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Dragons Creed

The arena watched in excitement as the gate to the Monstrous Nightmares pen was slowly lifted. Suddenly the dragon burst through the gate in a blaze of fire. The dragon jumped frantically around the arena, spraying molten fire as it searched for away out of the arena. But when it found none its attention turned to the only other occupant in the arena. It fell down from the caged ceiling and advanced towards Hiccup in a predatory manner. However, as it prepared to attack, Hiccup stood his ground and began dropping his weapons and armor. Hiccup stretched his hand out before the dragon, no fear in his eyes. Every Viking in the arena went silent as he walked towards the Monstrous Nightmare.

"I'm not one of them." Hiccup said.

Everyone watched in awe as he gently placed his hand on the dragon's snout. For that single moment Hiccup believed that everything would be alright, that Stoick and everyone would see that dragons weren't to be feared. The Monstrous Nightmare remained calm under his guidance, content at not being under attack. Hiccup truly thought that everything would be fine, but then it happened.

"Stop the fight." Stoick suddenly shouted.

"No, I need you see this." Hiccup ordered. Everyone looked between the chief and his son, unsure what to do.

"I said stop the fight!"

Hiccup watched as everything went into slow motion. Stoick brought his hammer down on the arenas protective bars in anger and the Monstrous Nightmare in front of Hiccup registered that it was in danger. Hiccup didn't blame it for attacking; anything or anyone would have done the same. The whole audience erupted in panic as the Nightmare chased Hiccup around the arena. However, Hiccup barely had enough time to register what was even happening until an all too familiar sound pierced the air and a shot of fire pierced through the arena.

Hiccup had never seen Toothless look so determined. He charged into the arena, eyes blazing and attacked the Monstrous Nightmare. Toothless managed to get the other dragon to stand down and the moment Toothless laid eyes on Hiccup he physically relaxed. Toothless rushed over to Hiccup and started prodding him with his nose to make sure he was all right. "It's okay boy, I'm fine." But of course a Night Fury standing dangerously close to the chief's son, in the middle of a fight could only mean one thing.

"Night Fury!" cried a random Viking from somewhere in the crowd. The arena again went silent as everyone gazed in wonder at the never before seen dragon. Hiccup knew that any moment the shock would wear off and everyone would start making a move for their weapons, so he started walking to put himself in between Toothless and the Viking hoard.

"Hiccup! What are you doing? RUN!" cried Stoick.

"No dad I can't do that." Hiccup replied in defiance.

"What do you mean? Move now before that thing kills you."

"Toothless would never hurt me." Toothless even crouched down into a defensive stance as if to emphasis his point.

"Hiccup run or you might get hurt while we kill that beast…Wait what did you say?"

"Toothless won't hurt me, but if you do anything to hurt him I will have to do something crazy." Toothless somehow already knowing what Hiccup was planning stealthily moved in to position.

"Hiccup get away from that thing or so help me Thor, I will come down there and drag you away myself.

"You can try…"

At that moment Toothless shot four plasma blasts in quick succession at the remains dragon pens. Suddenly the dragons burst free and the arena erupted into chaos. After a few fire balls and a lot of confusion the dragons had escaped through the giant hole now in the middle of the arenas roof. Now all that was left was Toothless and Hiccup.

His eyes scanned the crowd but she was still standing by the gate, her eyes trained on him, she knew what he had to do. Hiccup saw the tears running down her cheek and he couldn't believe she was crying over him.

"I'm sorry" Hiccup whispered but he knew she could hear him. "Goodbye," with that he climbed on Toothless' back. Murmurs erupted throughout the arena, but he didn't take the time to explain to them, they'd never understand.

"Come on bud, get us out of here." Toothless shot up into the air higher and higher until just below the cloud layer. Hiccup looked back at the land he had called his home up until that moments and knew that one day he would come back.


"Stoick…Stoick are you ok?" Gobber shook Stoick shoulder lightly, trying to get his attention.

"Stoick? What do you want to do about Hiccup?" Stoick's eyes remained trained the sky where Hiccup had vanished through the clouds on the back of a dragon, a Night Fury no less.

"Nothing." Stoick eventually said, turning his gaze away from the sky and began walking back towards the village.

"Nothing? We can't do nothing." Gobber said quickly running after him.

"He turned his back on us Gobber. Let him go." Stoick said, not breaking his stride.

"We can't just let him go Stoick, he is your son!" Gobber said trying to reason with him.

"Son?!" Stoick shouted as he quickly spun round to face Gobber. "I have no Son!"

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