A/N: Okay, this idea just came to me out of nowhere, and I really wanted to write it out... Okay this takes place during the civil war. And I was not alive and breathing during this time. The closest i've ever gotten was reading Gone With the Wind. Therefore, I really don't know how they spoke back then, and how the language was.

I hope you forgive me :)


"Pardon me?" I asked. My family and I were sitting in the parlor after dinner.

"Isabella learn to start paying attention." My mother Renee commanded. She didn't have a normal name, she wanted to change it but her parents didn't want her to. It's not a proper name.

"We said," My father started. I looked up at him. "We expect you to marry Edward."

My jaw dropped. "Isabella close your mouth, you'll catch flies." She said rudely. I glared at her and stood up. I lifted up my dress so I wouldn't step on it and then ran out of the house.

Everyone out in the town stared at me as I ran. Most likely because it's not everyday you see Isabella Swan running through the streets in her Sunday clothes. I ran over to the lake.

I took my shoes off, and rested them at the roots of a tree, and then climbed over the tree careful not to tear my dress.

When I got to the other side, I sat down on a broken log, and buried my face in my hands.

Right now, I was in my hiding spot. The only other person who knew about it was Edward Cullen. The same one I'm supposed to marry.

I huffed.

I heard someone land on the ground in front of me, and I looked up to see Edward himself.

"I'm guessing your parents told you?" He asked.

I nodded. "How did you know I was here?" I mumbled. I felt him sit beside me. I looked up into his dazzling green eyes.

He chuckled. "I saw your boots." I smiled too.

I've known Edward Cullen since I was in my mother's womb. If that's even possible. Our mother's were best friends growing up, we've been best friends since our first playdate. And when I say best friends. I mean best friends. I've always been closer to him than any of my girlfriends. And they were only my friends to get to Edward. But Edward never spoke of them. They were all envious of me.

It's not that I don't like him, I mean I practically love him (as a friend of course). But I don't want to get married to him.

"Bella, I'm sure we're not going to get married if you don't want to." He soothed. He was right. I'm very stubborn, and not to mention an only child. My parents gave me everything I've wanted.

Edward also gave me the nickname Bella. My mother hates it. She prefers my "born name". I love Bella. Only Edward calls me Bella. Isabella makes me sound like an old lady.

"I guess you are right." I admitted.

He smiled his signature crooked smile. "Am I not always?"

"So how is your day?" I asked.

"Well, I have some news to tell you-" I froze. It was going to be that he has found someone.

I stood up. "I must get home. Make sure you tell me another day?" I said quickly. He opened his mouth to speak, but I was already making my way over the tree.

I was slipping my shoes back on when he was climbing over.

"Isabella wait!"

"It is getting to night. My parents must be worried sick." I pleaded with my big chocolate brown eyes. I hurried away.

My house wasn't that far away from the lake, it only took me about fifteen minutes.

The heels on my boots were killing me by the time I stumbled in through the door.

Mammy came down the long way. She was our slave. I thought it was hideous that we kept her as a slave. I tried to do everything by myself, but she was too nice.

Mammy also called me Bella.

"Bella!" She shrieked. "Mr. Charles and Mrs. Renee are pacing in the study." She warned.

"I know!" I trilled as I threw my boots to the floor and hurried to the other side of the house.

I swung the door open to reveal my parents.

My mother didn't try to hide her anger. But my father, let's face it, I'm his little angel.

"Isabella." My mother quietly said. "Why did you do that? You could have been taken away!" She shrieked. "You know we dislike you outside after hours!"

My father was head of forces. There were a lot of people that would like to hurt me to get to him.

"I was with Edward." I answered simply.

Of course all anger was wiped from her face. "Oh, well next time let us go."

I turned away to go out the door. "Does not mean I am going to marry him." I muttered as I went into my room, which was right next to my father's study.

Mammy came in, and helped me get out of my corset. I breathed in relief. I hated those things. She took out the braids that my mahogany colored hair rested in. They escaped into deep waves down my back.

I hugged her goodnight and then climbed into bed.

I prayed that Edward wasn't getting married and then I blew out the candle on my bedside. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

A week has passed and everytime I see Edward, I steer away and hide behind something so I can't face him.

Saturday morning at breakfast I sat there with my food and then my mother came and joined me.

"Good morning Isabella." She greeted.

I smiled. "Good morning."

"Don't forget about the Cullen's barbeque today." She reminded me.

I froze. I completely forgot. Then Mammy took me away to get ready. I ended up wearing my long hair down, and a plain emerald dress. I couldn't help to think it reminded me of Edward's eyes.

Oh hush, Bella. Stop thinking about Edward.


My parents and I glided into the carriage, and took the short ride to the Cullens huge white house. Carlisle was the town's head doctor.

I was the first person to walk out, and Rosalie, Edward's sister opened the door for us. People came up to me and greeted me.

It was the same thing each person.

Smile. Say hello. Ask about their life. Hug them. Walk away.

Except repeat that about five thousand times.

Eventually Edward spotted me through the crowd. I panicked and then hurried into the kitchen. All the servants looked at me like I was crazy. "You shouldn't be in here!" One of them shrieked. I was just about to go out the back door when I felt someone grab my arm. I turned around swiftly to see Edward.

He towed me out of the kitchen through the door. He sat me down on a swing.

"Bella, there is something I need to speak to you about." I squeezed my eyes shut, before I produced any tears.

"Edward don't-" I started to say.

I opened my eyes and found him leaning in towards me. I closed my eyes, frozen in my place. A few beats later I felt his soft warm lips on mine. A spark ignited. I got a tingly feeling all through my body. All too soon he pulled away, and I kept my eyes closed.

Then I heard his velvet voice whisper, "I'm going off to fight."

I opened my eyes and horror was sketched on my face.

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