Secret Lovers

Sex, Blood … More blood, More Sex, More blood, More Sex, on and on, throughout the morning and afternoon. The smells and auras of the two pureblood lovers enjoying each other to the fullest penetrated every corner of the Moon Dorm, and it acted like an aphrodisiac to the lesser vampires. Unbeknownst to anyone was a pair of very close roommates that were getting even closer, knowing their actions would go unnoticed for the whole dorm was in a frenzy from the unexpected behavior of their beloved leader. Therefore most likely these weren't the only Moon Dorm occupants having adverse reactions caused by the two purebloods having fun in the dorm president's bedroom.

"Aaahhh… yessss…Akatsuki…Uhhh…," the blond headed boy yelled as a long, large harden limb brush up on his sweet inter spot causing jolts of white hot pleasure to sting his system while he was currently bent over holding onto the foot railing of his bed getting the ride of his life.

"Shhh Hana… do you... want… the rest of… the dorm to …hear you?" posed the older noble with fire hair as he pumped in and out of his roommate from behind. Kain's hips slapped hard and rhythmically against the nice separated pert ass cheeks of his partner.

"Well why don't you …give me …something …to put in my mouth …and shut me up?" Aido panted playfully tuning back to his lover with a mischievous smile "AAHHHH," cried out Aido once again when Kain took him as deep and hard as he could go seating himself up to the brim in way of an answer.

"As you can see I'm already….mmhh…engaged elsewhere and you feellll… ssoooo… gooooddd… Hana..ohh," Kain said breathlessly as he felt Aido's hot tight sheath all around his member incasing it in sheer ecstasy, causing him to moan loudly despite himself as he pulled back out and roughly plunged deeply again within to the accepting body.

"That's not what… I want… in my mouth…Mmmghnn…it's been to long…yesss…f%$k me F#K ME…,"he said ardently, and Kain, letting go of all restraint started to pound unmercifully into his back side reveling in the feel of the tightness he was driving into. All thought was driven out of Aido's mind with this latest assault on his arse. Kain lifted up one of Aido's legs and wrapped it around his waist giving him a better position for probing deeper inside. The result was Aido for once in his life didn't know what to say. He could only moan at the intense gratification filling his body. Aido never thought his cousin could pleasure him so.

Impatiently, Hanabusa begun to push himself back to meet Kain's thrusts shouting encouragements all the while. "UUnngg…Ahhh…Harder…Faster…Harder," he begged enthusiastically as Kain's cock nailed his inter spot again and again sending wave after wave of euphoria crashing down upon.

Kain leaned forward and put his wrist to Hanabusa's lips giving him "something" to bite on and thus shut him up. He knew this was what the young noble was referring to earlier. It had always been that, and it's also what got them in the position they were currently in.

Aido was always one who didn't really like the blood tablets because the taste was just not that palatable to him. He wanted the real stuff and decided one day that he was gonna get some, and like always, Aido did want he wanted without thinking about the repercussions. Kain was always the one to take care of his little cousin, to get him out of the messes he would make. Well, this was one mess that would actually have a positive effect instead of a negative one for Kain. Hanabusa at ten years old on a whim one day decided that he had finally had enough of the fake stuff and wanted real blood. He knew his parents didn't allow him or his sisters to drink from each other, although he didn't exactly know why that was, but he couldn't take it anymore. It was on a morning that he had just smelt the blood of both of his parents, and he was thirsting for it so bad. His parents and sisters were all going somewhere, but he was not interested on attending. Being the genius he was he concocted a scheme to get him out of going, and it worked leaving only him, Kain, and a few servants at home.

He and Kain were outside in the garden around the back side of the house and no one was around. "Kain have you ever drank real blood before?" posed the young Hanabusa in a carefree sort of way as he kicked around a stone on the walkway.

"No, I never have. Why are you asking?" replied Kain.

"I haven't either, but I want to. At times I really don't think blood tablets are well suited for me. I have cravings for more," confessed the blond noble as he approached his cousin. Aido took Kain's hand, lifted it up to his face and rubbed it along one of his cheeks.

