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Chapter 32

The wedding was starting and a bunch of young girls were in the back of the church talking excitedly. Winnie was hopping up and down on one foot trying to get her foot on her shoe. (She didn't know the Marauders had cursed it to jump off).

Mindy was anxiously fixing her hair that was already perfect and Lily was grinning and waiting for her cue to walk down the isle before Winnie and after the flower girl.

The flower girl was Robert's older sister's daughter, who was four years old and was sitting cross legged on the floor and her mother was standing above her waiting for the song to end that gave her daughter the cue to walk.

Lily started twirling her hair in impatience and then the music ended and the next song started and off went the flower girl tossing flowers everywhere, and curtsying at everyone. (How sweet).

Mindy started breathing heavily in nervousness, and Winnie was calming she down saying it was going to be fine and nothing bad could happen. (She was right of course)

Winnie's shoe was back to normal, and that was the last thing Lily knew about what was happening behind her before she started walked down the isle as well.

Her partner was some guy named Alvin, who was Robert's friend; Lily went quickly down the isle and so James grinning at her from his place in the pews. She nodded at him before hurrying down to take her position.

Before she knew it, Mindy was coming down and Robert was looking apprehensive in front of the church.

Mindy was smiling brightly and looked like she might burst into giggles as she stood in front of Robert…she was ecstatic. The vows were exchanged and soon Mindy Ewing was Mindy Saratoga and they went down the isle as a couple. Lily met up with James and they talked for a few moments before their friends dragged them to the reception.


Lily was dancing around the reception with James. The reception took place in Mindy's backyard and had places set up for sitting and eating and of course dancing; for that was what Lily and James were doing. The yard was charmed to stay warm the entire time.

The two were quite a pair on the dance floor; they knew each other so well. They knew the other's faults and strong points and made the dance look perfect.

Jimena and Remus stood aside and if you'd watched them you would have noticed them look at each other frequently, feeling uncomfortable that they were the only ones not dancing. Even Robert's four year old cousin was dancing with her Dad.

Lily and James were discussing their friends' predicament.

"Those two get on my nerves- they like each other yet ignore it." Lily muttered sadly looking at her best friend.

"Yeah, reminds me of some one else I know…" James said smiling ever so slightly at Lily.

"Well, we got together, and Remus and Jimena are both so stubborn…and besides they aren't us. I want Jimena to be happy, and she won't be with out him."

"I've talked to Remus; he's heartbroken; though he won't admit it. Their friendship is certainly over. Now talking about something happy- look at Sierra and Sirius!" James pointed at the couple who were flailing around like idiots (as usual) and making people around them laugh.

James and Lily were interrupted by Mr. Ewing who had been dancing with his sister or someone and took Lily by the hand whilst James went to save Jimena from being a wall flower.

Lily soon grabbed Remus to the dance floor even though he was reluctant to go. She found out another reason why Remus didn't mind going to the ministry ball; he was not a very coordinated dancer. The poor guy, stepped on her toes, but she just laughed at him.

Then Lily and James gave each other a quick nod and switched partners, and waltzed off leaving their two friends glaring.

Jimena stared at Remus and they both stood uncomfortably for a few moments until someone (Meaning James) bumped roughly into her making her fall right to him. Remus grudgingly started dancing with Jimena but only to step on her toes and quickly they went back to where they'd been earlier this time glaring at their best friends.

Lily giggled slightly and James and her wanted to take a break but were too afraid of their friends to sit and continued dancing the whole night, and when it was over. They took a look at Remus and Jimena and knew they'd better run for it.

The two saw it was over and 'swiftly' ran into the house and into the living room and heard calls of anger from Remus and Jimena coming from the hallway. The pair ran into the bathroom and locked the door and turned off the light for effect.

While the couple hung out in the bathroom…more like hid at; they started a very fun snogging session, until they were rudely interrupted by Winnie who had to use it for 'good' reasons.

After that Lily and James were in constant hide and go seek mode where they were the constant hiders from Remus and Jimena who eventually gave up and went to their separate beds, and later on so did Lily and James.

Mindy and Robert were on their honey moon and had surprisingly, left the teenagers alone in the house…It's not like they weren't teenagers themselves right?

Jimena, Sierra and Lily's room, although they were tired turned into a very childish conversation on getting married.

"I'm getting married no matter what…one of these days I'll find the right guy, but only after I'm divorced I assume." Jimena muttered.

"Why do you say that?" Sierra asked perkily.

"Oh because I've never done very good on m first try on things…" Jimena's voice trailed off. "Mostly though just because it seems most marriages end up that way; though I think Mindy and Robert will stay together; they are perfect for each other and get along so well."

"I'm getting married…I think, maybe Sirius I don't know it seems likely now but my life is going to go on and it might change I might mean someone else though." Sierra said thoughtfully.

"I want to get married…to James, we've talked about it a few times, and I know that if he asked me right now I'd say yes." Lily said grinning.

Sierra and Jimena's eyes popped out "Really?!" The both said.


"Oh my God he is so going to ask you!" Sierra squealed jumping up and down on her bed singing over and over, "Lily's getting married!"

