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____________________Every Rose has its Thorn____________________

The entire group had reached what they could only guess was the front door to the castle. The walls were jet black and the doors looked like wood scorched in a fire. The doors were about four times the height of Ichiro, which he noticed when he arrived at them. There was an obvious center of the doorway, but no handles or locking mechanisms.

"Well then, what now?" Ichiro asked, looking over to Tornatemon. The Digimon shrugged and the rest of the group arrived behind them. They all looked at the door and the tremendous size of the castle. The cold peaks tore into clouds and the sky darkened overhead.

"Should we try knocking?" Sean asked seriously. He continued to look up until he heard a deep thumping from nearby. He looked down to kind Ken hitting the door with his fist.

"Ken, what are you doing? There could be Digimon all inside this castle ready to attack us." Ami worriedly said. They all stood in silence and a chilling wind blew by. They could barely hear the sound of the knocking bouncing off the walls inside, and its effect was spooky.

"Sean was right, the best thing to do was the most obvious. It wouldn't have done us much good to stand outside all day, would it?" Ken told everyone. He moved back so he could stand beside Wyvrenmon as he waited for anything to happen.

Chisato couldn't stop staring at Ken as he waited. She remembered back at the factory when he had broken the first machine so they wouldn't waste time. He also seemed to be the first one to adapt to the situation and work through it. Ken had pulled the group through times when they would have just waited around, doing nothing until they were attacked again. She smiled to herself and was about to drop back into thought when the doors began to slowly open, the creaking filling the crater that the castle stood in.

Opening the doors were four small Digimon, all of them floating balls of fire. They had opened the door up partially, and Ichiro and Ken helped them pull it open the rest of the way. One of the larger flaming balls turned towards the group and smiled, or would have if its mouth wasn't stitched together.

"You must be here to see the master." The ball said, mumbling through the stitching. The other three floated into the darkness of the castle and disappeared.

"Well, yes we have." Sean said uncomfortably, he looked to one side and saw everyone checking out the interior of the castle from beyond the doors. Ichiro had his Digi-com out and was watching the small Digimon carefully.

"Very good. I will tell the master right away. Welcome to his home." The Digimon said slowly fading and disappearing back into the castle. The castle was suddenly brighter as candles light all over the walls.

"What was that thing?" Sami asked, looking over to Ichiro. The boy continued to read from the small computer and finally turned to the group.

"That was DemiMeramon, the fireball Digimon. He's only a rookie though, so we don't have to worry about him attacking." Ichiro told everyone, closing the Digi-com with one hand and pocketing it before he walked into the castle. "I guess we'd better find this 'Master' if he's the owner of this creepy place he must be evil."

"His servants seemed almost happy to see us though." Ami commented, following him in, as did the rest of the group. "I wonder if they were expecting us." She took a longer time to look around the castle. Though the outside was scarred and black, the inside was made of smooth stone and the walls even had pictures on them. She took a look at one of the pictures that was one wall and seemed to be surrounded with the most candles. The picture showed the back of a large black figure, it looked to almost be made of black fire. Around what she could guess what the neck was a long red scarf and the figure wore nothing else.

"Hey guys, I found staircase up." Eji said, motioning everyone to come to the door he had opened.

"I guess it only makes sense that this guy would live higher up in the castle." Ken said, watching the faces of the group. "Just don't get split up, okay? I sure none of us are feeling very comfortable right now." He walked towards the stairs and waited for everyone else to get through with their Digimon first.

As they all began to climb the stairs, Ichiro stopped. "Wait, don't you think that we should close the door or something? If a Digimon comes in, it could take us from behind." He said, looking back to Ken. The other teen nodded and went back to the door. He opened it and looked around, turning back to the others.

"You guys should see this." He told them, opening the door wide. They could all tell that it wasn't the room they came from, because it wasn't even a room, more of a hallway.

"That doesn't make any sense." Sean said, looking into the strangely new room. He turned back and noticed something else new; there was a wall higher up the stairs. "This whole place is shifting!" He called out, and everyone looked at him, because they had just figured it out too.


The team had been carefully moving from room to room, not wanting to be split up. They were all tired and hungry, but they didn't want to chance having a room cut in half and never seeing one another again. The Digimon sadly weren't of much help since they didn't know the layout of the castle and they couldn't destroy any of the castle's stonewalls.

