was one of her mother's old recipe boxes where she had stored all the recipes for Haruhi when she first had to go to the hospital!

"Oh wow!" said Haruhi flipping through the many cards inside. Some of these she hadn't seen in long time. "I can't believe I forgot about these!" Then she came to one that made her heart skip a beat, it was her mother's old peanut butter cookie recipe! Haruhi beamed as memories of her stuffing her face with those cookies came back to her. She had loved those cookies and had often wondered what became of the recipe.

'Oh wow, if only I didn't have to go to school, I'd try making some right now! Then again I probably don't have the ingredients for these. So either way I'll have to wait. I'll have to really make sure to get out of the club early today and get to the supermarket so I can make these cookies.' Haruhi thought as she carefully put the recipe away in the box. Then she noticed the time!

"Oh crap!" she said. "I have to get going!" She quickly grabbed her bag and bolted towards the door. As she ran to school, all Haruhi could think about was getting a chance to bake those cookies. The thought kept her smiling, despite she was running for her life to get to school on time.

By the time Haruhi go to school, she was all out of breath and panting really heavily, but she was still smiling about the cookies.

"Geeze Haruhi, what happen to you?" she heard Hikaru's voice. She looked up to see both twins staring down, smiling, but with a bit of concern in their eyes of her condition.

"I had to run to school to get here on time," she said in between breaths.

"You should have called us, we would have come and picked you up," said Kaoru.

"Yeah, well, I was in a rush and wasn't thinking," said Haruhi.

"Hmm, nothing new there," said the twins.

"I heard that!" said Haruhi. The twins laughed and Haruhi just shook her head. She wasn't about to let them or any one else ruin the good feeling she had over finding that box and that cookie recipe. Finding it was like finding her won treasure chest of gold. She smiled at the thought and kept walking towards the school. The twins watched her go, unable to ignore the bright atmosphere that surrounded her as walked.

"Boy she's in a good mood," said Hikaru.

"I wonder what's got her so happy?" said Kaoru. By the time they reached the classroom, Haruhi was all read there. She sat her desk with her eyes closed, her head resting in her hand and big smile on her face, naturally still thinking about that wonderful box. A lot of the girls and even some of the boys where looking over at her whispering and giggling.

"I wonder what's got Haruhi in such a good mood!"

"He looks cute in that pose!"

"He sure seems happy!"

"I wish I knew what he was thinking about that's making him smile like that!"

Hikaru and Kaoru both looked at each other. This was a little bit usual for Haruhi. They'd never seen her look this happy before.

"Hey Haruhi, what's got you such a good mood?" asked Hikaru as he and Kaoru took their seats next to her.

"I found something really special today," she said without even opening her eyes.

"Yeah, what?" Kaoru asked.

"Something of my mothers," said Haruhi, still not opening her eyes and smiling brightly.

"Oh," said both twins. Before they could ask what the teacher called everyone to attention. Haruhi quickly opened her eyes and got her pencil ready to take notes. All morning, the twins noticed that although Haruhi kept study and taking notes in her usual serious way, she never once stopped smiling. Just what was it that she had found that made her smile like that?

Later at the club meeting, all the other hosts quickly took notice to Haruhi's happy attitude.

"What's got Haruhi in such a good mood?" Tamaki asked.

"She been like all day ever since she got here," said Hikaru.

"She said she found something really special that belong to her mom this morning," said Kaoru.

"Really, I wonder what it was?" said Tamaki.

"We've been wondering that all day, but haven't got a chance to ask her," said Hikaru.

"Maybe it was some sort jewelry, like a bracelet or necklace," said Kaoru.

"I bet it was something cute like stuffed animal or something," said Hunny.

"Actually it was an old box filled with recipes my mom had left for me when she first got sick," said Haruhi. Everyone looked over at her, still smiling the same bright smile.

"I haven't seen some of them in a long time and just looking at them written in my mother's handwriting was so nice. I even found her old penult butter cookie recipe! I use to stuff my face with them when I was little, they where so good!"

"Stuff your face?" muttered the other host trying to imagine a young Haruhi with cookies stuffed into her mouth.

"I can't wait to try making them. I also can't wait to try some of the recipes in that box," said Haruhi with pride. "It's too bad Dad has to work tonight and I can't share it with him." That gave Tamaki an idea.

"Yes, it would be really sad for you to have to cook your loving mother's recipes and have no one to share it with," he said.

"Wait, what?" said Haruhi.

"Oh I can see it all now, you all alone in your home eating those delicious meals and then start to cry as you realize there's no one enjoy it with you!" said Tamaki.

"Yeah you're right, that would be sad," said the twins.

"Poor Haru-Chan!" cried Hunny giving Haruhi a tight hug around the waist.

"Oh-no!" said Haruhi, all ready figuring out what was going on.

"Then there's only one simple solution! We'll all have to go and have dinner at Haruhi's house!" said Tamaki.

"YEAH!" cheered Hikaru, Kaoru and Hunny.

"Wait, hold on a minute!" shouted Haruhi. "I still need a chance to the store to get the ingredients to make any of it!"

"Well then you better hurry up and get what you need then!" said the twins as they shoved her out the door.

"We'll be over around 6 for dinner!" called out Tamaki.

