The alarm rang through the Seireitei. Soul Reapers raced through its streets to get to their battle stations.

The captain of Squad Ten, Toshiro Hitsugaya and his lieutenant Rangiku alongside Captain Gin Ichimaru along with his lieutenant Izuru raced towards the Squad One barracks for a briefing of what was happening.

Two other Soul Reapers that were already there were Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki of Squad Thirteen under the Head Captain Yamamoto's orders.

These two young Soul Reapers had only been accepted back in to the Seireitei a few months ago.

Rukia had been sentenced to certain death as a result of breaking too many rules. Ichigo – being as stubborn and strong willed as he was – was certain that he owed Rukia for saving his family and himself from a hollow thus journeying to the Soul Society to rescue her from execution.

Along the way the orange haired teen had plenty of help in the forms of Orihime, Uryu, Chad, Kieske, Yoruichi and Renji Abarai.

These spiritually gifted people along with the Soul Reapers Kieske, Yoruichi and Renji went through countless battles to reach Rukia and only just in time.

Ichigo had been forced to learn how to release his bankai or zanpaktou's second level power, in just three days.

He was only just in time because when Renji found Yoruichi, Zangetsu and himself training, he warned them that Rukia's execution time had been changed once again.

To noon the next day.

After much negotiation on Rukia and her captain's part, Ichigo was placed in to Squad Thirteen.

That was where Rukia had been placed years before.

She would have been placed in an officer's seat if not for her brother.

Byakuya Kuchiki. Captain of the Sixth Squad and Renji Abarai's commanding officer.

Also the leader of the Kuchiki clan. He is one of the most powerful captains in the Soul Society.

Rukia isn't his blood sister either. She was adopted.

Byakuya was married to Rukia's elder sister who abandoned her after she found that she was pregnant.

Rukia never felt like she wanted revenge against her sister when she left her because if she hadn't then Rukia would never had met Renji and some of her other friends.

After nearly two hundred years living in the Soul Society, Rukia left and entered the World of the Living where she met Ichigo.

She was summoned by the presence of a hollow which was chasing a girl's soul and Ichigo. Ichigo at that time could see Souls.

He had a very high level of spiritual pressure.

Defending them from the hollow was only the start of a complicated relationship between the two. Rukia was nearly dead before anything really started to happen.

Ichigo, being careless but also protective, ran out of his house – after being able to break through Rukia's binding spell – to save his sister from a hollow.

Rukia, stepping in to save the pair from death was gravely injured and to ensure that they would be saved, gave Ichigo her powers.

From then on he became a Substitute Soul Reaper for Rukia.

She taught him everything he needed to know about hollows and being a Soul Reaper. She even kept track of the hollows so he could train.

The two attended Karakura High School with Rukia in a gigai body and high school uniform.