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Time passes. Hearts break. I break. My mother broke my heart the first time. I had no one to put it back together. So when Edward died, my heart disintegrated into absolutely nothing. I remember I walked around like a ghost. It was then that I realized I loved him. It was when I couldn't handle the screaming in the middle of the night and my mind constantly picturing how he died.

Then Jacob came a long. He built my heart back up again. And now, I'm empty again.

As I'm crouching near Jacob, half his body crushed under a wagon, I'm thinking that life is horrible. I smooth back his jet black, long hair, looking into his eyes. Sam gathered some men to help lift the wagon off Jacob's limp, bloody body. My tears pool over and pour down my face.

"Jacob!" I wailed. "You can't go!" He looked at me distantly.

I looked at the blood crusted around his lips as he spoke. "I know." He grasped my hand.

"Can I feel my son one last time?" I laughed sadly. He thought I was having a boy, whereas I thought I was having a girl. I nodded and moved closer, quickly grabbed his hands and pushed onto my hard stomach, preying it would move.

He smiled slowly before he coughed. I hit my hands against the earth. The men now had it to where only the bottom half of Jacob's legs were still crushed. My stomach lurched at the sight of his bloody legs. With every second or two, a big gush of blood squirted out. I looked away covering my eyes.

"Emily!" I screamed. I sprawled out on the grass. Seconds later she was helping me over to our- my- wagon.

When I wake up the next morning, one name comes to mind.


I don't know why, but it just does. The name should be Jacob or baby.

I looked around and realized they set up camp while I was sleeping. Emily slept next to me. I glanced up at Sam who sat near the fire. I stood up and walked to him.

I didn't want to ask him what was on his mind.

"Can we just go?" I asked with tears in his eyes. He nodded and we woke up Emily and the kids. Since it was only me, and I had no idea how to control a wagon, they left it there and let me come on theirs.

Months passed eventually. Not a lot but a few. I've gotten a lot bigger. The baby is kicking a lot. To be honest I don't think about Jacob at all anymore. Looking back on when he died, he never told me he loved me. And I didn't tell him I loved him.

Emily and I were talking while Sam was steering the wagon.

"We're almost there!" Sam yells. Emily and I cheer and get the kids to clap.

I hug my stomach. I'm finally ready to start a life with my child.

"I cannot wait to wash my clothes." I exclaimed. Emily laughed. I have even less clothes that I can wear now because I'm in mourning and also this huge, growing belly.

I felt the baby move and I giggled. It's a glorious feeling when you baby moves inside of you. I can't wait to become a mother.

Emily and I chatted away the next half hour about babies and motherhood. We finally pulled into the town I once knew.

I breathed in sharply as I noticed how different it was.

"It's not the same." I whispered sadly.

"Blame it on the war." Emily laughed.

Blacks freely roamed the streets and buildings were all over the place. There were a lot more wagons and carriages.

I glanced forward. The Cullen Plantation could normally be seen from here, except trees and homes blocked my view. I huffed.

"I wonder if they're still here," I whispered to myself.

I didn't recognize most of the people roaming the streets, and it scared me. Would I be all alone in the place I used to call home?

We stopped at the place where Sam and Emily was staying, I hopped out.

"I can walk from here."

Emily placed a hand on my shoulder. "You don't even know if your house is still there, Bella."

I shook my head. "I'll find a place to stay."

She pursed her lips. "I'm going with you."

I rolled my eyes and put my arms protectively around my stomach as we started to find our way back.

"If it's still standing, you guys are welcome to live there until you find a real home." I told Emily.

She smiled, "That's very kind of you. But I think that the hotel will do."

"No it won't, I insist." I said sternly.

"Fine." Emily laughed.

I walked the street that would normally lead to where my house was. "I'm so scared." I murmured quietly.

Emily sighed, "You shouldn't be. Everything is going to be just fine."

I looked down at the dirt moving with my feet. "No it's not- Oh my!" I stumbled back a few feet as I looked at a toddler who ran into me.

"I so sorry." The nearly baby apologized.

She smiled.

I looked around, "Where's your mother?"

She fidgeted and looked around too. "She out of town."

I eyed her and then asked, "Father?"

"Daddy is wiff her."

"We should take her home," Emily whispered worriedly. I nodded.

"Where have you been staying?" I asked the little girl.

She went on in detailed length about how her uncle has been watching her while her parents went to find a friend. I laughed. I would have a child soon like her.

She looked at my belly curiously. "Are you gonna have a baby?" She asked.

I nodded. "Yes, pretty soon actually."

She pouted. "I want a brother and sister, but momma can't. She says I'm her little present." She gloated.

We walked through trees until we met a small little house.

"That's it!" She cheered.

"How did you get out here?" Emily asked her.

She shrugged, sucking on her bottom lip. "I was wiff my grandma, but I lost her."

We approached the front door and I could hear three people yelling at each other.

The girl stood on her tippy toes trying to reach the door handle. I smiled and lifted her up.

"Thank you." She said politely.

"You're welcome."

She darted through the front door. "Uncle Eddie!" She yelled as a distraught woman came into the room.

"Bree!" She screeched. "Why did you walk away from me!"

The little girl, who was apparently named Bree buried her head in her hands in shame. "I so sorry Gwandma-" My eyes zeroed in on the woman.

Memories of my family and the Cullens confirmed what I was thinking.

"Esme." I whispered.

She looked at me as she picked up Bree. "Oh my goodness." She walked closer. "Isabella, is that really you?"

I nodded slowly. "Uh-huh."

Tears welled in her eyes. "I can't believe it, after all this time. You're still alive, sweetie." She hugged me with one arm. "Guys, look who's here!" She squealed. "Rosalie and Emmett went to go see if you're alive. That's why we have their little Bree."

Carlisle came through first. He greeted me with a fierce hug. "It's so great to see you, Isabella, really," He looked down at my little addition, "Congratulations, sweetheart."

They went over to Emily to introduce themselves when the other person walked in.

I clutched my stomach as I realized who was living in the house.

My eyes were frozen on the shocked emerald eyes staring back at me. "Bella," The owner of the emerald eyes whispered with a velvety voice.

And then just like that, it felt like life was cruel.

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