Okay so I only recently got into the Vampire Diaries. Given my hatred of Twilight, I was hesitant to get into a show that had a vegetarian vampire. But then I was shocked at how awesome the show was. Obviously Damon is just freakin awesome but when I was watching 2x08, I was hit with inspiration for Tyler and Caroline.

I'm new to the Vampire Diaries and admittedly my watching has been focused far more on Damon and Elena (OMG love them) but these two were just so cute I couldn't resist. So beforehand I apologize for any OOC-ness but I figured they'd both be a little weird when Tyler's *ahem* monthly time rolls around.

So here you go! Spoilers for everything!

Tyler Lockwood was dying.

There was no other explanation for the sickening, twisting pain that burned in his chest. It felt like his organs were liquifying, like his bones were softening, like someone had poured acid down his throat. He had tried to lay down but it was impossible to hold still. On some primal need he had to move, he had to run. But running when it felt like his stomach acid was eating his organs was not going to happen. So he was moving back and forth across the room, half doubled over an yet still moving more gracefully than he thought he ever had.

A spasm worked its way through him, doubling him entirely. He threw his hands out to catch himself, his hands connecting with the smooth wood of the desk. A harsh sound escaped his lips as he shut his eyes, breathing roughly through his nose as his hands ached viciously. He heard the sound of nails grating on the wood, his eyes flying open as he watched his nails slide through the wood of the desk, exposing the lighter wood underneath the stain.

"Oh God-" Tyler pushed himself away from the desk, staggering backwards. Any other time he would have landed on his back, but his knees bent and his legs moved and he crouched down with the same grace, "shit-" he swore, squeezing his eyes shut so that he could not have to look at the shifting of the bones in his hands. He clenched his teeth against the urge to scream as he felt and heard the sickening sound of his own bones shifting.

Gagging, he double over. He had already been sick more times than he could count in the past two hours, yet his stomach heaved and bile spilled on the rug. His forearms burned with the same sensation that had engulfed his hands, dropping him to the oriental carpet. Rolling onto his back Tyler pulled his arms to his chest, his back arching as his breath caught in his throat at the agony.

He was supposed to have more time.

It was barely five o-clock and he was crippled with pain. The moon was supposed to change him, not the sun. His lower back suddenly seared with pain and as he rolled onto his side, that argument no longer seemed to matter. A howl caught in his throat as he turned his face into the carpet, praying for something to come and kill him.

He had this all planned out. He had chains and locks in his car along with bottles of water and energy bars, even some pain pills that he was beginning to think were little more than a joke. He had planned to drive to the slave quarters he'd found and lock himself up for the duration of the fully moon. That was what his uncle had done and Tyler couldn't think of any better ideas. He had been ready to go when the pain had started and before he could even make it downstairs he had been violently ill.

Turning his head, Tyler looked at the sun. However miserable this was, he knew that in a few hours things were going to get much worse. And that if he stayed here, he was going to hurt everyone. He had to get help, he had to-his thoughts were cut off as another wave of agony washed over him, leaving his elbows searing with white hot pain, even worse than the agony which had burned through his other bones.

Curling into himself, Tyler looked at the desk. It was some cruel joke that the beam of light from the window hit the phone on the desk. He had to get to the phone, he needed help. Inching his way forward, he fumbled his way to the desk. He got to his feet without the aide of his hands. As he tried to straighten up his ribs seared with pain, crippling him. Gasping through lungs that suddenly did not seem to want to work, Tyler managed to put his arms on the desk, stopping his descent.

His hands were shaking with pain as he moved his fingers forward, knocking the phone off the hook with his jaw. It hurt to press his finger to the number, enough so that he almost cried out. Even the light touch hurt but he forced himself to press the numbers. He needed help, even if dialing was one of the hardest things he'd ever done. His breath escaped in harsh gasps as he pressed his shaking hands to the digits, trying not to focus on how it felt like his finger bones were splintering.

The sound of the other line ringing was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard, beautiful enough to take away his focus from the violent shaking of his ankles. The phone continued to ring and the joy he felt was suddenly replaced by sickening dread at the same moment his ankles gave in and his knees slammed into the ground. With a sickening crunch his kneecaps gave.

His scream drowned out the peppy greeting that came from the other end of the line.

And then the world went black.

The scream that answered her greeting made Caroline drop the phone in surprise as her sensitive ears seared with pain.

Crawling to the edge of the bed, Caroline looked at the phone on the ground with distaste as her ears rang. She already had the volume turned as low as she could and half the time she had to hold the phone away from her. But for someone to scream like they were being killed on the other end, that was just strange. Especially since she knew that of the two men she knew who got themselves into that kind of trouble, neither of them would call her first. And they definitely wouldn't answer the phone with a shriek like that. Reaching out, Caroline picked up the phone and cautiously held it to her ear.

"Hello?" she asked tentatively.

Heavy, unsteady gasps for air greeted her ear.

"This isn't funny," Caroline said, "I've got caller ID you know," she said pulling the phone away from her ear and pressing the volume key to make the screen light up.


"Tyler?" Caroline asked, bringing the phone back to her ear, "Tyler what's going on?" she questioned, pushing herself off the bed, "Tyler this isn't-" she began, turning her head to the wall.

Her eyes landed on the calender posted there, filled with important dates so she wouldn't forget. Each day had an X though it, leading up to the day it was. There was nothing special about the day, nothing that would catch her eye. Except for the small white circle denoting that there was a full moon that night. Caroline looked at the sunlight dappling the floor. It wasn't night, and yet the gasps on the other end of the phone made her think that didn't matter. Horror settled like a lead knot in her stomach as Caroline tore her eyes from sun.

"Hold on, I'm on my way," Caroline said quickly, hanging up the phone.

