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"Sky, you picked a hell of a night to snow," he whispered as he held a hand out to catch a few of the snowflakes, breathing out a trail of steam into the cold winter sky. He examined the water formations aimlessly before drawing his fingers in, crushing the delicate asymmetrical pieces of ice in his hand. "What an end…"

He almost laughed at the irony of it all. Of all the days he could have picked, all the days he spent delaying the inevitable, this one day happened to be the first snow. However, as determined as ever, he finally drew out what little courage he had left and took a step in the direction of his destiny, his end.

"I really did love you…" he whispered as he closed his tired eyes and finally threw himself into the darkness.


The man leapt over the miniature wall in favor of the park's main entrance, nearly tripping on the shrubbery as he stumbled onto the dirt path and continued running, looking behind him to find fury incarnate in the bartender suit still close behind.

"Tsugaru, this game isn't fun anymore!" he called out before ducking, barely managing to dodge the street sign that the other swung at him.

"Stop calling me that damned name!"

"Wah! Tsugaru got scary! Tsugaru got scary!" he exclaimed as he took off again, running with his hands up in the air in an attempt to show that he had already surrendered. He abandoned the gesture when his headphones slipped and instead grabbed at the device and continued to sprint while tightly locking them around his ears.

Shinra nearly dropped his coffee when the man ran behind him and ducked in his shadow as if the doctor could stop the rampaging monster of Ikebukuro that headed towards them.

"Uh… Izaya, I don't mind treating your wounds, but this is a little…" he began.

"Something possessed Tsugaru!" The man instead grabbed Shinra's coat, shaking him wildly. "Dad, something possessed Tsugaru!"

"Huh?" This time Shinra really did drop his coffee. "Izaya, this isn't funny! Oh, Shizuo, can you please not… Wah!"

Shizuo shoved the doctor aside and closed in on the man, lifting the stop sign for the final swing.

"Wah! Tsugaru, stop it!" The man yelled, crying as he threw his arms over his head to protect himself.

"What the hell," Shizuo muttered, looking at the informant before him. He did kind of wonder why the flea was acting so strangely today, not to mention the white wardrobe.

'Whatever.' He swung.


"Here's your payment," Izaya said, handing the envelope over to the Dullahan. "Wasn't that one easy?" he asked. Celty shook her head in disagreement as she went through its contents and stuffed the money back inside after confirming the amount.

"You should really go get purified at a shrine or something."

Izaya laughed. "Oh Celty, even you believe in things like that? Besides, I'm not religious, remember?"

"Just how many of these do you get per day anyway?"

"Enough to keep me entertained of course," he answered, nearly humming. "Then again, I only answer the ones that seem interesting."

"I see."

He stared at that short message for a moment before looking back at the Dullahan. It seemed like an innocent enough question, but he could tell that something was bothering her. "Why so interested in my affairs now of all times?"

"You've been looking a little pale lately."

Izaya grinned, amused at her observation. "Aw, worried about me? I am a little fair-skinned to begin with, you know."

"Well if you suddenly come down with something, then Shinra would end up being the one to take care of you."

"Of course, he is my doctor after all." Izaya laughed before turning to leave, giving her a backward wave. "I'll be contacting you soon for your next assignment."

Celty's shoulders slumped in a silent sigh, and she made to leave, deciding it just wasn't worth it if the informant didn't care about his own health himself. She had one foot over her motorcycle when a sudden thump made her look back to find the informant on the floor.



"Oh, thank goodness! You're awake!" He blinked, seeing Shinra come into focus above him.

"Tsugaru!" he sat up, looking frantically around the room. He spotted Shizuo instantly; the man was leaning against the opposite wall, smoking a cigarette and watching him intently. Content that the bodyguard wasn't out to kill him at the moment, he sighed and instead focused on searching for his headphones, finding them on the table next to him along with his white fur-trimmed jacket.

"You were lucky that the sign hit your headphones, or it might have been more than just a concussion," Shinra told him, picking up the device. "But wow, I'm surprised these didn't break. There's not even a single scratch on them!"

"Of course not, Tsugaru gave them to me!" he said, smiling happily as Shinra handed the headphones back to him.

"Um, so Izaya, why do you keep on calling Shizuo, Tsugaru?" Shinra asked him as the man put the device around his neck.

He blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Don't play dumb, flea!" Shizuo snapped at him, making him cringe.

"You're… really not Tsugaru?" he asked timidly.

"My name is Shizuo, dammit!" the bodyguard snapped.

"Oh…" He looked up thoughtfully, a hand on his chin. "Tsugaru never told me he had a brother."

Shinra and Shizuo exchanged glances before the doctor asked as calmly as he could, "Izaya, is something wrong? You've been acting a little stranger than usual."

He gasped, clapping his hands together in realization. "Oh, I forgot! My name is Psyche!" he announced enthusiastically before pronouncing his name again slowly. "Psyche."

"What are you playing at?" Shizuo began, but Shinra motioned for him to shut up, deciding to follow along.

"Psyche?" he confirmed.