"Hanabusa, what are you doing?" expressed an uncertain Kain who tried to gently pull back his hand.

Aido though, did not let his cousin pull away. Instead he told him, "Relax…you'll like this," and then Aido put Kain's little finger in his mouth, sucking on it and teasing it by twirling it with his tongue all around. Kain closed his eyes and let out a heavy breath because the heat of Aido's mouth felt so nice around him. Kain stopped thinking about what his cousin doing and decided to enjoy the sensation of it all. Aido saw that Kain had started to lower his defenses as he pleasured the older boy with his attentions and decided to take it up a notch. Aido sucked from one finger to the next until he got to the thumb where he then swallowed it all the way into the back of his throat sending lighting trough Kain's body causing his mind to become vacant at this point. Who would have thought his little cousin could be so talented at this kinda of stuff. Kain had always thought himself in to girls because he had a secret crush on Ruka for crying out loud, but it was just that it felt so good he didn't want him to stop. In the vampire society pleasure was pleasure no matter where it come from, and right now it was coming from the mouth of a very gifted blond boy.

In Kain's absent minded pleasure Aido seized the opening he was waiting for and slid his lips down to the pulsing throb on his cousin's wrist where he swiftly, non-reluctantly sank his fangs into the flesh. Kain frowned at the unfamiliar sting but a moment later was reeling in euphoria as the chemicals in younger boy's saliva reached his brain and was assaulted with tremors of delight shooting throughout his entire being. Aido was in seventh heaven himself as the blood followed in to his mouth and infiltrated his body, causing him a thrilled high. Aido's body was humming with power as he drank the delicious tonic that was Kain's blood, and he loved it. From that moment on Aido knew that blood tablets would not suffice any more he would have to have real blood as well. Kain's knees become weak both form the blood lost and the orgasmic buzz that was stimulating his body and all too soon found himself kneeling on the ground. Cautiously Aido was pulled back from his blood lust by concern for his cousin.

After this incident there was no going back for the either of them, and they contained to recreate this scene time and time again, never really going farther that than Aido's taking of Kain's blood, and Kain just enjoying the sensations. Until one day four years later, Kain had had as much as he could take of this one sided pleasuring relationship. Kain although being only two years older than Aido found it was becoming harder and harder to control his sexual desires after Aido would feed from him. He had tried to stop letting Aido drink his blood, but that only lead to Aido ignoring his cousin for long lengths of time until he once again gave in, and besides that, Aido could be quite persuasive at times in other ways.

It had been months since Aido had on opportunity to feed off of Kain, only taking from him when both boys were alone with no one but the servants at home, and the blond was not letting this chance slip through his fingers.

"I said 'no' Hanabusa, not today," said Kain who was looking out at the grounds through the large picture window in Aido's room.

"But why Akatsuki? I know you enjoy it," Aido said trying to tempt the older noble. He had already removed his shirt in anticipation of the session that was to come.

"Humph," sighed Kain. That's not the problem. The problem was that he enjoyed it a little too much, and with the way he was feeling today he knew he would not be able to hold back. "I'm not in the mood," he shouted over his shoulder, trying to appear annoyed .

Well those were the wrong words to use when trying to convince Aido. The next second Aido was standing behind his cousin and started to lightly stroke Kain's bite area. It had only taken a few months for Aido to persuade Kain to allow him to drink from his neck, and Kain did in fact enjoy it much more with Aido's body pressed against his own. A fact, that despite Kain's best efforts of trying to keep this from his cousin, both boys were well aware of as of late, and Aido would exploit it to his full advantage. "Relax Akatsuki. I'll take care of you," Hanabusa purred in a deeply seductive tone that sent shivers down Kain's back from the promise it inferred. His younger cousin indeed always took care of him. Aido, leaving his fingers massage Kain's neck rounded the taller boy and looked upon an enraptured face. Aido knew he had Kain's full attention, and a smile of triumph showed in Aido's eyes. Aido replaced his fingers on Kain's neck with his lips, kissing at the hot flesh and slowly started to unbutton Kain's shirt.

