Hi! My name is Flandre Scarlet.

I was locked in the basement of the Mansion for 495 years. Well, locked isn't the right word, as I could leave at any time. Remi said that the outside was a scary place, and asked me to stay inside the mansion for my own safety. I don't know what she's so worried about though, since I can just Kyuu~ anything that tries to stop me.

I can kyuu anything. First, I look at the thing I want to kyuu. Then, I hold out my hand and grab the center of the thing I want to kyuu. Then, I close my hand into a fist around the center of the thing, and KYUU! No more thing. Fairies are really fun to kyuu, some of them explode into ice shards, while others go up like a big messy piñata, but full of red jelly instead of candy. I don't see why Remi doesn't like it when I kyuu fairies, they always grow back. Well, except the one who I kyuued when she was jelly – that one stayed kyuued.

I can Kyuu non-physical things too! I can kyuu spells, clouds which sometimes break and othertimes leak when I kyuu them, water which forms an awesome big wave when I kyuu it, fire that explodes when kyuued, and I can even kyuu air! Recently I got to kyuu history with Keine, but don't worry, it was only a small part of history involving radiation poisoning and Hell. I want to visit hell someday, it sounded like a fun place. I'm not sure what radiation is though. Patchy would know better than me.

I fibbed a bit though, I can't quite kyuu everything. Some things are just too big – the center of the moon can't fit in the palm of my hand, so I can't make it go Kyuu. I still need some practice, but maybe one day I'll be able to kyuu the sun so me and Remi can play outside! Then she'll never have to worry about burning in the sun again!

You may wonder what I did for nearly 500 years alone in the basement. And some of you may assume that I just sat, by myself, doing nothing for all that type. Nope! I spent most that time in the library, learning as many spells as Patchy could teach me. I'm really good at it too, I'm even better than Patchy! Though Patchy doesn't like playing spell duels with me much… Usually, she ends up reading me a story instead of playing. I really like the ones about this Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, and the one where everyone dies was fun.

I seem to get stuck playing by myself a lot. Patchy just reads and reads and makes a couple spell cards before reading some more – she never plays anything with me. Koakuma, her assistant will sometimes play, but never with spells, and she isn't very good at strategy. No one here is – I have never lost a game of chess, and the one time I lost a spell duel I was playing two against one. At least Remi doesn't lose in under twenty turns, but I think she's manipulating her fate when she plays against me.

I like reading, I like games, and I like kyuuing faires, but I'm bored. Ever since Marisa started stealing books, I've been more and more interested in everything outside. Maybe Remi will take me with her for on next picnic? Or maybe I can Kyuu my way out of the house to join Remi on her next picnic? I think the latter would be much more fun.