Nothing is stronger than a mother's love.

A face only a mother could love.

Endless phrases Helen Magnus had heard all her life, with more frequency since people found out she had brought Ashley to term.

Her dear Ashley.

She had also heard endless tales of a mother's love, of the lengths mothers were willing to go to protect their children. Such a pure love, she thought. Such a simple, yet amazing bond. You were the only one who heard your mother's heart beat from the inside. A mother went through unimaginable pains to bring a child into the world, all for a small baby they hadn't met yet, but inherently loved.

She was mildly skeptical of this love. Her own mother had died early on, leaving Helen with only nurse maids and scientist father who always meant well but never knew quite what to do.

And the endless depth of the love scared her. The child would look solely up to her, would love her unconditionally, despite the constant, endless mistakes Helen would make. That kind of love scared her, she was terrified she would mess up.

But as she held the tiny bundle in her arms, she could feel the unconditional love flow through her, and suddenly she found herself calmly willing to do anything for this child, to protect this child with a wild strength she never knew she had.

The pure sensation of the love is odd, the wide, innocent, loving look the blond newborn would give her. It reminded her of lost love, in a twisted backwards sense.

Of the lost love that was romance, of John and his transformation. A loving man she thought she knew had turned to be The Ripper! And what scared her greater is she still loved him, still loved him with a throbbing strength she hated to admit. Their love for each other had seemed endless, a depth she was thrilled to know.

But with such a depth comes a terrible cost! Her heart had been irreparably shattered.

But was it so irreparable? The depth of love coming from this tiny girl seemed to almost repair the deep wounds that would never heal completely. After a century of mourning lost love she seemed to have found it again. And even though she still mourned the love she had with John, the blissful surpassing, seemingly young love that it was, the mother's love she found in Ashley was just as sweet, but in a different way.

Yes, she still loved John, or at least the person he had been. But now he shared her heart with Ashley.

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