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____________________The Digi-Adventure Begins____________________

Ichiro took a long look around his apartment and checked the calendar he kept in his kitchen. He thought as much, it had been three months on this day since he moved away from home. Everyone had said he'd come back home within three months and today was the day that he had proven all of them wrong. They had said he was too young, leaving home the month he was 18, but he had won that argument too. He checked his messages, not that he got very many, his used his computer for most chatting, but because it was a little thing he did.

His room was more of an office to him; he had just put everything into his bedroom since his apartment was a little small. He opened a cupboard and check out the piles and piles of CDs he kept in there. He closed one of the doors and noticed layers of post-it notes reminding him to organize his CDs. He swung the door back open and pulled out a CD from the top of a pile.

"Huh? I don't own a CD like this." Ichiro wondered out loud, he then sighed, "I always forget when I borrow things."

He took a look at the CD, it had a weird design on one side, it was three triangles upside down in form another flipped triangle. He could have sworn he'd seen a design like this before and turned to CD around, but the design remained in the same form, almost pointing at him.

Ichiro opened the lid of his little portable Discman that he hooked to some larger speakers and spun in his chair to turn on his computer. He heard the disc begin to spin in the player and flipped the switch to his speakers on.

After a few seconds of watching his computer boot up he noticed that his shadow was begin cast onto the screen. He turned around and found that his Discman was glowing bright white.

"What? This hasn't happened before!" He went over and pulled the player off his shelf, disconnecting the cables that it was attached to, including the power cable. The light and sound of the disc didn't stop; it got faster.

The Discman began to change shape and that's when Ichiro dropped it. It fell quickly to the floor and continued changing shape until is what something of rectangle. It stopped glowing and stayed in its new shape. Ichiro picked up the little rectangle and examined it.

"It looks like… A little computer?" He turned towards his computer screen and saw the background begin to warp, he fell backwards in his chair just as the little device popped open and there was a bright flash.


Ken looked over at his computer's tower. It always made so much noise when it started up, but he just couldn't afford a new one since his job didn't pay enough. He'd give it a few minutes to start up and hopefully all his programs would run from start-up. He moved to the next room, which contained a large TV, and picked up the remote. The TV flashed onto a news channel and began to report the news as Ken fought with the controller for some response.

"Stupid batteries keep running out so fast on this piece of junk, I've paid more in the past month for batteries then I did for the remote." He began to search the room for a pair of batteries that he might have kept down here for something else while the new continued.

"For the past two days teen Hideoaki Ishijima has been missing, after disappearing on Wednesday from his home. If you see this teen, please report it to our own Newswatch-"

Ken kicked the TV off, he hated the news, it was just a bunch of media garbage. He went into his room and looked for some batteries on his shelf, he finally found some by his monitor; he swore it wasn't there before, and it was one of those two battery packs that they attached together. It had some off logo on it he didn't recognize, but new companies popped up daily where he bought most of his electronics. He placed the batteries in and shut the cover, flipping the remote and tapping the power button, a little red light came on and he smiled.

He placed the converter onto his desk and went and got a soft drink. He didn't even see the bright light as he searched his fridge. He came back and couldn't find the remote. Had he left it in the last room? Did it slip onto the floor? He took a look at what was now sitting on his desk instead of a remote; it was a palm computer with black frost edges. It looked pretty cool but it wasn't here before. There was a design on a small egg shaped bump in the middle of the cover that matched the one on the batteries.

He hit a small switch on the front of it and the thing snapped open to a flat keyboard and a wide screen, there was something scrolling past the screen that he recognized.

"Binary code?" The thing began to flash and every display in his room suddenly gave off flashes of binary, then his computer screen showed a complex shape made of ones and zeros so small he could barely make it out. Then is stopped and he looked at the big picture, the binary wires had turned into the shape of a 3-D egg. He clicked down on the ESC key and there was a flash.

The computer returned to normal, as did all the other displays. The speakers made a short beep and began to play MP3s. A chat window opened up. Ken was nowhere to be seen.


Sami looked over Eji's shoulder and took a peek at what he was doing on his little handheld game system. Eji twisted his shoulders so that she couldn't see the screen and look up at her.

"Hey, it's no fair if you know what I have, now I have to change my team again." He looked back down to his system and played with the buttons for a few seconds.

"Eji, hurry up!" Sami said as she sat across from him and looked at her team, clearly shown on her own unit's screen.

She looked back up at Eji. The two of them had become quick friends as they liked the same games, but they had few other friends because most of the games were considered 'Childish' by most of the other seniors at their high school. She reached into her bag and pulled out the connection cable she had just got, she plugged one side in and noticed a little symbol on the plug. Eji plugged his in and was the first one to talk.

"Sami, what's this little symbol here?" He said, rubbing his thumb over the top of the plug.