Kain moaned softly when Hanabusa's silky lips started to glide along his sensitive bite area and willing gave him better access to his neck. From this action Aido let out a little chuckle, and the vibrations on the skin sent shivers through Kain's body. After Aido finished unbuttoning Kain's shirt, he put both palms on Kain's sculpted abs and lightly traced them up Kain's chest rubbing the nipples on his way up to his shoulders where he slid the shirt off his shoulders and on the floor. Hanabusa's fingertips then ran delicately down Kain's shoulder blades, secretly loving the feel of Kain's hot skin under his fingers, and causing Kain to make soft sounds of enjoyment. Aido licked at Kain's neck loving the smell, feel and defiantly taste. His hands came back around and found them two harden nubs, taking both in between the index finger and thumb of each hand and rolling them around. "Ahh…Hana," Kain said with a quiver in his voice and wrapped his hands around this cousin's shoulders, pulling Hanabusa onto his bare chest and loving the feel of the other's skin. Aido smiled inwardly from Kain calling him just "Hana" for it was something the older noble would only call him when they were together like this and was pleased with his actions.

Kain then tangled one of his hands through Hanabusa's tousled blond locks, and Aido knew that this was the sign that Akatsuki was ready. Aido pulled himself as close as could be by wrapping one arm under Akatsuki's then around Akatsuki's back and the other grabbing Akatsuki's nape before he licked Akatsuki's neck one last time before he sank his fangs in. Kain let out a breathlessly heavy moan as Hanabusa's fangs pierced his skin delighting in the sheer sensation of the bite. Kain caressed Hanabusa gently in his arms much like he would hold a lover, pulling his hips flush against the smaller frame. With the difference in height, the crock of Kain's neck aliened perfectly with Aido's mouth resulting in Aido's little body fitting so well abutting Kain's taller one it was as if they were two sides to a whole.

Kain was taken over by a sea of euphoric bliss in a mixture between the vampire's chemicals and technique. Hanabusa had become quite skilled at his bloodletting over the years, and he knew exactly what kind of bite brought extra pleasure to his donor. Aido's lips and tongue seductively dance along the pale skin underneath his mouth, drawing ever so gently just the way Akatsuki liked it because Aido truly wanted to please his cousin. Aido could tell himself that the reason that he took his time to please Akatsuki so much was because it was a way for him to put the other noble in the mood to allow him to drink from Akatsuki, but the truth was he wanted to do all those things to Akatsuki, wanted his cousin to be pleasured by his hand.

Aido had a secret of his own—for quite some time now actually—that he had successfully kept from Akatsuki because he was completely confused by it. Over the past year or so, Aido had began to desire more than just blood from Akatsuki, and he didn't understand where this urges were coming from or what he should do about them. Although he was the youngest of four, Hanabusa was the only male to the Aido family, and therefore it was his responsibility to carry on the family legacy. Sure his sisters could pass on the blood line, but he had the duty for producing an ire who could continue the family name, and to do that he had to marry a girl from a well bred noble family. The problem was that Akatsuki wasn't the only male that Aido was attracted to; he was also very drawn to Kuran Kaname, and even though most vampires were drawn to purebloods, there was something more than that usually "powerful presence" that was calling to Hanabusa. However, even though vampire could have lovers of both sexes, Aido was still having trouble was coming to terms with his attraction , but with the feel of Akatsuki's skin so closely pressed to him, Aido was beginning to question why should it even matter anymore.

Kain's hips involuntary grinded into Hanabusa's lower stomach, and it was Aido's turn to groan with wanting as he became aware of something hard and long rubbing against him. He didn't want it to feel so good, but God help him, it did, making him wonder what it would feel like to have to have that stiff, firm arousal moving inside of him. Would it be as pleasurable as what he thought it would be?