Lily was blushing furiously but regained composure. "I just said if he asked me I'd say yes it doesn't mean he truly will!" Lily defended herself. Though she wanted to marry him, she still wasn't sure about him asking her.

"Maybe you should ask him…I mean if you really want to marry him…." Jimena started to say, but Lily started shaking her head and covered her head with a pillow.

Lily started mumbling something into her pillow which they didn't here, but after that there was no more talking.


Christmas was the next day and everyone was enjoying presents, and Mindy and Robert dropped by for lunch.

The rest of the holidays went by and before they knew it they were back at Hogwarts.

It was April before they knew it, and Lily was contemplating something in her mind and her two best friends, and they weren't sure how to go about it.

Lily never thought she'd be the one to do it, but so far she'd left so much to him, she owed him and the guy always did it and now it was time for a little girl power.

At first the thought occurred to her on of course Christmas Eve, but later on it she seriously considered it as an option. It would be better then waiting for him to ask HER, but would she have the nerve? She might wimp out even though she had the Gryffindor Spirit, she wasn't sure; this was normally something guys did.

Then Lily started thinking about how she would do it: Where, when, public? She suddenly felt sorry for Robert, how could he do something like that?

Lily couldn't decide, and had just been thinking it over when she went into the common room and sat next to James on the couch. The rest of the Marauders instantly were quiet and James glared and shook his head at them: Lily felt clueless.

"So guys what's up?" She asked finally, and wondered what was going on.

"Nothing." They four said at the same time, Lily the KNEW something as up and was feeling VERY suspicious, they were probably planning a prank on her or something else she wouldn't approve of.

"All right if you're going to be that way, I'm going back up to my dorm." Lily made a quick exit and the boys continued with their conversation.

Lily told Jimena and Sierra what had happened and they too seemed to be hiding something from her, and just grinned at her all time.


April 27th came around and Lily was really fretting about what the Marauders were planning to do to her, and not to mention he best friends who were obviously in on it. She tried talking to James, but he made an excuse to leave knowing she could very well get the truth out of him if he wasn't careful.

Lily had tried several ways to get them to tell her what was going on, eavesdropping, confronting them in the hallway, blackmail, and yet she'd gotten nothing.

Lily went down to dinner that evening still feeling very suspicious, especially since Jimena and Sierra were exchanging glances and then looked at Lily and grinned. They were definitely hiding something from Lily.

Lily started talking about NEWTS which she had been studying for vigorously, as usual.

When Lily entered the Great Hall she spotted James and noticed how nervous he looked, Lily herself began to feel apprehensive and as she sat fidgeted in her seat.

All during dinner all her friends kept looking at her and then James back and forth back and forth; she was beginning to be annoyed. WHAT WAS GOING ON!? She wanted to scream, but kept her mouth shut, and ate quickly she was about to get up when out of what seemed like no where- James appeared next to her and escorted her out on the Hogwarts Grounds.

Lily was afraid of what was going on, and was getting fidgety and James was quiet, thinking of what to do next. Then all of a sudden it all came together for Lily, she was almost positive of what was going on, especially when she saw a lone foot 'identified as Sierra's' walking near a tree she and James were by.

Lily decided to get James going.

"So James is there something of importance you wanted to ask me?" Lily asked innocently.

James wasn't fooled and immediately knew that she knew what he wanted to say.

"Actually…yeah." James said. Lily was trying to hide her grin. "All right so you know what I wanted to ask, don't you?"

"Yeah." Lily admitted.

"Well then maybe I won't even ask you!" James said and Lily didn't see his grin, and was a little bit hurt and unsure of the situation.

"Uh, okay then…"

"Lils, I was just joking; here…" James kneeled down in front of her, and for some reason they both found the situation hilarious and were both fighting down fits of laughter. "M-Marry me Lily Evans?" James asked biting his lip hard so he wouldn't laugh.

"Yes!" Lily squealed and they collapsed on the ground in laughter, and soon after their friends appeared and were very confused, that they were laughing.

"Isn't this supposed to be a quiet, sweet, romantic moment, with no laughter involved?" Remus spoke up.

"Who makes the rules Remus?" James asked sitting up with Lily still on the ground laughing.

"Uh…" Was all Remus could say.

"This is just plain weird." Jimena said, shaking her head, but soon they were all congratulating their friends.


Ahem, as you know, Lily and James are… to put it bluntly: dead, to bit the dust, six feet under, no longer breathing, lifeless, departed, deceased whatever you want to call it that's what they are, no matter how sad it is; you can't change it.

Now on the other hand Sirius, Remus, Jimena, Sierra and most unfortunately Peter are still alive.

The day before Lily and James died was a perfect day for them, so I can say they were quite content when they died.

Here's what happened as their friends found out their friends were gone…

Sirius Black at 21 years old stared at the rubble that was once his best friend's house. Lily and James' bodies were gone and nothing but Harry and a few other bricks and such were there. It was down right depressing.

Sirius parked his motorcycle was left near down the street and Sirius tried not to cry as he tried to convince Hagrid to let him take Harry; the only thing keeping him sane at the moment.