Throwing on her boots, Caroline shoved her phone into her pocket and grabbed her car keys. Running down the stairs, she got to her car. Stopping at her car door, Caroline forced herself to be gentle instead of pulling off the door. Stepping into the car she closed the door and turned the key in the ignition, pressing her foot on the gas and taking off down the road.

She felt sick.

This wasn't the plan. Tyler said he had everything taken care of, he'd refused to even consider her help when planning what he was going to do and every question she'd asked had been brushed off. Which she had thought was silly, after all she was the Sheriff's daughter. If someone knew how to properly lock someone up, it was her. She had even called him earlier but he hadn't picked up. So she had planned to swing by the slave quarters where she knew he was going to be and maybe stop by the Lockwood house tomorrow to check in.

Secretly she'd been grateful he had refused her help. Even the word 'werewolf' was enough to make her shiver after her last encounter with Mason Lockwood. But she had been willing to push that aside because Tyler seemed so, well, lost that she couldn't turn away. She knew she would have gone crazy if Stefan hadn't helped her through what occurred with her after being transformed. So she couldn't turn her back on Tyler, even if a bite from him would kill her.

"Hold on," she repeated, though if it was for her or him, she had no idea.

Pulling up to the Lockwood house, she parked, pulled the door open and got out of the car, glancing up at the windows. Seeing no movement inside, she walked over to the door and rang the doorbell, waiting a moment before ringing it again.

"Hello? Mrs. Lockwood?" she called, getting no answer.

Of course Tyler's mom wasn't home. If Mrs. Lockwood heard screaming like that she would have taken Tyler immediately to the hospital, which was the very last place Tyler needed to be. Grabbing the doorknob, Caroline twisted her wrist, easily breaking the lock and pushing open the door. She didn't need her heightened senses to hear the sound of something heavy hitting the floor, shattering glass on its way down. Pushing herself forward with her heightened speed, Caroline flew up the stairs and pushed open the door, breaking the lock without so much as a second thought.

"Oh my God."

Caroline froze in the doorway before she could stop herself, her eyes roving over the shattered glass and broken wood before landing on the crumpled, agony riddled figure on the expensive oriental carpet. Helpless and Tyler Lockwood were three words she never thought would go together. But looking at him curled around himself shaking like a leaf, helpless was the only word she had to describe him. She was paralyzed as she looked at him, until he let out a sound, his body twisting as if someone had punched him.

"Tyler!" Shaking herself out of her stupor, Caroline ran forward, dropping to her knees beside him, "Tyler-" she reached out and touched him before snatching her hand back at the heat of his skin, "what's happening to you? The moon's not out!"

Tyler let out a low, miserable sound before coughing violently, the sound in his lungs anything but comforting to her sharp ears. He seemed to be having trouble breathing and she could feel his heart racing. Caroline swore, of course he had no idea what was going on. And all she had to go on was Stefan's 'I don't know, sorry' and Damon's 'who the fuck cares? Make sure he doesn't try to eat us.' Taking a deep breath, Caroline pushed the stab of fear aside and pressed her hand to Tyler's shoulder.

"Tyler," she said, "you've gotta get up, we've gotta get you to the slave quarters. You gotta stand up," she repeated, "come on, I'll help you. Stand up okay?" she continued to babble as she gently pulled his arm away from his chest and guided it over her shoulder, "come on Tyler! Get up!"

How her words reached him she'd never know but his other arm slowly began to push him up. His strength was inhuman, so was hers. Slowly he pushed himself to his feet, leaning heavily on her for support. Every inch of him was burning and shaking and from the smell she could tell he had been sick. Pressing her lips together, Caroline wrapped her arm around Tyler's back and hefted more of his weight onto her body.

On some primal level she did not understand, the urge to run called to her. She had no business being there, not as a Vampire and certainly not as Caroline Forbes. Caroline had always been the rescuee, not the rescuer, and being a Vampire hadn't seemed to change that. Well, except for when she had pushed Matt away, but Caroline didn't think that counted. Caroline looked up at him. There was no-one else to call, no-one else who would help. Well maybe Stefan but he and Damon didn't know that she had told him she was a Vampire. It was just them.

"Okay, come on, lets get you to the woods, the slave quarters right?"

He nodded, his eyes not opening as they began to hobble out of the room.

With each step, Tyler's knees buckled, as if his kneecaps weren't able to support his weight. They looked like an entry into some three-legged freak contest. She knew how big Tyler was, and without her inhuman strength she knew it would be impossible to get down the stairs. As it was they barely made it down the long staircase to the ground floor and keeping them both on their feet took every ounce of Caroline's inhuman strength. Still she staggered the last few steps, fighting not to go to the ground and take Tyler with her.

"Okay we're almost there," she said. trying to inject some note of reassurance into her voice, "just a little further."

"M-" Tyler choked out. Caroline looked down at him, "my car," he said, exhaling roughly before sucking in a deep breath of air, "the chains, in my car."

"Where are your keys?" Caroline asked, "Tyler?"

"Table, by the door," he said.

Caroline leaned forward and grabbed the keys out of the bowl before nudging the door open and hobbling out into the sunlight towards Tyler's car. Caroline managed to open the door and help Tyler inside. His fingers dug into her shoulder as his eyes opened and locked with hers.

The gold color made her freeze.

Pressing her lips together, Caroline fought back the desire to show her fangs in response. Going all vampire on him was not going to solve anything, even if on some primal level she wanted to rip him apart before he had a chance to hurt her. But even with their bright amber-gold, Tyler's gaze was just as confused and miserable as she knew his normal eyes would have been. Instead of flashing her fangs, Caroline covered his hand with her own and smiled at him as nicely as she could.