"We're going to be stuck in this creepy castle forever." Sami whined, dragging her feet as they climbed another set of stairs. None of them could figure out what floor they were on, but Sean had tried. He gave up when they checked a window and found his guess for the floor way off.

"We'll find a place to rest soon, and we will get out of here." Ken said determinately. He had begun to lead the party while Ichiro remained at the back. The entire group fell back into silence, talking being a waste of energy.

They finally reached the room at the top of the stairs and found a room duplicate to the one they had entered, except there was no door to the outside. Ken was about to walk through when an arm darted out and grabbed is wrist.

"Wait! I think I have an idea." Said Ami, stopping Ken from continuing. She had been quiet during most of the exploration, and she had obviously been thinking the whole time.

"What is it?" Sean asked from behind her.

"Watch." The girl said, using Ken's arm to close the door. She let go of the teen and opened the door herself, showing everyone the room beyond.

"We already know that the rooms switch around Ami." Eji commented, sighing and leaning against the wall.

"There's more to it then that." Ami said. She reached out and closed the door again, re-opening it and checking the room.

"Wait, I think I know what Ami is saying." Chisato said, walking up to the other girl. "If we keep switching the room, we'll end up somewhere we want to be, right?"

"You're right, good work Ami!" Sami called from down the stairs. Ami closed the door once again and opened it, revealing dim sunlight and a large open garden.

Everyone cheered and ran out of the castle, stretching in the light of the sunset. Only Ken and Ami bothered to think about how long they had been inside the castle, but they soon forgot so they could take a rest with everyone else. The Digimon were quite happy to be out of the castle, all of them having sensed the black power that controlled it. Jaymon and Fairymon were particularly happy about the discovery, because they could fly freely instead of being stuck indoors.

They all stretched out and sat around a stone circle, eating the food that they still had with them. The sun set quickly and the group was happily surprised by a wave of fireflies that rose up, lighting the garden up.

"What are we going to do about getting the rest of the way up the castle?" Ken asked, breaking the silent awe as everyone watched the fireflies. "We are going to have to continue on sooner or later."

"I think that in the morning we should try to make our way up further, most of use are too tired to climb another staircase." Chisato said, motioning to Eji and Sami, who were already asleep.

"That's right, we're better off finishing that castle well rested, with our Digimon this worn out we might not do so well against any Digimon." Sean commented, looking at Jaymon, who was sprawled out asleep.

"Then we continue in the morning, right? Moving rooms and all?" Ichiro said, sitting asking the remaining members of the group.

"Yup, and we're going all the way up tomorrow too." Sean replied, sliding back onto the grass.

Ken pulled his Digi-com out and began to click keys slowly. "There's no sign of Hideo, and we can all guess that he knew of this castle, right?" He asked, looking at Ichiro and Chisato.

"We can be pretty sure of that, this island seems to be only few days across and he was here for a few months, right?" Chisato replied, shrugging her shoulders.

"He must have asked us to come here to defeat whatever Digimon is controlling the others. It must be powerful if all seven of us are needed to fight him." Ichiro commented, pointing higher up the castle.

Ami followed Ichiro's finger up the black tower and saw a dark shadow and a flash of red eyes that suddenly blurred away. "Wait." She tried to say, but it was gone to fast. She looked back down at the others, who were already talking again.

"What about the disc that we picked up the other night. Has it reacted to the Digi-com yet?" Chisato asked, looking over to Ken.

"Not yet, but we already know all about the Digivolution to Champion, so do we really need to know more?" Ken said, still looking at the small computer.

"We'd better sleep now anyway, it's getting dark and we want to be rested for the morning." Ichiro told them. He looked over to Tornatemon, who sat down and closed his eyes. The rest of the group followed, their partner digimon sleeping beside them or nearby.


The moon was high in the sky when Ami awoke. She looked around at everyone, sleeping peacefully, but she couldn't find Fairymon. She stood up and stretched, moving quietly so that no one would wake up. The only one who moved was Tornatemon, who flipped one of his rabbit ears and continued a deep slumber.

She walked over to the boundaries of the garden, through some of the deeper bushes, and looked down the side of the platform. In the darkness she could make out the ground, stories below. It was then that she heard something like humming, so she moved towards the source of the sound to investigate. There she found her Digimon, attending to the flowers and humming a small song.

"Fairymon." Ami whispered, she looked back to make sure none of the others were affected by the noise.

