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Hiccup awoke still feeling weak from the after affects of forming a connection with the Nightmare. He knew that he'd stretched beyond his limits but he was desperate to prove to his father that his method of dealing with dragons was the better one, that it could work. Unfortunately, he couldn't have predicted the power that the Red Death had over the dragons, Hiccup couldn't have even guessed that it had telepathic powers that were strong enough to break into his connection with the Nightmare. However, Hiccup knew that if he hadn't of being trying so hard to impress his father, then he would have wasted so much energy at the start trying to get the Nightmare to leave as fast as possible.

As Hiccup became more awake, he became more aware of his surroundings and discovered that he wasn't in fact awake. Hiccup sat up and glazed around the vast empty space that surrounded him, the endless white ambience revealed nothing but emptiness. Hiccup recognised the place immediately, having been there on several occasions. Hiccup gathered himself to his feet to await his arrival.

"What the hell were you thinking?! Do you have any idea how close you were to death? Had I not intervened I wouldn't be yelling at you right now!" Pavlo emerged through one of his many portals and stormed forward to stand in front of Hiccup, panting slightly from his shouting. Hiccup had the decency to look ashamed and cast his eyes to the floor.

"Well, what do you have to say for yourself?" Pavlo scolded.

"I know I pushed myself too hard, but I needed that Nightmare to sound the retreat. Every second counted." Hiccup replied.

"Why? Explain this situation to me Hiccup, because for the life of me I can't understand what you were thinking."

"I knew that the longer I waited the higher the risk of more dragons being killed and I couldn't let that happen."

"Was that really the reason?"

"Yes! Of cour-"

"Don't lie to me Hiccup, it demeans us both." Pavlo shook his head and turned away from Hiccup.

"Protecting those dragons was my top priority! How dare you question my loyalty to the Creed!"

"I do not question your loyalty Hiccup, I question your motives." Pavlo turned back to Hiccup. "Can you look me in the eye and tell me that saving those dragons was your top priority." Hiccup looked into Pavlo's eyes and was about to plead his case but the words died in his mouth as he knew his desire to prove himself to his father had caused him to rush into the fight without having a clear plan and made him exhaust himself to the point of near death.

"I'm... Sorry." Hiccup finally answered. Pavlo turned away from Hiccup again before replying.

"Sorry isn't good enough. Sorry isn't going to bring that Nightmare back."

"My failure to protect her will forever weigh on my soul, don't you dare think that I take her death lightly! I had no way of knowing how powerful the Red Death was, that it was capable of controlling dragons."

"I told you it was dangerous, that it had power over these dragons. "

"But how was I supposed to know the extent of its power?!"

"This argument accomplishes nothing, Hiccup." Pavlo sighed. There was a moment of silence between them before Pavlo spoke again. "I think you should take yourself and your riders away from here. I thought that you were ready to put your past behind you, but you still have this foolish notion of having to prove yourself to these people."

"What! You can't be serious, we are needed here, these dragons need our help!"

"And what help can you give when you push yourself to the point of death!" Pavlo shouted before taking a steadying breath and continuing. "Hiccup I don't want to argue about this. Leave now." Pavlo turned away and walked back towards his portal.

"No," Pavlo stopped dead in his tracks. "I don't care if you do doubt my motives. These dragons need my help and I will not abandon them. I will not turn my back on the Creed."

"Hiccup, you are not ready." Pavlo hissed.

"Then I will die trying." Hiccup replied defiantly. Pavlo turned back to face Hiccup and the two stared at each other.

"If this is your choice, then I will not force you to change your mind. But know that I won't support you, if the events of today were to repeat themselves, I will not lend you my aid. Are you sure this is what you wish?"

"I will free these dragons, or die trying." Hiccup replied with unwavering certainty.

"Very well." Pavlo replied, turning back to his portal. "I hope I will see you again, my brother." Pavlo then disappeared through the portal, leaving Hiccup in the vast white space. Now Hiccup had to wait for his body to recover enough strength to regain consciousness, so he lowed himself to the floor and began to meditate.