Without any further thought, Aido unsnaked his arm from around Akatsuki's back and slowly brought his hand to glide down Akatsuki's chest, across his abs, and farther down still. The smooth skin beneath his fingers sent tiny electric shocks pulsing though his body as well as the one he was touching. This was definitely one time in his life Aido was glad that he acted on impulse because if he had given his action a second thought, he didn't think he would have the nerve to do what he was about to do next.

It was Kain's turn to struggle for breath as Hanabusa's hand fondled his sex through his pants, causing it to become farther erect from excitement. Aido loved the feel of what his fingers were stroking; the silky texture of the pants and the hardness of Akatsuki were an over welling combination, and Aido was willing to bet that it ever felt better if he were out of his pants. His hand steadily, without delay found the button to the slacks, undone it, and maneuvered his hand down the boxers, curling his fingers around the swollen arousal inside.

"OOHH……," Kain gasped in thrill as a fire overwhelmed him from within, and he had to lean into his cousin for support. He was a little surprise by Hanabusa's actions and perplexed with what he should do about it at the same time. Kain knew he should not be letting Hanabusa do these things to him, but the rapture of the situation was making it hard to remember exactly why not, consumed by the delicious pleasure his pulsing length was receiving. Wasn't this what he had thought about moments ago, that he wanted, needed this from the younger noble cause his body could no longer hold itself back?

Kain started to mindlessly buck into Hanabusa's strokes, and Aido's own body began to react from Akatsuki's heat seeping out of Akatsuki and in to him as he pumped Akatsuki's arousal in his firm grasp. He was a little hesitant to unlatch from Akatsuki's neck, afraid that if he stopped drinking his blood Akatsuki would halt all farther action. Aido took more time than necessary to clean his cousin's neck, kissing and sucking on the newly healed flesh and delighted in the soft sobs coming from the object of all his attentions. Aido just couldn't help it, and before his mind could resister what it was doing, he grinded his own erection into his cousin's leg.

Kain froze from shock at the very harden appendage currently pushed into his lower body, but still extra shocking was the fact that it turn him on even more. Maybe it was because on some level he was just so used of finding pleasure in this younger boy which was pressed so tightly against him, always doing things that drove him crazy, that his body reacted naturally to the stimulants of the other's arousal. Acting swiftly, almost against his will, definitely against his reason, and before Hanabusa had a chance to withdraw, Kain's hands cupped Hanabusa's ass, hiked Hanabusa up around his waist, and started to walk towards the bed not giving the other a chance to protests.

Aido was taking by total surprised, but his body began to burn with the blaze going to his groan as the realization of what his cousin had in mind was made clear to him. Feeling a little nervous he asked, "Akatsuki what are you doing?" all the while still cling to Akatsuki in an intimate way.

Kain responded by tossing him onto the bed, and with a big smile on his face recited the same promise that Hanabusa had first said to him long ago in a very sensually seductive voice, "Relax…you'll like this."

Kain's assertive actions and seductive words sent a tingle of anticipation raining down Hanabusa's body from head to toe. As Kain crawled on the bed and sucked on one of Hanabusa's nipples, rolling the stiffening peak against his tongue, Aido couldn't move for his body had heated so much that it melted into the bed. "A..ka..tsss…," Aido tried to say, but the words got stuck in his throat as he fought with the breath caught in his chest whilst Akatsuki's mouth left a blazing ghost trail from where it had been and where it planned on going as it traveled from one pink nub to the other, never fully pulling away from the skin. Finally getting his lungs to work, Aido moaned as the pleasure became too much for him to contain, and needing to touch Akatsuki, raised one of his hands to grip the skin of Akatsuki's shoulder under his fingertips.

Kain was thrilled that his cousin was responding so well to his touch that he started to make his way down the smaller boy's body with both his hands grapping his sides, his hips, anything he could reach before his lips begun to follow. His mind not really thinking about what the body was doing, hazed over by all the chemicals and hormones surging through it. All his mind could comprehend was that he liked touching Hanabusa and loved Hana touching him.

