Title: A Thin Line

A/N: This Prologue is from Caroline's POV, but the rest of the story will be Rose's POV, with maybe a few chapters being another character's POV. I'm thinking I'll need at least a couple chapters from Damon's POV to show his side of falling for Rose.

Many, many thanks to those who reviewed "Not Enough".


(Before going home, after giving Elena her necklace back, Damon stops at the Grill for some alcohol and runs into Caroline…)


Seeing Damon sitting at a booth, I join him. Not bothering to ask, I pick up his drink and finish it.

"What do you want, Caroline?" he asks.

"You aren't actually in love with Elena, you do know that, right?" I ask him.

"What, you think I'm still in love with you?" Damon taunts me.

"No. You never loved me. You loved Katherine. At least, who you thought Katherine was. And Elena is who you thought Katherine was. It's that version of Katherine you've always been in love with, not Elena. I'm not saying you don't love Elena. Just that you're not IN love with her. You love her as the one who makes your brother happy. As the person you wish Katherine had been. And since she looks just like Katherine – who you are in love with – of course you're attracted to her. But that isn't the same as being IN love. You need to admit that and move on. For Stefan and Elena… and yourself."

Damon doesn't respond, just stands up and leaves. I hope he realizes I didn't do that for him. I did it for Elena and Stefan. Their relationship will be easier if Damon will finally see the truth.