Astrid awoke still feeling utterly exhausted from the events of the previous day, was it still the previous day? Astrid felt as if she'd been asleep for days, but still didn't feel well rested. She idly wondered if this was a side effect from the joining or just a result of her foolish, but necessary, actions. As Astrid became more awake she became more aware of her surrounding and began to panic, she was not in her room nor was she in the cove that she had quickly became accustomed too. She vaguely heard voices in the distance, but she was still too dazed to recognize the voices or distinguish what they were saying. As her senses slowly began to return to her she began to recognize the house she was in as the elders, which allowed her to relax. The last thing she remembered was Hiccup cradling her as she collapsed, so it made sense that he would bring her here. Astrid allowed herself to relax and let her strength return to her, comforted by the strong steady heart beat of Etana that was in sync with her own. Outside the remaining riders get guard on their weakened friends.

"I don't trust these Vikings." Lizzy said from where she sat on Precious as she glared at any Viking that came too close to them.

"I don't either, but we can't do anything until Hiccup wakes up." Jack replied from his perch on top of the elder's house, his hidden blades ready in case anyone tried to attack Hiccup in his weakened state. Toothless remained by his side, a low growl emitting from him and his tail twitching in agitation.

"Also, as much as I hate to admit it we are going to need their help to defeat the Red Death. Its powers go beyond our knowledge and strength." Matt added, whilst he was checking the groups supplies that they had earlier brought over from the cove.

"Relax guys; the chief gave you his word that Hiccup was safe until he recovers." Tuffnut said, not understanding the group's mistrust of his tribe.

"And what about after he recovers? How do we know that he won't immediately sentence Hiccup to death the moment he steps out that house?" Lizzy accused.

"I know Stoick's a bit...suspicious of you lot and the dragons, but Hiccup's still his son." Ruffnut tried to reason, although her words sounded hollow even to her even own ears.

"You should remember that you all now have dragons as well, so he'll be equally mistrustful of you." Jack pointed out to the Vikings, as he glared at another Viking from beneath his hood who wandered too close to the house. Back when Matt was sent to retrieve the group's supplies from the cove, a decision was made to bring the Viking teens and there dragons back to the village. They felt it wasn't fair to leave them out of what was happening and future decisions on how to deal with the Red Death. However, they were now outcasts, even though they had yet to realise. Even if Hiccup managed to save the village from the Red Death, unless Stoick realised that dragons and humans can live in peace, they would no longer be welcomed as part of the tribe.

Back in the house Astrid finally felt she had enough strength to get out of bed. As she sat up the elder rushed over to her, well rushed as fast as her old little legs would allow, and presented Astrid with a goblet of foul smelling liquid that the elder urged her to drink. Astrid braced herself before gulping down the liquid in one go. A wave of nauseas overcame her, but quickly passed as she felt more of her strength returning to her.

"Thank you Gothi." Astrid said as she stood up. The elder waved off her gratitude and grabbed her hand tugging her over to a curtain that she pulled back to reveal Hiccup lying completely motionless. Astrid gasped before rushing to his side and taking his hand.

"What happened to him?" Astrid asked, sweeping some of his hair out of his face. Gothi reached over Hiccup to grab his other hand and show it to Astrid. A large gash was craved across his palm, the blood and skin around it was stained black and despite Gothi's best work, it didn't look as if it was healing.

"He was poisoned?" The elder nodded her head, but then shook her head as well. She indicated that Hiccup had cut himself, but she didn't know why and that somehow a poison had got into his system through the cut.

"Oh Thor, Hiccup, what happened to you?" Astrid said as she continually caressed his hand. Gothi tried to work around Astrid for a time but ultimately she was in the way and was preventing Gothi from effectively taking care of Hiccup. In annoyance Gothi shooed Astrid away.