"Well see you then!"

Haruhi groaned. She had been feeling so good all day, now it was ruined.

'Oh well at least I still get to try them,' she thought.

"Haruhi, wait up a minute," called Kyoya following after her. "Here."

He handed her a credit card.

"What's this for?" asked Haruhi.

"You could use this to buy what you need to make us all dinner. It's from the profit we made after the latest Haruhi themed auction we had. See you at dinner" said Kyoya.

"Thanks," mutter Haruhi as she walked away, wondering just what it was the guys sold of hers this time.

It didn't take long for Haruhi to get home from the supermarket with all the ingredients for the cookies and the meal she had decided to try to cook for the guys. She had picked out a simple beef and noodle dish that would be quick and easy to make so she could spend more time preparing the cookies. As she walked up the stairs she quickly had to move off to the side as the three kids who lived next to her ran past.

"Hi Haruhi," called out the two boys Rikuto and Tomi Masaru. Only the girl, Sanyu Masaru stopped.

"Hello Miss Fujioka," she said politely.

"Hi Sanyu," said Haruhi. "You can call me Haruhi, you know that right."

"Oh sorry, Haruhi," said Sanyu sweetly before running off to join her brothers. Haruhi giggled watching them run off and kept walking to her apartment. She quickly put the dinner items away and set to work making the cookies. It didn't take long to get the batter ready and into the oven to bake. As they cooked, Haruhi quickly started on her homework, knowing full well that once the club members arrived they'd stay all night and she'd never have the time to work on it later. She soon however found it was too hard to concentrate due the intoxicating aroma coming from the oven.

'Come on Haruhi, focus!" she thought to herself looking back down at her work. Several minutes later she heard her oven timer go off and quickly ran over to oven to take out the cookies. They looked great and smelled wonderful, just the same way her mother use to make them.

"I don't think I can wait!" she said grabbing one off the tray and biting into it. The minute she swallowed she let out a satisfied sigh. It tasted so good! It was just like her mother's! She quickly started on another one. She had to make sure she made enough for everyone, particularly Hunny. No doubt they would gobble these down once they all realized just how nice they where, especially Hunny. Once she had the second patch in oven she heard a nock at the door.

'Who could that be?' she thought. It was still too early for the guys to be here. She looked out the peep whole and was surprise to see it was her neighbor, Sanyu, Rikuto, and Tomi's mom, Mrs. Masaru.

"Hi Haruhi," she said as Haruhi opened the door. "I have a small favor to ask."

"Sure what?" asked Haruhi.

"I need to run something over to my husband work real fast. Could you do me a favor and just keep an ear open for anything that might sound dangerous or not right next door with the kids while I'm gone?"

"Sure no problem," said Haruhi. She knew the kids where in general good kids, but they where still kids and prone to mischief, especially the boys.

"Thanks that would be great. I shouldn't be too long," said Mrs. Masaru. Just then she took a sniff.

"Mmm, are you baking cookies?" she asked.

"Yeah," said Haruhi.

"Oh they smell good, a lot better then the apartment on the other side of us," said Mrs. Masaru.

"You mean Mr. Reiki? Is he still smoking?" asked Haruhi.

"Yes, unfortunately," said Mrs. Masaru "And we can smell it so well in our apartment."

"Yeah, there are times I can smell it too!" said Haruhi. In fact she was sure that at least all attendants had at some point of another complained about Mr. Reiki's cigarette smoking. It wasn't just the smell, it was also how carelessly he left them lying around the building, sometimes still burning. In fact just a few months ago one had started a small fire in his apartment. Fortunately it hadn't spread and no one was hurt. Everyone was still mad though and didn't understand why the landlord didn't kick him out for that.

"Well anyway like I said, I shouldn't be too long and kids are supposed to be working on their homework. All you have to do is keep an ear open for something like glass breaking just in case," said Mrs. Masaru.

"No problem, I'll keep my ears open," said Haruhi.

"Thank you Haruhi, I'll be right back," said Mrs. Masaru, and she quickly walked off.

Haruhi shut her door and went back to her homework, only to soon get interrupted by the sound of the oven going off.

'Oh, the other batch is done,' she thought as she got up and pulled the pans out of the oven. They looked and smelled just as nice as the first bunch. Haruhi moaned with pleasure as bit into another cookie. Oh they where so good.

Haruhi went and sat down near her mother's alter and picked up her picture.

"Look Mom, I found your old peanut butter cookie recipe and made some," she said holding up the recipe to the picture. "In fact I found a bunch of your old recipes today and I'm going to try that old beef and noodle dish you use to make for dinner tonight," Haruhi added holding the other recipe up to the picture. "It's going to be great!"

Suddenly Haruhi started to smell something new, something not quite so delicious. What was it? Was that smoke? Haruhi jumped, still holding her mother's picture and the two recipes in her hand and ran to the kitchen. Had she left the oven? No it was off.

'What's going on?" Haruhi though, absent mindedly putting the two recipes into her pocket. She could definitely smell smoke, but where was it coming from? Haruhi quickly ran out side to see Mr. Reiki running for his life away from his apartment which was consumed with thick black smoke and fire! What was worse was that that fire was spreading next door to the Masaru's apartment!