The Digimon turned and looked at the teen. "What is it?" She whispered back.

"What are you doing up? Why are you even bothering with these plants?" Ami asked quietly. A passing firefly illuminated both their faces and Ami saw the smile on the Digimon's face.

"I'm just so happy to be around flowers, the bare grounds we've been passing over gives me the chills." Fairymon answered, turning a closed flower to Ami.

Ami sat down, making sure not to disturb the plants. "I understand, I like flowers too, it's just that we need to be strong for tomorrow. I don't want you to be hurt because you're too tired." She looked up at the moon and questioned how real it was. "Just promise me you'll go to sleep soon, okay?"

"Sure." The Digimon whispered happily, and she went back to gardening.

Ami smiled and stood back up, looking to the sleeping people and Digimon. Something suddenly caught her eye, glinting in the moonlight. It looked like a thread, no four threads. They were at the corners of the area where everyone was sleeping. She saw where they were being pulled and saw a hideous spider shape as a firefly passed by. "Wait! It's a trap!" She called out, but the creature tugged on the threads and pulled all of them into a large net made of webbing.

The spider creature pulled them all against the wall and they stuck there, unable to moving but slowly wakening.

"The Hell?" Ichiro said, waking up. He began to struggle, as did everyone else when they woke up. The Digimon attempted to snap the webbing but they couldn't seem to get into position, being held tight against the wall.

"Guys, there's some kind of spider!" Ami called out, running forward. The large black figure dropped in front of her, causing the garden to shake and making thousands of fireflies pour out of the bushes. In the illumination, Ami saw the large spider, a red creature with eight long legs and eight beady black eyes. She fell back as the ground shook and Fairymon leaped out of the bushes.

The spider moved towards Ami slowly, disturbing clicks at every moment of its legs. The fireflies caused the shadows to move around the spider seemed to grow and reform.

"I wonder how you humans taste." The spider said in a low voice. It's fang- filled mouth snapped and venom dripped out.

"Don't touch her!" Sean yelled out, struggling hard against the bonds. He was pushing as hard as he could but the threads barely strained.

"You all fell into my little trap, and master will be ever so pleased." The spider continued, moving towards Ami.

"THORN BALL!" Fairymon called from the side, tossing the small spiked ball at the spider. It turned and the ball hit the side of its head before exploding. None of the shards can near Ami, but they tore through two of the spider's eyes. It let out a shriek and fell back, letting Ami get up and run into the bushes.

The first thing Ami did was pulled out her Digi-com to identify the arachnid. "Kumomon, the spider Digimon. Champion level." Ami read off the screen before pocketing the computer. "Fairymon, look out, it's stronger!"

"I can watch myself." The Digimon called back, just as a large pointed leg flew up and swatted it. Kumomon got shakily back up and shrieked again. It charged towards Fairymon, swinging its legs. She flew around some of the attacks and moved to the webbing, where she began to pull at the tough threads.

The spider slowly turned, clicking the whole time, and charged towards the wall. It shot a single leg up and missed the small Digimon, the strike sparking against the wall and sliding inches from Ichiro.

"Hey, watch where you're dodging!" The teen called out, looking at the sharp claw.

Kumomon looked at Fairymon as she dodged to the side. Its eyes remaining eyes turned from black to yellow and the small Digimon suddenly stopped moving.

"Fairymon, get out of the way!" Ami called out from the other side of the garden. The Digimon remained still.

"VENOM THREAD!" The spider Digimon called out, firing a sickly green string at the smaller Digimon. The thread wrapped around her and she fell to the ground, her face going pale and webbing tightening slowly.

"Fairymon? Get up Fairymon!" Ami called, watching as she realized where the spider was going next. She looked to face the creature as it clicked its way towards her again.

The spider stabbed its leg into the ground near Ami, getting it tangled in the bushes surrounding the center of the garden. "Damned plants." The spider muttered. It raised a leg and slashed, the bushes neatly cutting and falling over the edge of the platform. It made a few more slashes and Ami saw flowers and grass soar over the edge.

By the wall Fairymon was struggling in pain as the thread began to twist tighter. The sickly green glow having faded away but the spider's poisons still moving through the Digimon. "Ami." She faintly whispered.

Ami noticed a bright glow in her pocket. She pulled out her Digi-com and was surprised to see a green glowing around it. As the aura grew the spider reeled back before a stream of light burst from the computer to Fairymon.

