Rating: M
Warning: Mild Language
Summary: They can recognize fate has a sick sense of humor... Finale Part of Eclipse series.
A/N: Hints towards scenes shown in chapter A Saint for A Sinner

Happily Ever After-ish

"Kiss me," was her requested as she clenched the shikon no tama tightly in her hand. It was far too tempting to allow him to hold it—to use it as he wished to. There was no argument; he gave in right away to lock his lips with hers.

It was the last one they'd share—savoring it was the key. Tongues tangled, as her hand clenched his red robe to whisper, "take me."

Shocked sunlit eyes shifted to her right away, "you're hurt…"

"I'm going to die," she shrugged, "so please?"

For a fleeting moment his brows bent together, his heart softened though it ached, but then they tightened, "fuck that. I ain't lettin' you die."

"You won't be able to stop it," she whispered as she pressed her head against his chest, "please, Inuyasha."

He had to give in, to say yes, the please was too much mixed with the shimmer in her eyes made it so hard. His heart clenched enough to make his heart cease—in that moment, he wished it really would. Living on past his last love was hard but this time…? That was impossible.

"First," she murmured as she let the shikon no tama turn in her hand, "I want to get rid of this."

"You don't trust me," he stated, surely she shouldn't. The second she was gone he'd wish for her back.

A small shake of her head was his answer, "I wish for…"

"It to go away?" he guessed, her hazels shifted up to meet his golden gaze.

"Do you trust me? Do you love me?"

"Yes, yes," of course he did.

She nodded before taking in a deep breath, cringing at the spark of pain that came, "I wish for… us to meet again in another life. I want us to be together again, us to have an entire life together."

Quickly she clenched the pink gem in her hand and shut her eyes, feeling his warm grand hand wrap around hers and his lips against her forehead—

—Both shoot up in the midst of the dorm bed they slept in. Slowly, their eyes shifted around the messy room until they locked with the other.

Gently, Jakobe smiled and said, "hey."

A gap of silence swallowed her until she finally replied, "hey."

They should have known the hazardous jewel did, after all, always throw a twist on a wish. Regardless, they would get their entire life together. It would be their happily ever after of sorts.

A/N: Yes, this is the conclusion. Maybe not the strongest ending but I never planned for a story past them figuring out what had happened to Kagome & Inuyasha. You can just let your imagination take you through their entire life together.