"Hagrid please, just let me take him, I'm his Godfather! Please!?" Sirius begged and tried not to break down and bawl in front of the giant who was himself tearing up.

"I'm so sorry Sirius, Dumbledore's orders." Hagrid said sorrowfully. "I can't believe he has ter live with them muggles!"

"No, YOU can't let him do that! NO please, not THEM Petunia hated Lily and James- don't please don't!" Sirius begged again he was losing it and he knew it, he started to sob right there and collapsed to the ground in pure emotional pain.

"It's okay Sirius, calm down; at least You-Know-Who's gone right?" Hagrid comforted. "Now I gots to get him back."

"Take my bike Hagrid; I have to go see Peter." Sirius said Peter's name like a cuss word, but Hagrid didn't notice.

"Oh thanks."

Hagrid disappeared into the night and Sirius apparated to his home.

HE was surprised Sierra wasn't there, he wondered briefly if she knew, but by then his thought weren't clear all he thought about was killing Peter over and over it went through his mind. Sirius went searching all night for Peter.

Sirius finally caught up with Peter in the middle of a town, and started screaming at him.

"You killed them PETER you killed them!" Sirius bellowed, Peter looked unsure of himself, and was nervous, and then he grinned evilly and Sirius was hit with an explosion.

Muggles were screaming as they noticed how all of a sudden so many were dead, and Sirius noticed that Peter was gone.

Ministry workers apparated all over the place, and took Sirius away, who by then had realized his fate and found it strangely hilarious: he just couldn't handle the pain, it overwhelmed him and made him go slightly over the edge,

He was quickly sent to Azkaban with out a trial, so he had no chance to prove himself.


Remus Lupin we up November 1st and knew immediately something was up.

Remus stretched and went into his kitchen where he found several updated issues of the Daily Prophet on his table. Something big must have happened during the night.

Remus picked up one and froze when he saw it.

In big bold letters was the words "YOU-KNOW-WHO DEFEATED!" Remus at first didn't believe it, but yet hoped it was, and then he started to read the article.

'Late October 31st the Dark Lord was defeated, at least that's what official Ministry workers have concluded; apparently last night the Dark Lord himself went to the home of the Potters with intent of killing them all, and yet he disappeared unfinished leaving one left standing.'

Remus stopped reading, as he felt all of a sudden dizzy and racked with grief, he didn't want to read on but he wanted to see if it was Lily or James who lived…or if just maybe little baby Harry had survived.

'Young Harry Potter or as many have started calling him 'the Boy Who Lived' as it HAS been said that it was him who defeated the Dark Lord by deflecting the killing curse that murdered both his parents.'

That's all Remus could read, he collapsed in a chair and cried like a child, and couldn't think clearly for the rest of the day.

His grief wasn't even finished yet.

Towards late afternoon, he calmed himself down, and pushed the terrible thoughts from his mind, and another he tried to read the newspaper once more, and found out more terrible news, something he hadn't even thought about yet.

In yet more large letters


Remus froze and it hit him so hard 'Sirius had turned them in a gotten them killed' when had Sirius messed with the Dark Lord? Although he had been most likely to go there, besides Peter since both hadn't any relatives killed by them he'd felt no 'true' hatred for him like the rest of them, Remus couldn't believe it, but it was there right in front of him Sirius was already in Azkaban.

Remus felt so much pain and sorrow like never before in his life, then as Remus put the page down he saw a familiar name pop out of the print.

'Peter Pettigrew'

Remus read quickly and found out in an instant he was alone in the world. His best friends were gone, and all he had was his so called job. He was basically all that was left of his school hood friends (not counting Sierra and Jimena who he hadn't been able to talk to for six months)

Remus sat there for a few moments, wondering what to do with his life now.


Jimena and Sierra who had been sharing a flat because Sierra hadn't been able to find one of her own yet; had woken up late and had instantly apparated to work after talking for a few short moments.

They entered the Daily Prophet office and found it buzzing with excitement.

Sierra's thoughts had been stuck on where Sirius had been last night since they were supposed to meet, normally she waited but it'd gotten so late she'd just gone home.

"What do you thinks going on?" Jimena asked worriedly.

"Oh, I bet it was another…big attack or something don't worry it won't be James and Lily; Sirius- oh God Sirius wasn't home last night…" Sierra and Jimena exchanged worried glances and ran to the newest copy of the Daily Prophet they could, and had to force them selves to read it all.

"They're gone, all of them and Sirius-." Jimena choked.

"Sirius- how could you!?" Sierra cried out and fell to the floor in a heap of sadness.

A man named Jack who was friends with them came and comforted the sobbing Jimena.

One thing that was true about all of them was they thought their lives were over and in a sense they were; they'd never be the same again.

After that Remus drifter from job to job, and Jimena and Sierra excelled in their jobs; that was only after they recovered from their great loss. All three of them had tried to become legal guardian of Harry, but Dumbledore wouldn't have it and either would the ministry since none of them were single…only Jimena went to the most drastic measures…but that's another story.


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