"Its gonna be okay," she said, her peppy tone leaving no room for argument, "I'm gonna get you to the slave quarters and everything will be fine. You're just-" she squared her shoulders, "you're just going to have to trust me."

Tyler held her gaze for a minute before his eyes shut, his back arching against some new pain as his body continued to get closer to changing. Caroline quickly reached over him and buckled him in before closing the door and running around to the other side of the car, pulling open the door and getting in before starting the engine and pulling out of the driveway. Tyler leaned forward against the dash board, drawing his arms against his chest. Through the thin fabric of his t-shirt Caroline watch as his shoulder muscles contracted and shifted, bulging one moment and then shifting back as low, rough sound came from Tyler's mouth.

Tearing her eyes away from him, Caroline focused on the road. Even being a vampire was ill preparation for seeing someone's muscles shift like that. She remembered seeing Tyler's uncle and wondering how that had ever been a human. Now it seemed she was going to get a first hand look.

In his seat, Tyler fought the urge to scream again as his ribs ached and burned. He didn't know why his body was doing this, why it was happening when the moon was still not visible. But none of that seemed to matter as waves of pain crashed over him. How he was still conscious, he didn't know, and it was impossible to focus on anything else. All he could do was wait and hope that they could get to the old property in time.

Getting the car as close to the old slave quarters as she could, Caroline parked and hopped out of the car, coming around to Tyler's side and pulling open the door. Tyler was doubled over, his arms wrapped around his head.

The smell of cool air came through Tyler's nose. Even as his other senses went crazy, his sense of smell remained inhumanly sharp. He felt Caroline's touch on his shoulder blade. Forcing his eyes open, he looked over at her. Her eyes widened, her parted lips stilling and he realized that she'd been speaking but he hadn't heard her. Fear crashed over him as he looked at her surprised face but quickly the look vanished, her lips quirking up in a reassuring smile before she pulled his arm over her shoulders and eased him out of the car.

Tyler's legs buckled and though Caroline had inhuman strength the surprise and weight dragged them both to the ground. With a painful pop, noise rushed back to his ears. But it was sharper, louder than before. Tyler resisted the urge to press his hands to his ears, knowing that would only make his hands hurt more. Taking a deep breath, Tyler looked over his shoulder at the sun. It was lower, closer to dusk and while the agony was now a dull throb, the fear in his stomach was worse.

"The bag," he said, his voice hoarse, "get the bag-"

"Okay," Caroline said with a quick nod, running over to the trunk and returning with the black bag slung over her shoulder, "you seem better," she said cautiously.

"Its not hurting as much," he said, swallowing thickly, "I think-" he stopped, looking back at the sky, "we gotta hurry."

She nodded, easily slinging the duffle over one arm and bending down to help him to his feet. His body ached as she stood, easily hefting his weight on her slight frame. Despite how miserable he was feeling, Tyler managed to feel embarrassment at the fact that the blond girl had to practically carry him through the woods. But even as his body was not consumed by agony, his legs still seemed to be unable to support his body weight. He had never felt so weak in his entire life. He felt Caroline shudder against him.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked, looking at her.

"No," she said with a quick, reassuring smile, "you're just really hot-" she stopped, embarrassment making her look like the Caroline he knew, "I mean warm. You're really warm," she shook her head before focusing on the path ahead of them.

Together they staggered to the slave quarters as the sun got lower in the sky, Tyler's harsh breaths punctuated by the ominous clinking of the chains in the duffle bag. Even going quickly through the woods, it took them longer than it should have to get to the old slave quarters. They staggered down to the musky quarters, barely managing to make it down into the lower levels without breaking their necks thanks to the rough stone. Tyler staggered to the wall and leaned against it, resting his head against the cool stone.

"We have to keep going," Caroline said, the eternal cheerleader, "come on, you can rest up there."

Tyler looked at her. Rest was something he doubted he was going to get that night, but he did need to get to the gated part. Pushing himself from the wall, he staggered to the iron gate, Caroline hovering near his elbow but letting him move on his own power. Staggering the few steps into the enclosure, he leaned against the wall before beginning to slide down it, only to be stopped by Caroline's hands.

"Hold on," she said, lowering the bag and opening it, "I should do this before-" she trailed off, pulling out a length of chain.

"You have to get out of here," Tyler said as Caroline began to wind chain around his wrist.

"Let me finish this," Caroline said with a shake of her head as she straightened up and dragged the chain around his wrist up to the ring set into the wall, "here," she picked up his other wrist and wrapped the chain around it before locking it.

Tyler watched her wrap the chain around his torso, her touch gentle even as she handled the heavy, cold steel.

"I mean it Caroline," he said, taking a deep breath, "I don't know what's going to happen."

She glanced up at him before focusing back on the chains, locking them in place. Heading back to the duffle bag, she pulled out the water that he had grabbed and set three of the bottles down, picking up the fourth and uncapping it, turning to him.

"You need to hydrate," she said, as if either of them had any idea what they were talking about.

Tyler flexed his wrist but knew he didn't have the mobility to take the water himself. He looked up at Caroline who looked down at him, holding up the water bottle.

"Come on," Caroline said rolling her eyes, "Tyler you need to drink something."

It almost killed Tyler to part his lips and let her put the edge o the bottle against his mouth, tilting it so that water trickled down his throat. But it wasn't like he had a choice. This, however, was familiar territory. Him acting like a tough guy and her acting like as if he was just being silly. It was something they were both comfortable with, right down to the satisfied smile she gave him when she pulled the bottle away.

"There," she said, "now was that so bad?"

Tyler managed a half hearted glare as she straightened up and went back to the bag. He heard the crinkle of the energy bar wrapper before she straightened with it in her hand.

"No," he shook his head as his stomach twisted at the memory of him being violently ill earlier.

"Tyler," she began.

