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The following morning promised to be a beautifull day. Bright rays of sunlight illuminated the cave and woke the still sleeping digidestend. Izzy and Tentomon enterd. They had had the last watch and were tired. After having breakfast with the others they searched a place in the cave with still a little shadow left where they fell asleep.

Because they needed Izzy to coordinate the recon-attack the group had to wait until noon to execute their plans. It wasn't their goal to pentrate directly into the base, only to explore the weaknesses. So they devided in to different teams. Wich existed out of attack-and observation units. They would all be connected with protable radiotransmitors wich would make the cordination easier.

"To pass the time in my last watch I've already decided the teams." Izzy showed them a list of names.

O: Observation A: Attack

Team one: O-TK Pegasusmon A-Matt Garurumon

Team two: O-Ken stingmon A-Cody Ankilomon

Team three: O-Yolei Aquilamon A-Kari Nefertimon

Team four: O-Davis Exveemon A-Tai

"Alright girl-power." Yolei said while high-fiving with Kari. Ken looked at Davis who didn't really knew what to feel. So he just smiled a bit uneasy. Cody was a bit dissapointed he couldn't team up with TK. Tai didn't care and Matt and TK looked at eachother and just nodded.

Izzy gave him the PR-devices. And after lunch they prepared. Davis saw Ken going outside and went after him.

His friend was looking at the blue sky. Davis lay a hand on his shoulder. "Hey Ken, 'r you alright?" Ken didn't look at him but just asked. "You'll be carefull right?"

"Huh? Wel I'm teamed up with Tai so don't you worry." Now the genius looked at the goggleboy. "I asked if you would be carefull." Davis was a bit startled. "Yes, yes ofcourse I will."

"Promis me." Davis grabbed him in a hug. Then kissed him. "I promis okay?" He whispered in Kens ear.

They went back to the cave. It was time to leave. Team bye team they went outside the cave to test the PRD's. With the radiocheck done the fortification was their new destination.

Arrived at a safe distance of the fort they split up. Ken looked a last time at Davis but his friend didn't look back as he was the one who initiated the attack by yelling (obviously) "ATTAAAAACK"

Davis followed Tai as he took the right flank. Ken however, together with TK had to follow Cody and Matt as they attact the front gates. Kari dissapeard to the left yet Yolei could still be seen in the air flying on the back of Aquilamon.

Altough the observers didn't had the permission to attack Davis saw his senpai fighting a fierce fight and wanted to help. He orderd Exveemon to lower down and aid in the attack. Ken was watching him and as soon as he wanted to go over there, the Titans opened fire at him, the same way as anti-aircraft aritllery would do. "Ken watch out!" TK yelled luckly Stingmon was watching what happend downthere and reacted in time. Now they had to fly low and Ken had lost visual of his friend.

"Stingmon we have to go to Davis."

"But Ken we had orders to stay here and observe."

"Yes I know that, but,..." Ken paused. He didn't want to get in trouble again... Maybe he overreacted and he could get Davis angry again. That goggleboy was impulsive indeed but he wasn't an idiot.

"Ken?" Stingmon asked. The genious sighted. "OK let's stay here." A bit against his will, he had to observe Cody and Matt again but he was glad to see them pierce into the walls and as he ordered Stingmon to fly a long side the wall and the gates he saw othere firing positions from the Titans. The frontal attack wasn't normally a good idea after all. Yet they were lucky this time as their attack came as a surprise. Nex time a more cautious approch was needed.

Then a big explosion drew everyones attention. It came from the right side of the fort. "Davis!" Ken yelled. "Stingmon we have to go over there. Now!" "But Ken..." "NOW!"

TK saw Ken and Stingmon flying away but didn't stop them. Even he wanted to go overthere but he had to watch his brother and Cody. Speaking of these two, they were looking to the right wondering what could've happened."Mat Cody, don't lose focus!"

"TK? TK? What happened." Izzy's voice rang trough the PR "Izzy? We didn't heared from you the whole attack.." "Yes I know, there's something worng with the signal, you're the only one I can reach, but what happend. I heard an explosion and I don't have any visuals..."

"I don't know but Ken is checking it out. It came from Tai's position. Oh and err, Davis is there to."

"Davis? Why? He's supposed to be up in the air. "

"Yes, but I am not in the air either due to an anti-air attack."

Izzy sighted "Do you have any good news?"

"Yes the wall is easely breachable. And we know their firing positions. Ken has more information about them..."

"How are Yolei and Kari."

"Don't know, I don't have visual on them."

"Damn.. TK, we have to break off the attack, you all must return. The situation is probably worse then we think..."

"OK I'll go inform everyone." He flew close to Cody and Matt. "We have to go back!"

"What? Now?" Matt asked.

"Yes, we have enough information and the communication is disrupted. Izzy thinks this could turn out bad if we don't regroup back at the cave."

"What about the others?" Cody asked

"I'll go to Kari and Yolei."

"Then we are going to Davis and Tai."

"No, just go back, Ken can handle it."

"But that explosion.."

"Probably Davis overdoing it I guess. Now go!"

As TK flew towards Kari's position he hoped he was right. Meanwhile he saw Matt and Cody going in the direction of the cave.

Ken had arrived at the position where Tai would normally be. Yet he saw nobody. There was dustcloud and a big crater. Looking up to the sky the boy hoped to see Davis yet again there was no sign anyone around not even a Titan. Aside from the crater there was the wall of the fortification. There was not a scratch on it... Ken touched the wall. "How can this be, what happened here?" He began to worry and without thinking he yelled Davis' name...

If it was possible for Stingmon he would've turned pale, quickly he graspt Ken and coverd his mouth. "What are you doing?"Stingmon asked whispering

The boy immediatly knew the error he made. But noboy came. Until they heared some rustle in the bushes behind them.

Ken got the shock of his life when he saw a wounded, bleeding Davis stagger out of the bushes aided by agumon and Veemon supporting an even more bleeding and beaten Tai who looked uncousious. The genius saw the goggleboy cry, his tears mingling with the blood on his face. "Senpai.." Davis muttered...