"I'm sorry, please forgive me. I will leave you to your duties." Astrid said before bending down to give Hiccup a brief kiss and then departing from the small hut. As the door to the elders hut began to open everyone rushed forward, as Astrid emerged she was enveloped into a massive group hug by her Viking friends.

"We're so glad you're alright." Ruffnut said squeezing Astrid even tighter. The group was broken up by the squawking of Etana as she barged her way through the group. Astrid embraced her dragon lovingly, stroking along her scaly neck. Etana's squawking had attracted some attention from the nearby villagers; some looked at them with open hostility however others gazed on them with a mix of curiosity and awe.

"So guys, I'm going to need you to fill in some blanks for me?" Astrid said, turning back to her friends. "What happened after I collapsed?" She said, cringing slightly at the mention of her weakened state.

"Well," Matt began, "We weren't here for that part, I'd assume that Hiccup brought you here because this is where you were when we arrived during the raid."

"Wait?! There was a raid." Astrid turned back towards the village and chastised herself for not noticing the tell tale signs of a raid. Some houses were still smoking from where they had been burnt, others missing parts of their roofs and walls, and finally everyone was milling about trying to repair the damage done.

"Well what happened during the raid? What happened to Hiccup?" Astrid urged.

"We sensed the incoming raid and rode over her to assist Hiccup. We were told to protect the dragons whilst trying to protect the Vikings and live stock as well-"

"Which wasn't easy, especially when both sides were attacking us!" Jack added. Astrid whipped her head to the sound of Jacks voice, having not noticed him from his perch on top of the house. She also noticed Toothless beside him and tried to smile at him, but he was too agitated to take notice.

"Hiccup was going to try and take out the leader." Matt continued. Astrid nodded in understanding.

"Hiccup discovered that the leader was a Monstrous Nightmare that was perched on a cliff. Hiccup needed to get the leader to sound the retreat to the other dragons as quickly as possible to avoid causalities. So he was left with only one option." Matt paused and a look passed between him, Lizzy and Jack. It was clear that they were unsure that they should share their secret with the Vikings.

"Please." Astrid urged. "What happened to Hiccup?"

"He-" Matt began.

"I don't think this is wise." Lizzy cut in. "Pavlo would not approve."

"She's one of us now; she has every right to know." Jack said jumping down from the roof and landing gracefully on his feet, to head over to Whiplash to check on an injury he had gotten during the raid.

"Fine then. Astrid should be told but the others don't need to know." Lizzy said. Jack and Matt both nodded in agreement. Matt then took Astrid's arm and led her away from the others to continue his explanation.

"Hiccup needed to communicate quickly with the Nightmare and so he used a very old, very dangerous technique called Fersorron. It is the mixing of blood to create a bond between two creatures, but in a more temporary way than the joining. A Fersorron can only be maintained as long as the blood flows remain connected, this can last past the separation of the two beings as their blood still flows through the other. This bond is similar to the joining in that the two being become synced together, their minds, bodies, thoughts, feeling become one. Thus allowing Hiccup to communicate with the dragon. Are you still with me?" Matt asked when Astrid started to look a bit lost.

"Um yeah, but I don't understand how this made Hiccup sick?"

"Well the Fersorron is physically very exhausting, it drains your energy to the point where if it is maintained for too long, it can be fatal. That is why Hiccup is unconscious; he maintained the connection for a very long time which absorbed all his energy." Astrid began to understand but something still didn't make sense.

"So the cut on Hiccup's hand is how he made the connection, right?" Matt nodded. "But what about the poison in the cut? Have you seen it, it's one of the worst wounds I've ever seen."

"At this moment in time, that remains a mystery to us. I've never seen a connection become so...corrupted. Hiccup passed out before we could ask him what happened, so we just have to wait until he wakes up to find out what happened." Astrid nodded but still felt slightly frustrated at not knowing exactly what was wrong with Hiccup. Matt and Astrid made their way back over to the others to resume waiting for Hiccup to wake up.