"I can't keep anything down," he said with a shake of his head, "something's happening to my stomach."

Caroline examined him sharply, her fingers tight on the silver wrapper. A part of her said that the only thing worse than being in the Lockwood slave quarters with a werewolf would be being locked in the Lockwood slave quarters with a hungry werewolf. But she doubted one energy bar was going to make the difference. And it had been taken enough to get him to drink water, she didn't think he'd stand for her feeding him.

"Right, of course," she said, rolling her eyes as if it was obvious.

Tyler nodded, his breath catching in his throat. Caroline turned and looked at him as he tried to take a breath and failed. His eyes widened as they locked with hers.

"Tyler-" Caroline began but he shook his head violently, willing her not to get any closer.

As if reading his mind, Caroline grabbed the bag, hurrying out of the enclosure and pulling the gate shut behind her. Tyler's head followed her every step of the way, as his breath fled in a rush before he gasped in more air, his lungs finally working. He watched as Caroline grabbed the last length of chain from the bag and wound it around the gate, locking it. In front of his eyes she gave the chain an experimental tug before dropping gracefully to the ground, crossing her legs neatly in front of her.

"Caroline-" he began, his words coming out in a gasp, "you have to-"

"I'm not going anywhere," Caroline said, "you're locked up by the sheriff's daughter and you're not going anywhere, and," she took a breath, "neither am I."

"Damn it," Tyler swore, his breath coming back in a rush.

It was on his lips to tell her that she had to go. That however bad things had gotten they were going to get way worse before the night was over. He wanted to remind her that one bite from him would kill her and he knew he couldn't do this alone. He wanted to tell her that he didn't want anyone to see him like he was about to be. A sobbing, screaming mess as his body changed like some horror movie analogy of puberty. But Caroline just sat there, as if there was nothing strange about what was happening.

"Shouldn't have called you," he said.

"Don't be silly," Caroline said without missing a beat, "who else would know how to chain you up so well?"

Tyler looked over at her, a rough smile tugging at his lips as she beamed back at him. Closing his eyes, he leaned back against the rough stone, finally letting his legs relax and his body slide to the floor, his limp hands dragging up as the chains pulled. Caroline scooted back and leaned against the wall next to him, the iron gate separating them.

He didn't care, the heat in his body was beginning to reach past the point of feverish and he knew, instinctually, that it was getting darker outside. Tyler took a deep breath, trying to steady the fear that was building with every pump of his heart. He swallowed and found his throat was tight, constricting even. When he opened his eyes the world looked different, sharper, and he knew his eyes had changed. There was a roaring in his ears, it felt as if an impossible current was pulling him out to sea. Turning his head, he looked at Caroline who met his gaze, her blue eyes softening.

"Thank you," he whispered.

Then the tide roared up and pulled him out to sea.

The smell was the first thing he noticed.

Cool, fresh, clean laundry and a gentle touch of perfume. His eyelids felt as if they had been glued shut, but he slowly forced them open. It took a minute for the world to come into focus, revealing the familiar shapes of his bedroom. Frowning, Tyler went to push himself up, only to find that every muscle felt as if he had been beaten repeatedly. He tried to grit his teeth against the pain, only to find that his jaw was just as sore as the rest of him.

"Hey," Tyler turned his head as the bed dipped gently, "you're awake."

Caroline's face came into view, cocked to the side so her blonde hair spilled over her shoulder. She was dressed in what had once been a simple white tank top and jeans, but dirt and dust stained her clothing and clung to her skin. It seemed strange to see Caroline covered in dirt and dust and seemingly unconcerned with either.

"What happened?" Tyler asked, even as his throat burned with pain, "how-"

"How did you get here?" Caroline asked, "I waited until you'd been, well, you for an hour and then I took you back here."

"You carried me," Tyler said, the idea of the blonde girl carrying him like a child making his stomach twist in an entirely new way.

"Well I didn't want to drag you," Caroline said with a smile.

Tyler looked away from her. He could feel that he was not in his jeans and t-shirt from the past night. Which meant that he had been changed. Carried, changed, he was like a fucking adult baby. And yet Caroline was making no move to tease him about it, as if she knew that this was something he was wildly uncomfortable with.

"Here," Caroline leaned over him and picked up a glass of water, "you should try to drink something."

Tyler gave her a look that clearly said he'd rather crawl into a hole and die but Caroline ignored him. She had known Tyler long enough to know that showing any kind of weakness was something he hated to do, even if it was perfectly justifiable. But Caroline understood boys enough to know that they could be perfectly ridiculous about any number of things that made absolutely no sense. Sliding her hand underneath his head, she helped him sit up enough to drink some water without choking. She could feel him try to tense his muscles and fail, even swallowing seemed to hurt him. When he stopped drinking, Caroline guided his head back down onto the pillow and set the glass aside.

"Was that so bad?" she asked.

"What happened?" Tyler asked, "the last thing I remember is you chaining me up in those slave quarters."

"Thats the last thing?" she asked, Tyler gave her a look, "you turned into a wolf," Caroline said.

"Thats it?" Tyler looked at her.

Caroline looked at him. He had turned into a wolf, that was what happened. But if he didn't remember how he had screamed, the sound of his bones breaking and re-arranging themselves, his humanity leaving as he became an animal. If he he didn't remember then she wasn't going to tell him. She wished that she didn't remember herself. Only the knowledge that the snarling, vicious wolf that strained against the chains and snapped at her as if she was something he wanted to eat, was Tyler held her down in the slave quarters.

The change back had been just as agonizing, filled with just as many screams. Only half of them were howls, the worst of them were both. Finally Tyler had looked at her, his eyes human and familiar, then he had gone unconscious. She had waited for an hour on the other side of the gate, terrified that he was going to turn into a wolf again or start screaming. But he hadn't and, terrified out of her wits, she had unlocked the door and gone inside only to find that she was now alone, in the slave quarters of the old Lockwood mansion with a very unconscious, very naked Tyler Lockwood.