"I don't know," Sami replied, "Does it really matter? Let's battle!" She clicked a few buttons and looked back up at Eji. "Ready? If we press the buttons at the same time it'll load faster." Eji nodded and they both clicked down on button in near synchronism. Both game systems suddenly changed shape, not much but very quickly in a bright glow of light.

Eji looked down at the computer in his hands. "Sami… What just happened?"

Sami looked at the device and then at Eji's. Hers was grey on the sides and Eji's was dark blue, and the symbol on the top looked a little like something she had seen before. "Wasn't this design on the cable?" The both looked up at the same time and heard dual clicks as both pads opened. There was a loud zap sounds and they both disappeared, leaving only a pair of backpack and jackets in the wide lunchroom.


Chisato watched the terrain blur by as she sped down the hill towards her house. This area was the greatest part of riding home; she was so free, so fast. She listened to her music on her headphones and made a lazy turn into her driveway, stopping halfway to just walk the bike in. She heard a small buzz and a pop and something moved in her pocket. She took out her mini- disc player and looked at the insert slot, it was empty.

"Oooh, I hate this thing. I won't stop ejecting my discs!" She fished around in her pocket and pulled out a small disc. "They always get scratched," she whined, "Wait, what's this mark?" She looked at the shape on the disc, she was pretty sure it wasn't there before. It looked like a moon or something, like a half moon.

The disc shone pretty brightly, even on the black part where the mark was. It looked like it was playable so she put it in and dropped the player into her pocket.

Chisato moved over to her hanging bike rack and shoved her bike onto it, and then she felt a movement in her pocket again.

"What is wrong with that thing now?" She picked out the player, but it wasn't a mini-disc player anymore, I look like a palm computer. She flipped the thing in her hand and looked again for her player. "What is this thing?"

She took a close look, the edges were red and the same design was in an egg shape of the top. She took a look around the whole thing and didn't see a slot or anything. "Where do the discs go in?" She flipped open the top and a light poured out at her. "Is this thing brok-" she wasn't able to finish the thought as both the computer and herself glowed white and blinked out.


Sean looked at the little symbol in the corner of the screen of his laptop; the blue was mostly gone, meaning the battery had just about one hour of power left. He checked over everything on the screen and continues typing. The date this was due flashed through his mind a few times and he stared off into the white space between letters. He never even noticed the shadow that came over him.

"Sean, right?" The voice spoke in an unsure tone and Sean looked towards who was speaking. As shadows of thought disappeared he recognized the face he was looking into, he slipped backwards a bit.

"Oh, yes, that me," He hated himself for sounding so panicked, "You're… Ami Nishive, right?"

Ami smiled, "Yup, most people get my last name wrong, good work. What are you doing out here?"

Sean looked around at the area he was sitting in. It was the middle of the soccer field and areas where people had kicked too often and the grass had died surrounded him. "Oh, I come out here to type stories, not many people bother me out here." He was suddenly struck by a thought. "Not that you're bothering me though." He smiled and she gave a sweet smile that nearly made him melt.

Ami gave a strong look at the laptop and handed him a battery. "This should be compatible, I have nearly the same computer at home."

Sean almost felt his jaw drop and he took the battery. "Thanks, Ami. Here, you can take the dying one, we can trade them back tomorrow." He slipped in the large laptop battery and took out the old one; the computer didn't notice the change and the little icon showed full power.

Ami took the battery and looked at is strangely. "Sean, what's this symbol here?" She leaned down to show him.

"I haven't seen that before, but I don't really look at my batteries all the time." He checked back on his computer and saw the battery power icon change to some sort of feather shape.

"It looks something like a blossom pedal…" Ami turned the battery end over end and then it began to glow until it changed shape.

Sean could only watch as his laptop began to glow and shrink until is was large enough to be cradled in his palm. He looked at the top, adorned with the same icon he saw appear on his laptop and the entire thing was bordered with a white frost coloring. He looked up at Ami, who seems to also be holding the same thing, except he could see by the bottom that it was bordered with green, and he stood up so they could compare.

"Sean, what just happened?" Ami noticed a latch mechanism and clicked the button, opening the top. She took a look and the long, flat screen; it seemed to be displaying a spinning wire-frame egg.

By this time Sean had his opened his and was looking at the same thing. "I don't know, what's this egg thing? It has the same symbol as the icon too!" The two of them looked at one another in a look that said, 'did you do something?' and they were engulfed in a glow that surrounded a small area and then disappeared, without anyone on the field at all.


Ichiro dropped from the sky and fell a couple of feet onto soft soil. He looked around well on his back and go up. He seemed to be surrounded by other people, including him, there were seven of them. He recognized one or two of them but the location was a complete mystery to him.

"Ummmm…" He muttered as the others realized where they were. "Does anybody know where we are?"

Everyone looked at one another. Nobody really knew.


End Transmission