I Need To Find Myself

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Song Inspired: Musiq Soulchild-Dear John

Katara: 18

Suki: 19

Toph: 16

Mai: 19

Zuko: 20

Sokka: 19

Aang: 16

Aang stood on the very balcony that he and his girlfriend sealed their love with their first consensual kiss; thinking how perfect that day really was, and how amazing she was. He stared dreamily at the sun setting on the horizon and skimmed the city. The stunning beauty of Ba Sing Se was simply amazing, no war, no Ozai; it seemed that everything was perfect in this dazzling haven, but not all was perfect in the young Avatar's life. It seemed that no matter how hard he tried there was just no pleasing her. He did everything he could to make sure his relationship with her was as perfect as he could make it, but it somehow always blew up in his face. He glared at a young couple walking down an alley merrily holding hands as they walked into a small house, but before they entered, Aang caught a glimpse of the young man grabbing the young woman's breast as they shared a deep kiss and entered the house. He envied that couple; envied their emanating happiness and wished that they too could be just as happy as that couple was, but he walked down that road before, and it always led to the same destination: nowhere.

The young Avatar shut his eyes and let out a deep sigh, fully intent in doing what he was about to do. He could have sworn that his heart was about to jump out of his chest; the sheer thought of what he was about to do sent his nerves on overdrive. He knew this was something he had to do for the sake of each of their own happiness, but it was that same decision he made that made him want to throw up. "She should be here any minute now" Aang thought to himself, and soon panicky thoughts followed. "Is this the right thing to do? Am I fully clear on my decision? What if she doesn't agree? What if-" He then heard a soft feminine voice coming from behind him.

"Aang?" said Katara.

Aang's eyes shot wide open as he heard her voice. He took one gulp and turned around to face the woman he had been expecting to see.

"Hello Katara" said Aang; giving her the traditional salutation that a student gives his teacher.

"Why did you send a message for me to come here post haste? You know that I like to spend my weekends water-dueling with Master Pakku and the other water benders at the North Pole!" Shouted Katara.

"Katara...I'm sorry-" he said hesitantly.

"Yeah? well you should be." said Katara in the most rude manner as she folded her arms and raised her nose to the air.

Aang growled beneath his breath with irk, but he then collected himself, "Katara, this is really important, there's something we need to talk about, please won't you come inside with me?" asked Aang in a soft, desperate tone.

"I'm sure if it's that important you'll discuss it with me right. here. right. now." demanded Katara as he pointed towards the ground; stomping her feet impatiently.

"Katara..." whispered Aang as he delicately grasped Katara's hands.

Katara observed Aang's body language as he took her hands and gently held them in his. She was feeling confused as she glanced at Aang's hands holding her own; then her focus drifted to his face. Aang looked her in her eyes, those ocean blue eyes, then closed his own and tilted his head towards his chest. Katara was still oblivious as to what was on Aang's mind; observing his facial expression with adrenaline coursing through her veins, and still angry because of Aang's selfish need to speak with her so urgently.

"I wanted to talk to you inside, so as not to spoil the wonderful moment we shared here on this spot 3 years ago." said Aang as he raised his head to meet her eye to eye.

Katara looked into his deep gray eyes that resembled that of a thunderstorm. His stern face and serious tone took Katara's attention from her wanting to be at the North Pole to this moment, this very moment with Aang; she was beginning to sense that something was wrong, and started to feel a bit nervous.

"Before I continue Katara, I need to ask you something, something very important..." he said dreamily.

"W-what is it?" asked Katara, a glimpse of fear showing in her eyes.

Aang noticed Katara's fear and knew this whole meeting was definitely not going to be easy, but he knew it had to be done. He shut his eyes, only to open them again a moment later as his desperate gaze came in contact with hers.

"Do you love me?" asked Aang.

Katara didn't know what to say, during the course of their three year relationship he's only asked her a handful of times that very question, and the response was always the same, and still is the same.

"Aang...you know how I feel about...that..." said Katara nervously.

Aang sighed, he had hoped her response would somehow miraculously be different than the past times he's asked her, but it's still the same answer, and will probably always be the same answer.

"Katara...there's...no easy way to say this..." said Aang.

Then it hit Katara like a ton of bricks, now she understood the urgency, his weirdness, the whole debacle. Her eyes widened and began to fill with tears.

"Katara, I think...we should see other people..."