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"Go Davis!" Tai yelled as he saw his apprentice run towards the goal. "Pass lef, LEFT PASS!" The boy kicked it to his fellow player who kicked it back when Davis was in the clear again. Recieving the pass he controlled and kicked the ball nicely passed the keeper in the net.

"Yes! He did it." With a big smile Tai sat down again and enjoyed the sight of Davis doing a kneeslide on the wet grass as hes fellow teammates jumped on him. The arbiter blew the end of the match. When the players went to hit the showers Tai left the tribune and went to the cafetaria to wait for Davis... He ordered a coke and listend to the proud fathers of the winning team. He felt the same proud and a bit fatherly. He saw Davis a bit as his own son but mostley as his little brother. The drink was refreshing and as he asumed that Davis would almost be ready by now he also ordered for him a coke.

"Taichi-senpai!" a voice shouted. 'Damned how many times did I tell him not to say that in public anymore' Tai tought a bit agitated yet he enjoyed that title. "Hi Davis, nice goal, I'm proud of you." Davis grinned while rubbing his nose. "Thank you for watching my game today senpai."

'Again senpai' Yet Tai left it that way and gave Davis his drink. Which he had emptied as soon as he got hold off it.

"Quite thirsty are you?" Tai smiled "Here let me order you another one." As he wanted to give a sign to the bartender his digivice went off. 'Damned not now'

"Is that your- "

"Shush, yes it is" Tai whispered, "how come yours didn't-"

"I left mine with Veemon at TK's"

Tai sighted "come one, lets go" he saw Davis wasn't really happy with the interruption either. "Hey, we'll get to do stuff anytime Dai." The boy looked up at Tai, that name always give him that warm feeling only his senpai could give him. "Sure senpai!" He answerd with a smile.

Tai got out his D-terminal and looked at the message he recieved. '"Troubles in digital world, stronger digimon than we've ever seen, please come quick"' "This looks serious Davis." He said. "Doesn't it alway?" Davis pouted. Tai lay an arm around his shoulders and pulled him closer as they started walking. "You know Dai, someday this will al be over and we'll have all the time we want to spent together. Forever." Again the boy looked up to his senpai. "Forever?" "Wel yeah as forever as possible."

They walked like this for a while until they reached the building where Izzy lived. Tai rang the bell. And before he could greet Izzy, the latter pulled the boys in and angerly asked? "Where were you, you should've been here a while ago..." Tai felt attacked for no reason and replied: "I was at DAVIS' soccermatch to SUPPORT him. Where were YOU GUYS?"

Izzy got a bit pale by this heavy reply... "Ok point taken, sorry Tai, sorry Davis."

"Doesn't matter, just tell us what's wrong." Davis said quietly...

Feeling a bit embarresed with the situation Izzy lead them into his room where the others already gathered. "Some very strong and agressive digimon appeared in the digitalworld and are destroying everything we've rebuild so far... Worst part; it seems Arukenimon and Mummymon don't have anything to do with it. Agumon has seen them seek shelter too"

"And they don't exist out of my stupid spires either." Ken said... Davis hadn't really noticed him yet as he did he gave him an angry glare.

Till short Ken was his best friend but they had some stupid argument about which team was the best without both of them being the top-players. Ofcourse both chose their own team. And as Ken used statistics to point things out, Davis used his experience.

Anyways the discussion had gone so far, they had left eachother with a big fight. Not that the fight was the reason for the disrupted friendship, but the words that had fallen while it lasted. However, it was Ken who had said the ugliest things. For a moment Davis saw the digimon-emperor again. And that frightened him. But he wanted to set things straight again and had invited Ken to come and watch his match and have a good talk afterwards. Yet Ken didn't come.

Little did he know Ken didn't dare to come, ashamed of himselve. That was why he asked Tai to go after explaining everything. He felt so guilty and was afraid to say anything that could hurt his friend more.

Tai was already planning on going to the soccermatch anyways. And although a bit jealous of the fargoing friendship of the two boys, he still wanted to help get them back together.

But with this situation interrupting normal live. Tai had forgotten all about it and as Ken saw the angry glare, he wasn't sure if Tai did talk with him, of said wrong things, or... He didn't knew and stared at his feet.

"...so we have to go right now." Izzy ended. "Alright, Digiport open, for both worlds and beyond" Yolei shouted and with a bright flash they all went through...