'Summer Fever'


Chapter 2: Undecided

Hunter and Tori were currently sitting at Tori's apartment calling everyone up seeing who could come. Tori was now on the phone with Kira who was hanging out at the Cyber Cafe with Conner, and Hunter was talking to Cam.

"Kira, you have got to come! It will be so much fun, and it will finally give us enough time to catch up. We haven't really had time for that since the whole Abyss of Evil thing!" Tori begged on the other end of Kira's phone.

"I don't know Tori. A road trip with everyone? "She asked hesitantly.

"Oh, come on, it'll be fun! Everyone will be back together again!"

"I'll have to think about it, Tori."

"Alright, but in the meantime, hand the phone to Connor, okay?" Tori asked

"Yeah, hold on." Kira said as she tossed the phone to Connor who was talking to Hayley.

"Yeah, Tori, what's up?" He asked as he leaned his arms against the counter.

"Wanna go on a road trip with me and Hunter and the other guys for the summer?"

"Road trip? You mean skip school to travel the U.S. And do nothing? Heck yes." Connor responded enthusiastically.

Tori laughed at him, "You never change do you Connor?"


"Well, you do me a favor and convince Kira to come, okay? Oh and don't forget to ask Ethan too!" Tori asked him with a chuckle. If anyone could get Kira to come it would be Connor. Connor could talk anyone into doing anything, including the stubborn rocker.

"Will do Tori, do you guys know when we're leaving for this thing anyway?"

"Well do you think you guys can make it down here to meet tomorrow around 2-ish at Storm Chargers?" She asked as she bit her lip. Hunter laughed at her expression.

"Of course! We wouldn't miss it for the world!" Connor replied, "We'll see ya tomorrow Tor! Later!"

"Later Connor" Tori said as she hung up the phone.

"Connor's coming, and Kira will be. Connor will take care of that for us, Ethan might too." Tori told him with a grin.

"Well Cam can't make it because of the academy and I talked to Sensei who said it was fine and that we need the vacation time.""

"Ok thanks for calling." Tori said as she rose from the couch.

"What about Dustin and Shane?" Hunter asked as he grabbed his jacket.

"I was actually about to go find them." Tori said as she grabbed her bag and headed for the door.

"Ok cool, now we just need to convince everyone else to come." She walked outside with Hunter as she locked the door. "I'm heading to Storm Chargers, want to come?"

"Actually, I should probably head home. I better get packing for this road trip by the sounds of it. "He said with a light laugh.

"Okay, but you're still going to meet me at the Storm Chargers tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah I'll be there." Hunter said with a nod as he followed Tori out the door.

"You better be, Mister." She said with a playful glare, "Later, Hunter."

"Hey Dustin, what's up?" Tori asked as she approached him at Storm Chargers, he was working on his bike as she leaned up against the counter.

"Nothing much, what do you need Tori?"

"What are you this summer?" Tori asked him curiously.

"Nothing yet. Thought I might compete in some competitions, I guess."

"Why don't you hit the road with me and Hunter?" She asked with an encouraging smile.

"What?" He asked slightly shocked at what the 'sensible' ranger was planning. This out of character for her. She was the one that kept them balanced.

"Kira and Conner are coming, and possibly Ethan, Shane and Blake." She told him.

"So is it like a 'Ranger Reunion?" He said as his eyebrows rose in interest, "Okay, Heck yeah, I'm going!" He exclaimed eagerly. He raised his hand enthusiastically for a high-five, which she gave him.

Tori smiled at him as he nodded, "Yes! This is going to be so great!"

The next morning Tori received a call from Kira. She agreed to go with all of them. She planned on moving to NYC early next year to start her music career anyway.

Next Tori rang up Shane and Blake to see if they would come with everyone. They eagerly agreed and planned to meet at Storm Chargers later that day. She walked into her bedroom and grabbed her baby blue suit case out of the closet. She started to write down what she needed for the road trip. She had a feeling it was going to be one heck of a road trip, not knowing where they're going, what to do or anything but she knew that's Hunter and her wanted to do it. To feel the sense of freedom and not have to worry about the future, you were out there.

Tori became lost in thought as her mind drifted towards the Thunder Brothers. Did she like Blake? She wasn't so sure anymore; Hunter had been a really sweet guy after he left to race. Hunter was always there for her when she needed him. He held her tight when she cried endless tears caused by his brother. She had tried in vain to make Blake see the signals she was giving him while they were rangers, but he always gave her mixed signs. The last time they had seen each other was when he raced in Reefside about 2 months back and even then they had been distant.

Tori sighed as she thought about how maybe the upcoming road trip would help her situation.