"So..." Snotlout said, breaking the silence. "Now long do you think it'll be for Hiccup to wake up?"

"It shouldn't take too long, Hiccups strong and with your elders help he should be up soon." Matt said reassuringly. The silence returned to the group as they tried to busy themselves to distract themselves from the wait. Matt, Jack and Lizzy continued to tend to their dragons, who had received minor injuries during the raid. The Viking teens remained with their dragons, trying their best to keep them calm whilst being surrounded by hostile Vikings. Everyone was so busy with their dragons that only Toothless noticed the approaching figures and his growing growl was what alerted the others. Stoick, Bolmor and Skorm approached the group with cautious steps, eyeing the dragons with mistrust.

"Any improvement?" Stoick asked as he stopped a fair difference away.

"Astrid's awake, but no change on Hiccup." Snotlout said making to step forward up to the chief, but Hookfang grabbed the back of his fur vest and pulled him back, away from the Vikings. It was clear that the dragons were still very mistrustful of the other Vikings.

"Very well, Astrid I'd like to speak with you." Stoick said as he kept a watchful eye on the dragons. As Astrid took a few steps forward, the younger one of the two men that she didn't recognise from behind Stoick marched forward to greet her.

"So you're Astrid?" Skorm said. "About time I finally got to meet you." He then took Astrid's hand in his and a places a rather sloppy kiss on the back of it.

Astrid just grunted in disgust as she tried to pull her hand back, but the man wasn't letting go.

"I must say, you are even more beautiful than Stoick's letters led me to believe." Skorm said, ignoring Astrid's attempts to take back her hand. "Between you and me," Skorm whispered, "I was so glad it was you that stepped forward and not that other one, you are far more to my tastes." He said as he gave Astrid 's body an appreciative once over. Astrid felt slightly violated by this man's leering and fought the urge to rip her hand away and punch him in the face.

"Who are you?" Astrid demanded, desperate to get away from this man, something about him made her feel slightly queasy.

"I'm your forever, baby." Skorm replied, taking a step closer to her, which caused Astrid to take a step back. She couldn't help but hear the barely suppressed sniggers and laughs that were coming from behind her. She had such caring friends. Astrid looked over to Stoick and the other man. Stoick looked slightly guilty as he watched the exchange and the other man looked utterly embarrassed. It then dawned on her; this was the fiancé that Snotlout told her about, her fiancé. Astrid ripped her hand out of his and took a step further back away from this man. Etana sensing her distress moved forward to stand at her side, a low hiss emitting from her throat. This then caused Skorm's Mabari to edge forward to his master's side returning a growl to Etana.

"Astrid, this is Skorm, second son of Bolmor of the Ash Warrior tribe. He is here because-"

"I know why he's here." Astrid spat, glaring at all three men in front of her. Stoick cast an accusing glance at Snotlout, who avoided his gaze.

"Well Astrid, I'm expecting you to be mature about this. The benefits to the tribe will be many." Astrid scoffed in response but before she could reply a movement from the house caught her eye. Toothless' head suddenly shot up and he crawled down from the top of the house and disappeared in. Everyone waited with bated breath for some sign of movement from the house.

Thankfully they didn't have to wait long, only minutes after Toothless disappeared did the door reopened and Hiccup emerge with Toothless at his side offering support to his still weak rider. Before everyone had even finished releasing their breath Astrid had flung herself at Hiccup and embraced him.

"I was so worried about you." She whispered. Hiccup drew her into his arms, leaning on Toothless slightly to keep his balance.

"It's ok, I'm fine now. Just a little bit tired." Hiccup tried to joke, but the exhaustion in his voice gave him away, although every minute that passed more of his strength returned to him. Hiccup felt a lot better than when he had awoken, just being near Toothless again gave him strength. Astrid eventually let go of Hiccup, to allow the rest of his friends a chance to see him. Matt rather than express his relief at Hiccup being ok simply grabbed his hand to inspect it. The wound was now tightly wrapped up, but the cloth had already begun to grow soggy with blood.

