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Chapter 1

Lily Evans paced her room, deep in thought with one thing on her mind. (a/n not James!) It was Hogwarts; she had just finished her packing for her first year there. She was still in shock. She smiled at the memory of the day she got her letter…

She had just been fighting with Petunia when she stormed up to her room and found an owl sitting on her window sill. So being the kind of girl who liked animals of any kind, she went up to it and surprisingly it stuck out its leg for her to untie a letter on it.

The owl immediately flew back out the window, and Lily read the letter, and new what it said was true. She quickly went to ask her parents if she could go, and without any persuasion they said yes. They had been ecstatic about her being a witch….

Now lily who had been confident about the situation started getting nervous. She new she could do the magic stuff, she'd tried it with some spells in her book she'd gotten last week in Diagon Alley. 'So, no worries there.' She thought.

What she was worried about was that she wouldn't make any friends. She didn't know what kind of people would be there at Hogwarts. Would they like her?

She had met a particularly mean person by the name of Severus Snape at Diagon Alley, he'd told her she didn't belong there, and should stay in the 'muggle world', after she had told him she didn't know any magic yet.

Lily didn't think everyone at Hogwarts could be like that…but she wasn't for sure. All that night she had kept down the terror that now racked through her unwillingly.

Now she couldn't back down, she was going and nothing could stop her. So she dragged her trunk down the stairs, and took it to the car. She would be leaving in a half hour, to catch the Hogwarts Express.

When she came back in her sister Petunia glared at her, they hadn't been getting along since Lily got the letter. Petunia hated magic, although Lily new it wasn't true, she figured Petunia was just jealous, although since they were always fighting Lily expected they'd be talking soon enough.

To escape her sister Lily went to her room and turned on the radio, and ironically enough the song that came on was "Do You Believe in Magic" kind of an old song, but Lily liked it. It suited the day perfectly.

While the music played she went to give herself a once over in the mirror. Her red hair was wavy and past her shoulders and was just hanging there. She couldn't do much else with her hair, except a pony tail, and that made her ears look big. She straightened her blue shirt that hung loosely on her slender figure.

Petunia then came in the room in a huff, "Mum and Dad said that you'd better hurry up and get downstairs because they're leaving." Lily took one more look and ran down as quickly as she could to the car.


Lily's parents sadly couldn't stay with her to find the train, so Lily found herself standing at the barrier between 9 and 10 platforms with her trunk…She had no idea where to go.

She was about to give up and go to a pay phone to call home when she saw a boy with messy black hair, with an owl, Lily noticed immediately. She decided to ask if he went to Hogwarts.

"Ahem, um, do you go to Hogwarts?" She said noticing two adults who were most likely his parents, standing behind him.

"Oh-yeah." He said, "Can't find the barrier?" He smiled at her. "I'm James Potter, and you must be a muggleborn, since you don't know how to get in."

Lily blushed, this boy was cute and she didn't want to look stupid in front of him, so she answered as best she could. "Yes, actually. I was getting worried and was about to leave. My name's Lily Evans, by the way." She silently cursed wishing she'd said something different incase he was like that Snape boy.

He showed her how to get through the barrier, and laughed when she came through herself with a look of horror on her face.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" He questioned, calming down a bit.

"No, but I was a bit worried I'd find my self crushed against the wall between my trunk." She said defensively. "So what do I do now?"

"Get on the train of course! I'm meeting my friend Sirius Black here. You're welcome to sit with us if you want."

Lily not knowing what else to do ended up sitting with James and Sirius. Then a boy with light brown hair came in their compartment, then to Lily's relief a girl named Sierra Sitruc came a invited her into her compartment. Lily hadn't been looking forward to a train ride with boys, just as she was leaving another short boy walked in the compartment she had just been in.

Sierra had dark brown curly hair, and bright blue eyes. Sierra ended up being very nice, after they'd exchanged names Sierra started talking to her nervously.

"I was afraid to sit by myself so when I saw you with all those boys I thought you wouldn't mind sitting with me. Unless they were your friends or something" Sierra blushed.

"No, I just met them at the train, I didn't really know where else to go so I ended up sitting with them."

"Oh are you a muggle born?" Sierra asked Lily.