"Fairymon Digivolve to.!"

The light surrounded the small Digimon and the bonds burst as the aura grew. The form of Fairymon faded into the light and a new form soon stepped out of the green light. It was a larger figure, still humanoid but only four feet tall. It looked like it was wearing a form fitting green swimsuit, even on the thin wings at its back. The pale skin of its legs ended in a pair of high boots. Its pointed ears stuck up beside its short rising blond hair. A band of thorns was around each wrist, and its eyes glowed blue.

"Nymphmon!" The Digimon called out, the remnants of the webbing falling to the ground behind her.

The spider blinked its remaining eyes as the green light faded, and turned to the new Digimon. "I'll eat you whole you little Digimon!" The spider cried, clicking as it ran towards the new foe.

"Not so fast arachnid." The Digimon commanded, sprinting forward and punching the rushing creature, lifting herself up from the punch and landing many feet away by Ami as the spider crashed into the castle wall.

Ami looked at the new form of her Digimon. She was very powerful for being so small, and she was proud that she could make her little Fairymon Digivolve. "Good work Nymphmon. Can you finish it off and save everyone?" Ami asked, looking to where the spider was, clawing its way to standing.

"It should be no problem." The fairy said, turning to Ami and giving a wide smile. She rushed off again towards the spider.

The spider saw this attack coming a little more clearly, and made three wide swipes with its claws. The athletic Nymphmon was able to jump over the first two but the third one slapped her to the side where she hit the ground with a thud. She sprung back up though, and kicked the spider in the side, causing the legs to flail wildly as they lost touch of the ground. The nimble Digimon then leapt back, waiting for the next charge.

Kumomon regained its balance and began to tear up the garden as it made another pass at hitting the smaller Digimon full on. This time, Nymphmon didn't move or react to the charge, remaining nearly still as the force of the spider approached her. The arachnid Digimon opened its maw so it could wrap this form up as soon as the pass was finished, but it never got a chance.

The second that the spider was within reach, the fairy grabbed its front leg and flipped it over, the remaining seven legs flailing as they couldn't find anything to get a hold of. The beast hit the ground and the entire platform shook, causing a puff of dirt to arise. The next sound was that of a disgusting snap and Nymphmon was left holding one of the spider's legs.

The spider clicked as it slowly looked up, three more eyes shut by the impact. It looked over to the small Digimon and stepped back, chattering. "I am Kumomon! The guardian under my great master! I cannot be defeated!" It chattered on as its back leg slipped over the edge of the garden's platform.

"ROSEBUD CLASH!" The fairy called out, holding one arm forward and supporting it with the other. The red projectile fired out and crackled as it hit against the shell of the spider Digimon. The resulting explosion looked very much like the opening of a flower and the bright glow bathed the garden in a soft rose color. The webbing around the rest of the Digimon and humans dissolved in the glow and they all fell onto the ground. The spider was thrown back and over the side of the platform, shrieking as it realized that it couldn't do anything as wounded as it was. Nymphmon glowed and returned to Fairymon before floating over to Ami.

"I Digivolved and everything! Are you okay Ami?" The Digimon said, the soft flutter of its wings barely covering the sound of something hard cracking far below.

"I'm fine Fairymon, thank you for saving everyone." Ami replied. She looked over to where the team stood up and stretched, trying to get out of the pile created when they landed on one another. Sean was the first one up and over to help Ami.

"Are you both okay? It was lucky that you two weren't caught in the trap." Sean said, helping Ami up. She tested her leg and found it fine, even though she had fallen on it twice.

"If Fairymon hadn't have saved me twice." Ami started. She looked over to her happy little Digimon and smiled.

"Could we keep it down for the rest of the night?" Ichiro called to the two of them. "I don't know about you, but I was sleeping before that thing attacked, and I was having a great dream." He faded off as he fell back to sleep. The entire group shrugged began to lie down again too. Sean and Ami were the only two who remained awake since even Fairymon had fallen asleep.

"Listen, you've had a rough night." Sean offered Ami. "Why not go to sleep and I'll watch for anymore Digimon."

"Thanks Sean, I'll sleep a little better knowing that you're looking out for us." Ami said, lying on her side, facing her Digimon.

Sean stood up and looked out towards the distance that they had traveled in the few days they had been here. The fireflies settled back down and the teen wondered how many times over they'd have to travel that same distance in order to return home.


End Transmission