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When we arrive at the old dungeon, Jules is unconscious. "Well this is boring," says Damon. He quickly unties the ropes, and replaces then with the metal chains. The time waiting for Jules to wake up is pleasantly spent making out. Finally her groans of pain distract us.

"Good. You're awake," Damon says, as I climb off his lap and smooth my shirt back into place.

"You're alive?" she says, looking at me.

"No thanks to you." I turn to Damon. "What did you have in mind first?"

"I started with burning Mason, but got distracted pretty quickly when Jeremy brought me the wolfsbane. Maybe I should work on the burning hot metal a bit more. Really see how much a werewolf can take."

"I like the idea of wolfsbane infused water," I admit. Soaking the ropes in wolfsbane was very clever. Inventive.

"No reason we can't do both, Beautiful. She does look a bit thirsty." He looks at the bottle of wolfsbane infused water still on the ground. "No wonder. She hasn't had anything to drink."

He walks over and picks up the bottle. "Open wide," he instructs, smiling that devilish smile I've come to love. She refuses. I walk over and take the bottle from him. Putting one hand on the back of her head, he uses the other to force her mouth open. I pour some of the water in. She tries to scream in pain, but only a strange gurggeling sound comes out since more water is pouring in. It spills down her, creating burns on her neck and chest. I then pour water over her hair, causing it to burn away in patches; what's left look terrible.

"Nice touch. I doubt Mason would find her beautiful now," Damon comments.

"I think that's enough water for now," I say, putting it back down, and sitting down again. I hate how weak I still feel.

"I'll get the fire started," he says.

While the fire heats the metal he uses the wolfsbane coated knife. No deep cuts. Just shallow ones that, judging from her groans and screams, hurt like Hell. And the wolfsbane on the knife keeps them from healing quickly.

Watching her get burned by Damon, even though she heals quickly, seems something like justice considering the days I spent burning with fever.

Eventually, Damon turns to me. "I think that's enough for today. Let's get you home. She's not going anywhere."

"Sounds good," I admit.

Stefan isn't at the Boarding House. Damon finds the note. "He's with Elena. So we have the place all to ourselves…"

We shower, separately, before I join him in bed. We make out for a while, then I nestle in close and fall asleep. I'm impressed with how patient Damon is being. I'll have to make it up to him once I'm feeling better…

It's Saturday, and everyone gathers at the Boarding House – including Alaric and Isobel. It's obvious that Elena is enjoying this chance to get to know her mother – now that Isobel has turned her emotions back on. The two make lunch – for Elena, Jeremy, and Alaric – and it's interesting to watch the interaction. Elena, wary, but wanting this so much. Isobel, happy at finally being with her daughter. Jeremy watches them carefully, clearly not wanting to see his sister hurt. There an interesting bitter sweet look in Alaric's eyes as he watches the two. Happy to have Isobel back, but maybe wishing he and Isobel could have a child of their own – something that can never happen now.

Sitting in Damon's lap I can almost forget Jules, Elijah, and Klaus. Almost. But I refuse to let them ruin a wonderful day, and try to focus on the moment. But I can't help but think how much Lexi would enjoy being here. She'd be gloating about Damon and I being together, and teasing Stefan. Trevor… still hurts too much to think about.

"Any chance I could talk you into a massage?" I ask Damon as he go up to his room.

"Maybe," he replies, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me closer.

"I'd be very, very grateful," I promise him, leaning in to kiss his neck.

Moment later, I'm laying on my stomach on the bed in just my panties. The last of the soreness and tension melt away under his hands. It's a rare indulgence for me to allow myself to be pampered like this and I am enjoying every second of it. The feel of Damon's strong, but gentle, hands working over my body has all my senses alive in a way I don't ever remember feeling before – not in more than 500 years.

My body feels boneless by the time he tells me to turn over so he could work on my front. Convincing Damon to give me a massage was one of my more brilliant ideas, I decide as he massages my stomach. Feeling the evidence of Damon's desire for me, I move on top of him and began a night of making love.