"Yup, does it show?"

Sierra laughed. "Maybe a little, but that's just cause everything is new to you. Next year you could fool anyone into thinking you're a pureblood!"

Lily told Sierra about how Snape had worried her about people at Hogwarts all being 'muggle haters'.

Then to Lily's surprise Sierra told her about how much she hated those kinds of people. "He's probably going to be in the Slytherin house. They all hate muggles. Do you know about the houses?"

"Only that there are four, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin." So Sierra explained to her about which ones were the right choice and such and such. They both wanted to be in Gryffindor.

"Ugh, if I got into Slytherin…I'd, I'd just-just die!!" Sierra stuttered angrily. "They are all Dark Lord Followers, in my opinion."

"Dark Lord?" Lily asked…she didn't like the sound of him.

"He's only the worst, most evilest, UGLIEST wizard in the wizarding world!" Sierra said shockingly. "He killed my cousin and his parents. So I know for sure!" Sierra got quiet for a while after this, so they sat there for a while in silence.

Then the silence was interrupted when there was a knock on the door. "Excuse me, but have you seen-Sierra!!" A girl with black straight hair jumped in the compartment and hugged Sierra. They were both grinning.

"I didn't know you were here!" The girl who Lily found out name was Jimena Jenkins, screamed. Jimena had striking grey eyes that suited her.

"Yes, I am! I thought you were going to Durmstrang!" Sierra exclaimed!

"Oh never! That place is for a bunch of boring people!" Jimena sat down in their compartment and chattered on about school, she too wanted to be in Gryffindor. Jimena and Sierra knew each other from primary wizarding school

Jimena turned out to be a very blunt, but kind person, unlike the shy quieter personality of Sierra. They all got a long great, and talked for the entire time, on the train. Before they new it, it was time to get off.


They found themselves in a huddle of first years, all scared or nervous, and waiting to be sorted. The three girls were crossing their fingers for Gryffindor house.

Lily noticed James talking to his friends and he caught her eye and smiled. Jimena noticed this and said, "Do you know James?"

"Yeah he helped me get through the barrier…" Lily started, but was interrupted by a woman who introduced herself as Professor McGonagall.

She explained the sorting, and everyone was ushered into the Great Hall. Lily and everyone else were staring around in awe. The ceiling was clouded over and a few stars shone through. Lily knew she was going to have trouble getting used to this magic business, she thought.

McGonagall started calling off names in alphabetical order. Sirius was the first one to become a Gryffindor. He grinned crazily and almost walked off with the hat. Lily noticed her name would be up soon…

"Evans, Lily!" Was called and Sierra and Jimena gave her a shove towards that hat when Lily didn't move. She put the hat on her head and she found it went over her eyes.

"Hmm...Nice head we have here."Said a voice in her ear. Lily was in shock. "Nice brain, there's ambition there, but you're loyal…hmm, but there's lots of bravery…hmm…I think you'll have a great time in GRYFFINDOR!!" the hat said the last part out aloud. Sierra and Jimena clapped loudly for her as she walked to the table where there was a lot of cheering.

She sat across from Sirius, who was still grinning like an idiot. She was soon joined by Jimena, and then Remus, Peter and James sat across from her next to Sirius, and finally Sierra came running up to them.

They congratulated themselves on being put in the best house possible. "Sierra complained that Snape had started talking to her while she was up there." They all had noticed that he was easily put into Slytherin.

The feast started soon after and Lily's eyes almost popped out of her head when all the food appeared in front of her. Lily started eating as soon as she recovered from the shock.

"Mmm this is so good!" she exclaimed happily. While sitting there Lily was introduced to Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin. Remus was adorable and polite, but Peter was quiet and shy so she didn't get much of an impression from him.

Throughout dinner Sirius kept doing stupid things like trying to turn his chicken leg into turkey...Lily figured he was just trying to impress Jimena, because he kept staring at her.

Compared to the rest James and Lily were quiet. They would look at each other every once and a while and then smile and continue eating. Before they new it they were on their way up to their dorms.

Lily was trying her hardest to remember every turn, but soon gave up after the 27th left and the 45th right. For a while she thought they were going in circles.

Finally they were in their dorms and all fell asleep, excited about the days before them.


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