"Thats it," Caroline said with the most reassuring smile she could give, "hey, come on, lay down," she said as he tried again to move.

"I thought I was supposed to be able to heal," he said, relaxing back with a look of distaste, "my Uncle-"

"He'd been a wolf," she chimed in, "you're new to this," she looked down, "and besides," she said, "you are healing. Look."

Gently she pulled his arm out from under the sheets. His breath hitched as she maneuvered the limb up, holding it so that he could see the smooth, unblemished skin of his wrist.

"That wasn't like that an hour ago," she said, smiling as if she was proud of him.

Tyler tried to summon the strength to glare at her but settled for merely looking away. She was being so nice to him, even after what had happened. He had been determined to do this on his own and instead he had been reduced to a freak who called Caroline fucking Forbes for help when he turned into a werewolf. Caroline who had seen him pass out, be sick, scream, sob, go unconscious and God knew what else. And yet she still sat there like it was the most normal thing in the world, even though his entire body felt too weak to push her away. Weak was the one thing he had never thought of himself as. Weakness was the one thing that his father never would have tolerated from him.

"Did you eat?" he asked, forcing himself to look back at the blonde.

"Yes," Caroline said, "you didn't scare everything away so I was able to catch a few things," she shrugged, "I think there's something about Vampires and Werewolves, because my fangs wanted to come out all night," she smiled, "maybe those Twilight books were right, huh?"

"Oh God," he groaned.

"Don't be like that," she said with a playful pout, "Twilight's good."

"Twilight is not," he winced as he pushed himself up, "good."

"Tyler!" she gasped.

His arm shook violently but it held under his weight. Maybe he really was healing that fast. His body certainly seemed to be working on overtime. Reaching to his waist he pulled back the covers to discover he was dressed in basketball shorts and a white t-shirt, a far cry from the clothes he had been wearing last night.

"Where are you going?" she demanded, coming around the bed as he pushed himself to his feet, "let me help you-"

"I got it," he said with an ill-advised shake of his head, stopping the hand that hovered an inch from his shoulder.

His body did not want to walk, in fact he was pretty certain that it was pure pride that kept him on his feet. But between pride and the wall, he managed to hobble to his bathroom and close the door. Caroline leaned against the wall on the other side and folded her arms over her chest. It was weird enough taking care of Tyler when he was unconscious. Now he was awake and embarrassed and being exactly like she'd dreaded. She was already going to get her ear chewed off by Damon and Stefan for doing this, the last thing she needed was for Tyler Lockwood to revert back to asshole-mode.

It wasn't like she found the situation comfortable either. She was used to Tyler being the big, strong, unbreakable guy, not someone who sobbed and begged for death as his body changed back from wolf to human. She hadn't acted this weird around Stefan when she had been going though her own changes, but maybe it was just a guy thing, and Tyler was the quintessential guy. Frowning, she looked down at her skin and the dirt that smudged her. Aside from Stefan she didn't think she had ever been so dirty in front of her friends. She'd even managed to brush her hair before she met up with her friends in the hospital.

"Hey Tyler?" she called, "are you okay?"

"Yeah," came the rough reply.

On the other side of the door, Tyler ran his hand across his close cropped hair before raising his eyes to the mirror above the sink. His eyes were normal, no amber or gold or any spark of something less than human. He looked like an normal guy. He didn't even look tried. The disconnect between what he saw and what he felt was incredible. But even that disconnect was beginning to leave him. It was easier to walk over to the door and pull it open.

It was not, however, any easier to face Caroline.

"If you-" he began.

"I'm not going anywhere," she said, "we don't know what's going to happen to you in the next few hours. And besides, if your mom comes home she's gonna wonder why you look like that and I can help you cover."

"I was gonna say change," he said, "if you want to change, I've got clothes," he looked over, "and you can shower. If you want."

"Oh-oh!" Caroline looked down at the dirty clothes she was wearing, "okay. You don't mind?" she said, looking at him cautiously.

"I'll be fine for five minutes," he said. Caroline pressed her lips together as if she was trying not to laugh, "what?" he said.

"It may take you five minutes to shower," she teased, "but some of us like to be clean."

The smile he gave was half hearted at best. But it was the first smile she'd seen on his face and the one she flashed in return was blinding. She obviously already knew where his clothes were. Tyler focused his attention elsewhere, feeling weird about the whole situation. But there was nothing normal about the situation With his clothes under her arm, Caroline walked over to the door of the bathroom and looked at him.

"If you need anything," she began.

"Yeah," he said, "go shower."

"Yeah," she echoed with a playful smile, "I smell like a dog."

Tyler shook his head as the bubbly blonde stepped into the bathroom and gently closed the door behind her. Setting the clothes on the toilet, Caroline reached out and turned on the water, the smile slipping from her face. She had spent all night trying to be strong for Tyler, to make things as normal as they could be. When the truth of the matter was that she had spent an entire night with a werewolf that had lunged and growled at her. She had wanted nothing more than to run from what was happening, or to call Stefan and Damon. But she hadn't done any of those things. She had stayed there with Tyler for the entire night.

Stepping into the shower, Caroline stuck her head under the shower, wetting her hair and face. Picking up the shampoo and conditioner combo, Caroline wrinkled her nose in distaste, before she remembered that she had spent the night with her head against the stone of the slave quarters where there was dust and cobwebs and god knew what else. Lathering her hands, she began to scrub. Twenty minutes later, Caroline emerged from the shower smelling decidedly like a boy. Pulling on Tyler's basketball shorts and t-shirt, Caroline knotted the elastic tightly and stepped out of the bathroom.