"We need to talk about this." Matt whispered, giving Hiccup his hand back.

"Yes I know, and I'm fine by the way." Hiccup joked.

"I know it takes more than a busted connection to knock you down." Matt replied, clapping Hiccup on the shoulder. Stoick remained at a distance and watched his son with his friends. Hiccup seemed to inspire such loyalty and companionship from his friends, even the ones he hadn't seen in over six years. They all seemed to rally around him and as Stoick gazed at the group and then at the dragons behind them he began to wonder if maybe Hiccup could do it. That he could finally end the dragon raids on Berk once and for all. Stoick still doubted the whole dragons and humans living in peace idea, but maybe letting Hiccup try would benefit his tribe which was all he ever wanted to do.

Stoick was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn't even notice Hiccup approach him.

"Stoick please I'm going to ask you one last time. Please let me help you end these pointless raids." Hiccup pleaded. Hiccup knew that he was still going to try with or without his father's help, but Hiccup had a feeling that this was going to be one of the few occasions where brute force would be helpful. Stoick looked around at the faces of the group gathered. There were three whose faces were obscured by hoods but who all seemed to be very able warriors. There were his fellow Vikings, or were they dragon riders now, who all pleaded with him to at least try this other way. And finally Bolmor who gave a slight nod to Stoick, indicating that he should accept Hiccup's offer of help.

"Very well." Stoick finally said.

"Stoick pleas...Wait, what?" Hiccup couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"I said very well. I will gather the warriors and the council and meet you in the mead hall to discuss your plan." Stoick said, turning to the village and walking away, Bolmor following behind him to gather his warriors as well.

"Well that went better than expected." Hiccup laughed turning back to his friends.

"Will someone tell me what's going on?!" Skorm shouted. Everyone turned to look at Skorm, having completely forgotten he was there.

"Please allow me." Astrid said as she let go of Hiccups arm and walked up to Skorm.

"Let me make one thing clear. I am not going to marry you."

"Wha-" Whatever Skorm was about to say was lost as he collapsed on the floor unconscious from the punch Astrid delivered to his face.

"That's my girl." Hiccup said after the stunned silence, which caused everybody to laugh.

"Listen guys," Hiccup said to his Viking friends "head to the mead hall and tell them we'll be there soon, there's something we have to do first. But leave your dragons here, we don't want to push our luck too much."

"Ok, but don't take too long I know you haven't been around Vikings for a while but we don't like to be kept waiting." Tuffnut laughed before following the group to the mead hall. When Astrid tried to follow them, Hiccup pulled her back.

"Not you, you need to come with us." Hiccup said as he took her hand and led her to where he fell. Fortunately, the Nightmare's corpse was still there as the Vikings had yet to have enough time to remove it from the village. Hiccup let go of Astrid's hand and walked towards the dragon. Hiccup kneeled down in front of the dragons face and gently closed its eye lids, before bowing his head.

"I'm so sorry." Hiccup whispered. "I failed you." Hiccup then stood up and took a few steps back, Matt, Jack and Lizzy took their places beside him and Astrid followed them.

"I stand here as your guide knowing that life must be windowed to thrive. This holy act I perform: to open a gateway, for a willing one to come to you. This is an act of healing, a release from suffering, and an end to pain. Here is one whose wings are open to embrace you. Accept this soul whose life was taken and know that one day we will join you in the embrace of the beyond." Matt, Jack, Lizzy and Hiccup then began to chant, quietly at first but then louder. Astrid had never heard this chant before but almost instinctively the words came to her and she joined in the chanting.

"Circle us, Spirit.

Keep protection near

And danger afar.

Circle us, Spirit

Keep hope within.

Keep doubt without.

Circle us, Spirit.

Keep light near

And darkness afar.

Circle us, Spirit.

Keep peace within.

Keep evil out."

