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He hated one minute breakfasts. Seriously? Milk and cereal blended together, then slopped into a sandwich bag? Who does that? Well, he knew who did that; his sister CeCe. Everyday it was the same thing: wake up, his Mom would go to work, Rocky would climb through the window, and because she was always late, it was one minute breakfasts. If he couldn't eat his cereal in under thirty seconds, Rocky would grab cereal, milk and pour the mess into the blender.

After that, it didn't even look like cereal. Just slop. Like a pig would eat. He was a bit messy. He could admit that. But he wasn't a pig. Just once, for once in his life, he would love it if he got a warm pancake and bacon for breakfast. Or even just cereal he could eat out of bowl like a normal person is supposed to do.

But no. It was one minute breakfasts. And after putting up with the ritual day after day, he was determined to get revenge on his sister and her best friend. That's when the handcuffs came into play.

It was the perfect opportunity: CeCe and Rocky were so busy auditioning for that stupid dance show they didn't even notice when he swiped the keys to the handcuffs Rocky had swiped out of his mother's desk drawer.

Why Rocky needed the handcuffs at all was beyond him, but after putting up with his sister's best friend for two years, he learned not to ask questions.

Which was why, when he saw them dance on TV, watching their realization that the cuffs wouldn't come off without the key, he felt vindicated.

A small victory, maybe, but a victory nonetheless.

He patted the keys in his pocket as he headed out the door. Bacon. Bacon was what he needed. He grinned smugly; this time, CeCe would have to make him bacon for breakfast. Otherwise, the handcuffs weren't coming off. Definitely vindicated.