Tyler was laying on the bed, pushed up against the headboard, looking out the window as if the sun was his worst enemy. When she closed the door he looked back at her cautiously. He really was healing quickly, especially if he was looking at her like he was that embarrassed. Feeling unusually bold, Caroline took her spot on the edge of the bed. When Tyler voiced no objection, she leaned backwards and sat beside him, stretching her legs out in front of her.

"So you survived your first night as a werewolf," she said, "how does it feel?"

"Like I got beaten with a tire iron," he said.

"Yeah, the rapid healing thing is overrated," she said, "it still hurts, but it will go away faster."

Tyler nodded but he did not seem convinced. Caroline rested her head on the headboard before looking over at him.

"How are you so calm about this?" he asked.

"I'm not," she said, "but I didn't turn into a wolf last night. Besides, you freaked out enough for both of us last night."

Tyler looked at her before shaking his head and looking back at the window. When he had called her he hadn't known if he had made the right choice, or if there was even anything she could do. But they were both alive and even if she had seen him in a way he never wanted anyone to see him, nothing truly terrible had happened. Tyler looked back over at her.

"Thanks," he said, the word of gratitude barely seeming to convey the magnitude of what she had done for him, "for everything."

"You're welcome," she said and he got the feeling she knew everything he was struggling to say, "so," she said brightening up, "wanna see if Twilight's on?"

As it turned out Twilight was not on TV, something or which Tyler was immensely grateful. He had his fill of werewolves and vampires for one night. They wound up compromising on some movie that had enough romance for her and enough action for him. And sometime though the movie, Caroline shifted closer to him and his eyelids began to get heavy, though he fought against the urge to sleep. He didn't know what he would see when his eyes closed. He was so focused on falling asleep he almost jumped when a warm weight settled on his shoulder.

"You're still really warm," Caroline commented.

"Don't you mean hot?" he asked.

"Don't push your luck Lockwood," she said raising her eyes to meet his before settling back against his shoulder, "watch the movie."

Tyler turned back to the TV but he didn't pay attention to the man who grabbed the woman in a passionate embrace as fire raged around them. He was too distracted by the warm weight of Caroline's head and the faint smell of what he assumed to be strawberry flavored lip gloss. Of all the things he'd never thought would happen, aside from being turned into a werewolf, sitting on his bed with Caroline Forbes watching some movie was pretty high on the list. But at the same time it was oddly comfortable, as if what they were doing did not break every high school rule.

As if they weren't a Vampire and a Werewolf.

Tyler's shoulder was actually quite comfortable, and he was wonderfully warm. Not burning like he had been before, but still warmer than anyone she had ever felt. She could feel him relaxing against her, though she knew he wouldn't want to go to close his eyes. But after a few minutes she felt his head lean against her, his breathing steadying out and falling into a stead rhythm. She hadn't meant to do it but her own eyes closed and before she knew it she had dozed off.

When she opened her eyes the light had changed enough to tell her that at least a few hours had passed. It wasn't like she needed sleep, and she hadn't felt comfortable enough to sleep for a few nights. But being nestled against Tyler's body-Caroline stopped. Nestled against Tyler Lockwood was one place she was certain she would never be.

Her body had turned towards Tyler, as if to get as much warmth from him as possible. One of Tyler's arms was wrapped around her waist, pulling her closer to him. His head had leaned back against the headboard while hers had slipped down onto his chest, her head rising and falling with each steady breath from his lungs. Her other hand was resting against his stomach, she could feel the tight muscles of his abs.

In front of them the tv was playing but the volume was soft. Caroline was struck by how right it felt to lay against him. The past few weeks she had been getting closer to him, as it got closer to the time when he would change. He was still hesitant to show her anything but strength, and she still found to strange that he saw her as something less than perfect. But dressed in Tyler's cloths, pulled against his side, Caroline didn't feel like a freak or even like a vampire. She just felt like, well, Caroline. Which was something she didn't feel like all the time anymore.

"Hey," Caroline looked up to see Tyler swipe a hand across his eyes, "what time is it?"

"I don't know," she said pushing herself up.

Tyler let his arm fall off her waist as she sat on her knees and looked over at the alarm clock. More than a few hours had passed since they had fallen asleep. Tyler swung his legs over the side of the bed and rubbed the back of his neck. Caroline looked at his back, taking in the way his hands did not tremble and his muscles did not tense as if they were in pain. Focusing her hearing, Caroline listened but his heart remained steady.

"How are you feeling?" Caroline asked.

"Fine," Tyler said looking back at her as he rested his forearms on his knees "I don't feel like anything happened."

"Thats good," Caroline said.

"Yeah," Tyler agreed, though he didn't feel convinced.

And the truth was he wasn't. Between turning into a werewolf and waking up with Matt's ex-girlfried snuggled against his side like she belonged there, the fact that he wasn't suffering waves of agony seemed wrong. Seemed like everything had been a dream. It was easy to push himself to his feet, though the odd grace that had made it impossible to fall seemed to have disappeared, leaving his body feeling oddly stocky.

"Do you need to feed?" Tyler asked looking at her.

"No," Caroline said, looking at him suspiciously, "do you?"

Tyler glared at her, an expression she was happy to return with one of her own. Caroline sat back on her knees and looked at Tyler as the werewolf walked over to the windows and looked out at the sun. After what happened, all Tyler wanted to do was be alone. Actually he wanted to shout at something, he wanted to know what the hell was going on. Why he had to be a werewolf. He wanted to take it out on someone or something. But taking it out on Caroline seemed, just, it seemed wrong.

"You're getting angry," Caroline said, a note of disappointment in her voice.

"I'm always angry," Tyler said looking back at her.

"Yeah but you're like really angry," Caroline pointed out.