As the words flowed from their lips, the wind around them began to quicken and become stronger. The dragon's scales began to glow and burn away, turning into the dragon's very spirit. As the dragon began to burn away into nothing its spirit grew until it was all that was left. The chant came to an abrupt stop and the five of them gazed at the spirit of the Nightmare.

"Circle us, Spirit." They all said one last time. The spirit then surrounded them, passing through their own bodies before disappearing. Astrid had never seen anything so beautiful or so sad in her entire life, she felt tears falling from her eyes as she looked at the spot the dragons body was not moments ago.

"What did we just do?" Astrid asked in a quiet voice.

"We used our dragon blood to channel the dragon's soul to the beyond, where it is now at peace." Matt replied.

"I feel strange." Astrid said. "Happy but at the same time terribly sad."

"That's normal." Hiccup said as he embraced her. "We mourn the loss of our sister but embrace the joy that she has now found peace in the beyond."

Astrid nodded her head against Hiccup's chest, still not completely understanding what just happened but decided to leave it for another time.

"Come on." Jack said. "We should probably head over to this mead hall before your dad changes his mind about letting us help him."


The mead hall was in chaos, everyone and anyone was shouting their opinion on Stoick's announcement that the Vikings and Ash Warriors would be working together with the dragon riders to bring an end to the dragon raids on Berk. Some Viking were willing to give this new tactic a try, considering all other attempts had failed. However other Vikings, mostly the older ones, were dead set against the idea, saying that all dragons and dragon sympathisers deserved to die. These ones would be the hardest to convince. The Viking teens were largely being ignored, or maybe shunned, by the other Vikings. Their obvious friendship with the dragons and the riders had made them a few enemies.

"Order! Order! I will have order!" Stoick shouted over the commotion. His voice silencing all others in the room.

"The Council has decided with a majority vote of 7 votes to 3 that we will hear out the dragon riders and their plan. That is all that has been decided, we have yet to agree to their help or their plan whatever it may be. So everybody calm down!" There was a brief moment of silence before the whole hall erupted back into a chaos of shouting. Stoick fell back into his chair and swiped his hand down his face.

'Odin help me.' Stoick thought. 'Where's Hiccup when I need him?'

Almost on cue the doors to the hall opened and Hiccup, Astrid, Matt, Jack and Lizzy entered, with Toothless trailing behind them. The hall fell silent before hushed whispers spread across the hall, some clearly malicious, others merely curious.

"Greetings. I know that this will be strange for you but-" Hiccup started before being interrupted.

"How dare he dishonor the Gods by bringing that, that thing in here." Mildew shouted pointing his cane at Toothless, who growled in response before being shushed by Hiccup.

"Mildew," Came Stoick's tired response. "Accept that you lost the vote and that we will tolerate these riders and their dragons until we vote on whether to accept their plan or not. Now sit down." Mildew grumbled but obeyed Stoick's order and returned to his seat, glaring at the group. Hiccup made a note to keep an eye on Mildew, he seemed to be the one who was most vocal about his hatred of dragons.

"As I was saying, I believe that with our combined effort we can end the raids on Berk. For those of you who don't already know I am Hiccup and this is my dragon Toothless." Hiccup then pointed to each of his fellow riders and introduced them.

"These are my fellow riders; Matchagra, Elizabeth, Jack and you already know Astrid. Their dragons are Chaka, Precious, Whiplash and Etana, who I have asked to remain outside to make you more comfortable." Matt, Jack and Lizzy made to movement, remaining constantly vigilant of the potential danger around them. Astrid was more obvious in glaring down anyone who gave her disapproving looks.

"Why do they hide their faces?" An older Viking demanded. "What are they trying to hide?"

"The hoods are a tradition of my people, I ask that you respect that." Hiccup said in a demanding tone, which caused the older Viking to back down, which meant Hiccup missed the look of hurt that passed across Stoick's face and the hushed whispers about his choice of people.

"Now I will proceed with the plan. First I need you to think of everything you know about dragons and forget all of it, because it's wrong." There were a few outraged gasps, but Hiccup carried on making his way over to the map table.

