Rating: T
Universe: It's a very, very twisted canon to the point that it's almost AU
Word Count: 400
Summary: Everyone said he wasn't good enough for her but really it was the other way around—she wasn't good enough for him. Yet, the dreams still pulled them together. Part 1 of Eclipse series.
Warnings: Light drunkenness, very mild drug use.

Nectar's Escape

Consumed night in and night out by that vision—the daunting, daring, dream—her world, suddenly sometimes they ate away at her during the day, too. In the midst of class, her aimless auburn orbs would lock upon the board as the professor lectured on and on about something, she'd slip away from reality, from the now, from her now to those dreams—mere daydream?

Red robed, such a funny thing, so old who would wear it? The wardrobe was so intense, so bright, so memorable but everything else was a blur—face, gender, all of it. Silver, there were strands flickering about.

That was just a taste, just a bit of the crazy hallucinations that haunted her. What were they? Her mother always said she had an overactive imagination… They used to be fun, endearing even, but that was only when they flickered in every once and a while but now? Now they were constant.

"Peach nectar cocktail," she requested in a lull of a way.

"Ow, fancy," the boy replied with a wink.

She knew that look, that lust. She was pretty—probably more than that—and she knew it, too. That was part of the charm, confidence, without it no one was sexy.

And she was sexy, that's why drinks were free.

The drinks that made the dreams go away.

"Wanna hit?" Her raven haired, violet eyed friend inquired with his lecherous grin.

For a split second she contemplated saying no, but why not try everything once? Or… ten times?

Sometimes, the drunkenness counteracted the high but sometimes it only created a thicker fog to block out those dreams—

green skirt, white shirt arrows flying through the air to that monstrosity with red eyes and a spider scar—

—that were better left forgot. Laughter, smiles, words out of stupor and swaying hips within the bouncing, scattering rays inside the rave; it was some fine fun for a good Friday. Eventually it all had to slow down, all had to sliver to a stop. Back to the dorms they flocked in fragments not to attract attention.

Too many giggles slipped out of her mouth as she wobbly went on her way, an arm over a stranger's shoulder who whispered sweet lies in her ears back to his dorm. Bad idea or not, she would have gone through with it if not for that moment—their collision.

Their spark.

A/N: Wrote this for ed_ficelt summer challenge. Hope you enjoy, will update when I can. Overall title ECLIPSE is influenced by the song Eclipse by Evans Blue.