"Yes! Yes!" he answered energetically.

The sound of the front door opening and closing distracted the three of them. "Oh, she must be back!" Shinra exclaimed. "Give me a second, Psyche. I must greet my love! Shizuo, don't do anything rash!"

The doctor disappeared out the open door before either Psyche or Shizuo could comment, leaving the two alone in an awkward silence.

Shizuo broke the stalemate first by sighing, massaging his temple. "Look Izaya, you're going too far this time…"

"I'm not Izaya," Psyche insisted.

"Even if I somehow made you lose your memory…"

"I'm really not…"

"Stop messing with me already!"

"The Izaya from my time is dead."

"I told you, stop… What?" Shizuo stopped when he realized what the other had just said. "I know you don't think too highly of me, but I'm not that stupid."

"I'm serious!" Psyche insisted, sinking back under his covers when the bodyguard looked like he was about to attack him again. "You know, you're completely different from your brother."

"Well excuse me for being violent!"

"No no! I mean… I'm sure Tsugaru gets violent sometimes too!" He bit his lip, hesitating as he tried to come up with a relevant memory. "I think?" he added, unsure.

Shizuo sighed, finally deciding to play along since the flea didn't seem to be any closer to snapping out of his made up world. "Psyche, who is Tsugaru?" he asked, trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice lest the flea started yelling for help like before.

The man blinked. "You mean Tsugaru doesn't exist here?"

Shizuo shook his head. "Not that I know of."

"Oh…" He looked so close to crying that Shizuo began wishing even more fervently that the doctor would hurry and come back with Celty so that they could figure what exactly was wrong with Izaya.


"Celty!" the doctor said happily before he realized that the Dullahan had brought company in the form of a motionless bundle of fur and black.

"He suddenly fainted," Celty explained.

"But… he… ugh…" Shinra looked back to the sickroom nervously, trying to access the situation. "Right, uh, let's just place him on the sofa for now," he told her as he helped her move the informant, throwing one of Izaya's arms over his shoulder before laying the unconscious man onto the sofa.

"What's wrong?"

"Um…" Shinra looked at the sleeping informant, who looked a little paler than normal, but the color was quickly returning to his skin. "Are you sure that's Izaya?"

"Of course I'm sure. I went out to get my payment from him remember? And, it's right here." She took out the envelope and showed it to the doctor.

"Ah! Nevermind. Just follow me," Shinra told her after he saw the money.

'What's going on?' Celty thought as she removed her helmet and placed it on the table before following the other into the sickroom.

"Sorry for the wait," Shinra announced when Psyche suddenly sprang out of his bed, slamming against the wall, an outstretched finger pointed at Celty.

"Dullahan! Dullahan!" he stuttered, eyes wide with fear, not hearing anything that Shinra was saying.

"Uh… yeah, don't you know that already?" Shizuo said.

"Please don't kill me!" he squeaked, running behind the bodyguard.

"Wait Psyche, calm down!" Shinra said, pulling the man away from Shizuo before the other could give him another concussion. Psyche repositioned himself behind the doctor instead, trembling profusely. "It's Celty. Do you know Celty?" he asked Psyche slowly.

"Celty?" Psyche repeated before calming just a little. "You're Celty?"

She nodded her headless neck as he moved cautiously around Shinra. "Uh… I'm sorry… I'm really bad with Dullahans… Dad mentioned you a few times."

"Don't worry. I won't hurt you."


"Really," she promised him. Psyche sighed in relief before smiling.

"Wait, who's your Dad?" Shinra asked.

"Huh? Ah! I keep on forgetting to explain! You're…" he began when another interrupted them.

"Shinra, why didn't I get the bed?" Izaya called from the door frame, freezing when he saw Psyche.

The others in the room looked back and forth from Izaya to Psyche for a good minute before Shizuo finally roared. "What the hell? Now there are two of you!"

"Seems that way," Shinra said, putting a hand up to his chin in contemplation.

"What have you done, Shinra?" the bodyguard continued. "Why'd you choose to clone him of all people?"

"I didn't," the doctor replied calmly although his mouth stretched into a frown nevertheless.

"But you did, Dad!"

All eyes turned back to the Izaya in white.

"What is the meaning of this?" Izaya asked nervously, looking from Shinra to Psyche. He still felt a little nauseous, and this did nothing to help with the growing headache.

"Well, I mean… I'm not exactly a clone, but you did create me from Izaya, so I am kind of a clone," Psyche said, nodding.

"Doesn't that mean you're a clone?" Shinra interjected.

"A clone is a copy created solely from someone's DNA, so since you created me out of Izaya's essence, I'm not a clone."

"Essence? But scientifically, that's…" Shinra began.

"But if it makes things easier, you can just call me a clone!" Psyche concluded happily like everything he had just said made sense.

"Okay, stop!" Izaya said, and the two fell silent. "Ugh," he sighed, massaging his head in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain. "First of all, what is your name, and where are you from?" he asked Psyche.

"My name is Psyche! I'm from Ikebukuro!" the other answered energetically.