"The area of Helheim's gate, where the dragon nest resides is a vast labyrinth of rock, islands and abandoned ships. It is far bigger than you realise." Hiccup said indicating the small corner of the map where it was labelled. "The reason that you have never been able to find the Island is because only a dragon can find it, it's impossible otherwise."

This caused a wave of murmuring, throughout the hall. Many refused to believe it, while others argued that it made sense given that they had never even come close to finding it before.

"Helheim's gate is a lot colder than Berk, any attempt at passing through it by boat would be impossible for the next month, the ice is too thick and even the thickest furs wouldn't keep you warm for long."

"You mean to say that you, your heathen companions and your beasts are going to be here for a month. That wasn't part of the deal." Mildew butted in again.

"I wasn't aware we had made a deal." Hiccup said in a threatening voice. "Now back to the plan. Once the ice melts enough for your boats to pass through we will led them to the island." Hiccup held out his hand and Matt passed him some rolled up parchment that he then rolled out across the table. It was a detail sketch of the island that the dragon nest resided on. This caught the attention of Stoick and many of the council members who rushed forward to get a look at it.

"Your boats will land on the southern shore where you will set up your catapults and defenses. You will then fire at the base of the volcano here. This will alert the Red Death and the nest of dragons to our presence. The dragons realising that the nest is under attack will disperse and flee."

"They won't try and defend it?" Stoick asked.

"No, they are being held there against their will by the Red Death. While it is distracted they will take the opportunity to escape its power. Some may be caught by the Red Death's power but my riders will deal with those, if the event occurs. I want no Vikings engaging any dragons other than the Red Death, are we clear?" Hiccup stared down each council member.

"Hiccup, that's a steep demand." Stoick said.

"Doesn't change the fact that it is still a demand. If you don't agree then these talks stop and I leave now and you'll never find that nest." The atmosphere grew tenser and tenser as Stoick and Hiccup starred each other down.

"If we agree to this plan, then I give you my word that we will not intentionally attack any other dragons." Stoick eventually replied.

"Very well." Hiccup conceded. "The Red Death will then emerge from the volcano and using ground attacks your men will engage the beast. I cannot even begin to accurately express the size of this dragon. It is unlike anything you have ever seen. Weapons will be useless against it, so don't even think about physically engaging it because it would be pointless. My dragons will then take over attacking it from above and luring it into the sky. There will be plenty of rocks to use as cover against the beast fire, but make sure everyone has a shield. Once we have lured the beast into the sky we will attack its wings causing holes to emerge. Then a joint attack by the dragons and whatever ground defenses remain will force the dragon to make a crash landing back onto the island, ending its life and its reign of terror." Hiccup finished.

There were hushed whispers throughout the hall, discussing Hiccup's plan. Stoick was the first to question it. "This plan relies heavily on your dragons, are you sure they can deliver?"

"I'd bet all your lives on it." Hiccup replied. "We'll wait outside while you decide what you want to do." Hiccup, his riders and Toothless left the hall to rejoin their dragons outside. The Viking teens also followed them out, feeling as if they weren't welcome for the discussion and vote.

"Hiccup?" Fishlegs asked, "Do the dragons in your plan involve us?" His hand resting on Meatlug's head.

"Well if they agree to the plan, I have a month to train you. So depending on how you do in training defines what part you'll play in the plan." Hiccup replied.

"Oh...that's fine."

"Relax Fishlegs, I have faith in you." Hiccup said patting Fishlegs on the back. The riders and Vikings discussed Hiccup's plan amongst themselves while they waited for Stoick to give them an answer. After nearly an hour they were called back into the hall.

"Hiccup," Stoick said from his chieftain chair. "The council and I agree to your plan. I hereby grant you, your companions and your...dragons the right to remain on Berk until such time as your plan succeeds or fails." Stoick announced.

"Very well." Hiccup replied. "We better get started."

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