"I just sent the past day turning into a wolf, Caroline," he said turning around, "I called you for fucks sake because I have no-one else to call and now I'm just supposed to pretend like what? Like everything's normal?"

"Well you could stop yelling," Caroline pointed out dryly, "and I'm Vampire, so I don't know what normal is Tyler, I just know that I'm going to be like this forever."

"Eternal youth," Tyler said sarcastically, "that sounds awful."

Caroline looked at him, feeling her eyes sting. The way he said it, as if it was a good thing that she would forever be stuck like this, it made her eyes sting and her throat tighten. In spite of her relationship with her mother, or maybe because of it, Caroline had dreamed that one day she'd have a husband and kids. But now she was frozen in time, she'd never have kids or a husband, she'd just always be like she was. Tearing her gaze from his, she rolled off the bed, walking over to the corner and grabbing her boots, pulling them on. Of all the things she had done, crying in front of Tyler Lockwood was one thing she'd never allow to happen. She heard Tyler exhale roughly before stepping forward.


"No," Caroline turned around and blinking back tears, "you're looking for a fight and I can't do that," she looked down at her boots, "not about what I am. Not now," she walked over to the bathroom and grabbed her muddy cloths before turning back to leave, only to find Tyler standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

"Wait," Tyler said, "look," he looked down before looking back at her, "you're right, I'm looking for a fight. But you don't deserve that. Not after everything. I'm sorry."

She looked at him cautiously and for a minute Tyler was certain that he'd gone and ruined any friendship he had. That she was going to throw him out of the way and walk off after being so wonderfully nice to him. Caroline's eyes moved over him, a part of her wanting to tell him that he could go fuck himself. But she thought back, Stefan hadn't lashed out at her even when she had murdered a man in cold blood, not like she deserved.

"Its okay," she said finally, "hey if you can't lash out when you've turned into a werewolf for the first time, when can you?"

Tyler looked at her.

"Why are you being so nice?" he asked.

"Because," she said, "its not that scary when you know you aren't alone," she smiled again, "even if you've got to make due with a vampire," Caroline looked at him, "can I come out of your bathroom?"

"Right, sorry," Tyler stepped to the side.

Caroline stepped out, looking at him carefully. Part of her wanted to run, but then again a part of her had wanted to run the entire night. Folding her cloths, Caroline put them in a pile before turning back to Tyler. He was looking at her, hunched over with his hands shoved into the pockets of his shorts.

"I'm sorry I snapped," he said again.

"Tyler its not the first time I've seen you pick a fight," Caroline said with a roll of her eyes.

"I know," Tyler said, "and being a-" he shook his head, "fuck, I'm a werewolf," he ran a hand over his face, "damn it. I can't-" he stopped and looked at her, "I can't do this," he said finally before looking away.

"Tyler," Caroline quickly walked over to him, "its okay," she hesitated for a moment before wrapping her arms around his still unusually warm body, "you made it through the hardest part."

It was not the first time that Caroline had hugged Tyler and just like every time before, the moment the sweet smell of her invaded his nose his entire body tensed. He wasn't the kind of guy who got a lot of hugs, and being hugged by someone like her was an entirely alien experience. But she wrapped her arms around him as if there was nothing strange, as if she didn't feel his body tense and his breath catch and in spite of every protest he had, his arms still came up around her slight frame.

"It'll be okay," she promised, her voice leaving no room for argument.

Tyler let himself believe her.

"I don't get it," he said, drawing back from her after a moment, "why are you being so nice about this?"

"Because," Caroline said, "its nice not to be alone."

And that was true, even if she did have two other vampires in the area. Damon and Stefan were used to being vampires and even if they remembered what it was like to be a new vampire. But Tyler got what it was like to have the rug yanked out from under you and still have to go through daily life acting as if everything was the same. As if it the world normal even applied to them anymore.

"Yeah," Tyler agreed.

Caroline looked up at him. His arms were still loosely around her waist and her own were around his shoulders. She could see the warm brown of his eyes, which was oddly like the heated amber of the wolf that he had turned into. And yet even though he was still huge and strong, Caroline knew that the man who held her had done everything in his power to get her to leave him, to protect her from what he had turned into.

Safe, protected, they were things Caroline hadn't felt in a while. And they were certainly not things she expected to feel with Tyler Lockwood's arms wrapped around her. Especially given that one bite from him could end her without so much as a second thought. Caroline was aware of everything, from the steady beat of his heart to the warmth of his arms, even to the breeze that blew from the window she had opened when she dragged him in, thinking that maybe the smell of the outdoors would be nicer than the cleaning stuff the Lockwood family maid had used.

He was going to kiss her.

She had been with enough boys to know what it meant when his eyes moved over his face. And she knew in a few breaths she would lean up and they would kiss. But the image of pushing Matt away, of knowing that Katherine had still gotten to him after everything she had done to try and protect him stopped her. After all Tyler had gone through, she couldn't put him through that.

"I actually should go," Caroline said, stepping back, "my mom will be coming home soon and if she sees me like this I'll have even more explaining to do."

Tyler let his arms fall to the sides as she stepped back, trying to ignore the cold that filled his chest. Immediately disgust filled him as he looked down at the ground. He was thinking about kissing Caroline Forbes after she had been nothing but nice to him. He was a fucking werewolf. The last thing he needed was for his one friend in the wold to push him away because he was acting like a royal dick.

Even if he did think that seeing her with her blonde hair in disarray, clad in his oversized t-shirt and basketball shorts was one of the hottest things he'd ever seen.

"Can I give you a ride home?" Tyler asked, trying to force down the roughness in his tone.

"I drove here," Caroline said, "but thanks."

Tyler nodded as she walked over and picked up her clothes.