"Ikebukuro, huh? How long have you been in Ikebukuro?"

"All my life!"

"Then how old are you?"


Izaya stared at him for a little bit, wondering if this was just part of his dreams or if it was really happening. He pinched himself just to make sure. "There's no way you exist."

"Of course I'm not! I will be created next year!"

"This is ridiculous," Shizuo muttered, looking at the informant and wondering when would be a good time to strike. He noticed that the other was leaning on the door frame a little more than one normally would, probably getting ready to make a run for it if the bodyguard were to suddenly spring.

"Why are you here?" Izaya continued nevertheless, not seeming to bother with his mortal enemy glaring at him from the sidelines.

"Dad sent me here to find someone called Saika."

"Okay." Izaya sighed, wondering why he was even playing along to all this. He briefly wondered if he would get the bed if he could sort out this mess, although at the back of his mind, he had already decided to go home. "So, you were created by Shinra in the future, and he sent you here to find out where Saika is, correct?"

"Yup!" the other jumped energetically.

"But we all know who has Saika, Psyche," Shinra told him, taking over the informant's questioning.

Psyche shook his head. "Not in the future, we don't. The one called Anri is already gone."

"Wait, what do you mean by that?"

"Uh…" Psyche eyed the PDA warily. "You… the Dullahans killed her. Many came, and then the war started. Or that's how the story goes…"

"Dullahans and humans?" Izaya asked him, suddenly extremely interested.

"Yeah… but it's still not over. Dad said if I could find Saika, then he could end the war!"

"But why did he think that we would know where Saika is in the future?"

"He thinks that you hid it."

"Me?" Izaya laughed. "He should know that I would never go near that blade."

Psyche shrugged. "But that's what he said. I have to find it before the first snow of this year."

"What's the first snow?"

Psyche looked at him oddly before shifting his gaze away nervously. "It's a secret!" he managed, a little less enthusiastic than before, although managing to keep his smile.

"This is all…" Shizuo began.

"Psyche, do you have any proof?" Shinra interrupted the bodyguard before looking again at Izaya, who was getting increasingly pale.

"Proof?" Psyche considered it for a moment before slowly removing his headphones and handing them over to Shinra. "Tsugaru gave these to me. He said that they're indestructible."

"Yeah, that's true…" Shinra said, examining the headphones again before tossing them over to Izaya.

"What do you want me to do, throw these into a fire?" the informant muttered as he took a look at them.

"They didn't break when Shizuo hit them with a stop sign," Shinra offered.

"Point taken." Izaya sighed, tossing the headphones back to Psyche. "So, assuming that your story is true, there's not much we can do right now except wait." He needed to end this conversation quickly before his headache got any worse, or else Shizuo might do the honors. "That being said," he shoved himself off the door frame and turned around. "Thank you for the story; I'm heading home. I would prefer it if you stayed here until I do a little more research, oh little so called clone of mine."

"Huh, aren't you being a little too nice, flea?" Shizuo snarled at the informant. "Which reminds me, since the pipsqueak there isn't you, I owe you for that last bunch of guys you sent."

Izaya chuckled, taking a shaky step back. "I don't think this is quite the appropriate time or place, Shizu-chan. Besides, I'm tired. It won't be any fun chasing tired old me, would it?"

"No, I insist…" he said, grinning as he cracked his knuckles.

"Shizuo, please, not in my apartment!" Shinra joined in, but the bodyguard had already sprung towards the informant; luckily for the doctor, Shizuo hadn't picked his weapon of choice yet.

"Really, Shizu-chan!" Izaya sighed as he turned to run, but the sudden movement made his vision spin, and he fell, landing face down on the carpet.

"Got you!" Shizuo declared as he picked up the informant by the hood of his jacket only to find the flea out cold. "Izaya?" his tone immediately turned to that of worry.


Track 1: (Footsteps) Whew, it's kind of chilly tonight. No one really comes to this little place at night, huh? Ha ha! Better for me! (Sigh) Well at least the steps here are comfortable to sit on. (Silence)

The moon's so bright. (Sigh) Hey shrine, can you really hear people's wishes? Well I'm not going to wish for anything, I'm just going to talk and bother you all night long so you can't sleep! How'd you like that? Ha! Great!

Can you believe how impatient some humans are? I really didn't see that email; he's been sending me too many jobs! And then he… oops! That might be too vulgar, huh, nonexistent guardian of the shrine? (Sigh) I think I'm suffering from exhaustion, to think I passed out in the middle of the day. Good thing I woke up in time in Shinra's apartment. I bet he would've given me a full checkup. (Pause)

Hm… then he might have seen it… Hey, shrine, if you can magically heal wounds, can you make the bite mark on my collarbone go away? I mean, it's not noticeable, but just in case my shirt slips…

(Yawn) Gah, forget this. Look at me, wishing for things at a shrine even though I'm an atheist. Why am I here again? I can't believe I slept for a day after I got home; he's going to bitch at me for sure again for missing a job… My head hurts, my neck hurts, everywhere hurts… (End of recording)

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