Sean Donnelly

Sean sat perfectly still on Ma's left side, his older brothers on the right. They were doing something, probably
innapropriate, but Ma was effectively ignoring whatever it was. He couldn't believe this was happening. Dad
choked on a peanut butter sandwich. Ma said so. He thought otherwise, but he believed Ma… if she was lying,
it had to be for a good reason, so he believed her. He closed his eyes and pictured Dad's face. He had to burn
it into his memory. No eight year olds remember their dads. Some punk at school told him that and it made him
cry. He went to the nurse and called Ma. She cursed out loud the whole way home for even sending him. That
made him feel awful too, she didn't have to know he was so sad. He looked over at his brothers, so obviously
distracted before looking back at the casket. He shifted uncomfortably as he thought about what would be so
bad that his Ma would have to lie about it. He looked at her. She wasn't crying. She had cried all night, so she
was not crying now. He pulled his hand out of his suit pants pocket and put it on Ma's knee. She looked down
at it and laid her hand on top of his, squeezing it gently. Sean would be okay, but it would take time.