"Is it okay if I-" she began, motioning to her ensemble.

"Yeah," Tyler said clearing his throat, "of course."

"Thanks," Caroline said.

"Here, I'll walk you out," Tyler said.

Caroline smiled at him as they left his room. It was easier to walk down the stairs without him leaning on her and the thought made Caroline's smile widen though she ducked her head to hide it. She didn't think Tyler was quite ready to make light of the situation. Digging into the pocket of her jeans, Caroline fished out her keys as they walked through the driveway to where she had parked her car.

"Thanks for lending me the cloths," she said turning to face him.

"Yeah, no problem," Tyler said, "thanks for everything."

"Of course," she said, "you know you can call me whenever," he nodded,

"Well, bye!" Caroline said leaning forward to peck Tyler on the cheek. But in an odd show of politeness he turned towards her and before she could stop it her lips lightly touched his.

Caroline's eyes widened in surprise and she jumped back, pressing her hands over her mouth. Tyler's own eyes were wide but his hands remained down by his sides. She hadn't meant to kiss him, and she certainly hadn't expected her first kiss with Tyler Lockwood to be like that. Not that she had imagined her fist kiss with Tyler Lockwood at all, well, except for the odd daydream she was sure every girl in their school had. And maybe when she'd woken up beside him. Or when he'd told her he was afraid-

"Oh my gosh, I-," she said, lowering her hands, "I-"

Before she could finish, Tyler leaned forward and kissed her.

His lips were gentle when they caught hers, gentler than Caroline would have thought given that it was Tyler Lockwood and the protest she had thought of dissappeared. His arm came around her waist, pulling her against his broad chest. Caroline breathed in the scent of his combination shampoo-conditioner and something almost wild, like the forest or the wind. When his tongue ran against her bottom lip, Caroline parted hers and let him deepen the kiss, leaning into his embrace as her hand fisted in the soft cotton of his t-shirt, pulling her body closer to his.

Finally he pulled away, his lips lingering against hers. Caroline held herself still as she felt the heat of his body, slowly opening her eyes to look at his wonderfully human ones. Opening her mouth, Caroline tried to speak and failed, her lips pressing together. And, before she could try to stop it or even think about what was happening, Caroline's face broke into a wide grin.

You-" she began before stopping, "you kissed me."

"Yeah, Forbes, I did," he said, his voice rough.

She knew they had been getting closer the past few weeks, and that she had pushed Matt away to protect him. But she never would have thought that she would kiss Tyler or that she'd enjoy it, despite what happened earlier in his bedroom. Even now his arm was still around her waist and her hand was still fisted in the material of his t-shirt. And yet Caroline found that she didn't want to move away from him. His eyes searched her face, as if he half expected her to move away. But she didn't.

After a moment's consideration, Tyler closed the distance between them and kissed her once again.

He could taste the faint strawberry of her lips, probably from whatever gloss she had been wearing, mixing intoxicatingly with the smell of his shampoo. She kissed him back eagerly, her other hand resting against his shoulder as her body moved closer to his. His arms tightened around her, as if he knew she wouldn't break, and she felt her fingers dig into his muscles in response to the slight show of strength.

They were so enthralled in each other that neither heard the sound of the car coming up the driveway.

"Shit," Tyler dragged his lips from hers, "my mom."

"Your mom?" Caroline squeaked, suddenly painfully aware of the fact that she was dressed in Tyler's clothes, smelling like his shampoo, "oh God-" she smiled brightly, "Hi Mrs. Lockwood!"

"Caroline," Tyler turned at the sound of his mother's voice, "did you go camping as well?" she asked, giving what Caroline could only hope was Tyler's excuse.

"Yes, Mrs. Lockwood, but Tyler was nice enough to let me sleep in your guest room. There's only so much camping a girl can take."

Tyler braced himself for the inevitable comments but none came as his mother straightened her immaculate black dress. And then he belatedly remembered that he was standing next to one of the only girls in his school that his mother actually thought well of, in spite of the fact that she was standing behind him dressed in his clothes. Caroline just hoped that she hadn't seen them kissing.

"I was never one for camping myself," Mrs. Lockwood agreed, "aside from the odd Safari," she glanced at Tyler before focusing back on Caroline, "but I am glad to hear my son has decided to be a gentleman," she closed the door to her car, "Tyler, help me with my bags?"

"Yeah," Tyler said before turning back to Caroline as his mother's high heeled shoes clicked up the driveway.

"I should get going," Caroline said, though she wanted nothing more than to stay there. Tyler nodded, stepping back as she opened the door of her car and slid inside, tossing her cloths on the passenger seat, "you're okay right?"

"Yeah," Tyler repeated, "I'm good," he added glancing back at the form of his mother reaching the entrance of the house and turning around to look at them, "I have to-" he moved his head towards the car.

She nodded, catching the swell of her bottom lip between her teeth as she looked at him, not sure how to say goodbye after what had just happened between them. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mrs. Lockwood open the front door and walk into the house. Turning back to Tyler, she leaned forward and kissed him lightly, pulling back before either of them could get into trouble.

"See you Monday Lockwood," she said, delighting in his shocked face.

"Yeah, see you Forbes," he replied, stepping back as she put her car in reverse and pulled out of the driveway.

Tyler watched her pull away, a smile on his face that he couldn't quite get rid of. Turning to his mother's car, he pulled the lone bag from the trunk, taking care not to slam the door when he shut it. He looked over his shoulder as Caroline's car went by, raising his hand when she beeped a farewell. Tyler watched her car disappear down the road before he walked back to the house.

"So," his mother said, "did you have fun camping?"

Tyler set his bag down and looked at her, not even trying to discern whether she thought camping was a euphanism for him having sex with Caroline Forbes. Either way, she was dead wrong.

"It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be."

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