Unbidden desires raced through Aido when Akatsuki began to unbutton his slacks and tug them off his body completely. Aido's cheeks flushed from embarrassment at being completely necked and under his cousin's gaze. His eyes slowly made their way to Akatsuki's face and he was taken aback by the wild look of pure lust that was in Akatsuki's eyes.

The picture of innocence from Hanabusa so vulnerably necked on the bed was incredibly arousing to Kain that it caused sexual thoughts of desire to run rampant head. Kain wanted to take that smaller body and make it scream with pleasure at the top of it lungs over and over from all the things he could to do to it. Kain step away form Hanabusa for a moment to dig into the bedside table draw and pulled out some body lotion, and for once he was glad that his cousin felt a need to moisturize every day. He squirted some in his hands before rubbing them together to warm the lotion up, and then his hands wrapped around Hanabusa's throbbing staff, pumping it in slow tight motions.

Aido lifted himself up on his elbows groaning inwardly in protest when Akatsuki moved away from his body, but became heated from understanding as he watched Akatsuki's actions. Aido's eyes rolled on back of his head when Akatsuki started to stroke his aching hard flesh in a tantalizing tortures rhythm. He moaned for more as white lighting flashed through him and Akatsuki began rapidly fist him while Akatsuki's other hand slid down ward to play with Hanabusa's forbidden spot, massaging circles on the outside of the tight entrance. Feeling as if all strength was being ripped from him by the pleasure of Akatsuki's talented fingers, Aido sank back in to the bed like a heavy weight. He was so enraptured with Akatsuki's ministrations that he didn't notice when Akatsuki's forefinger breached his virgin passage.

Kain relished the feel of Hanabusa's super tight cherry hole around his smaller appendage. It made him wanted to put his large cock in that slippery snug O ring so badly it caused Kain's member to twitch with excitement as his finger prodded deeper within Hanabusa's passage. Not being able to take it any longer, Kain tore himself away from Hanabusa, stood at the edge of the bed, and finished taking the rest of his clothes off.

Aido curiously looked up to see why Akatsuki had stopped and gulped audibly loud when he took sight of Akatsuki's larger than average fully erect penis. It was huge. Was it even gonna fit? There was just no way that monster was not gonna hurt. Aido began to have second thoughts about this as Akatsuki began to descend upon him, placing himself between Hanabusa's thighs.

Kain pushed his erection onto Hanabusa's and both boys gasped at the sensation for their two desires coming together. The cool silky skin for each other's hardness rubbing along his own felt more intensely right than either one of them wanted to admit to themselves at this moment. Kain propped himself on one arm next to Hanabusa's to balance himself while the other's fingertips tickled Hanabusa's abs with heat on its way down to grab both rods in his oversized hand and tightly stroked them in unison, causing both of nobles to whimper and moan in satisfaction. Hand and fingers working magic on the objects of attention making Hanabusa squirm from all the painful bliss. After Kain had fully coated his erection with the lube that was on Hanabusa, he slipped his hands under Hanabusa's thighs and hooked the younger noble's legs over the crooks of his arm, pulling back his hips and positioning himself for penetration.

Aido, becoming aware of what his cousin was about ready to do, tensed up again, gripping both of Akatsuki's biceps hard. Not being one who could withstand any kind of pain—even though he was a vampire—Aido began to think that maybe this was in fact crazy and hesitantly voice his new revolution, "Akatsuki…" voice slightly trembling, "…maybe this wasn't smartest of my endeavors. We should…"

"Hanabusa…" Kain said swiftly, cutting him off, "… you have always use me however you feel like, but right now it's my turn. And remember you're the one who started all of this. Now Shut up and Take it."

Aido froze in fear. Although it didn't affect his aroused state; in fact it made him even more excited. Akatsuki had never spoken to him like that before in his life, and he truly did not know how to respond.

Kain, amused by the look of confusion mixed with apprehension, tilled himself down to Hanabusa's ear and whispered with a grin, "You're gonna love this, Hana." He would make sure of it. Being a victim of Hanabusa for many years, he was well aware of diversional tasks and how to apply them. Kain sucked Hanabusa's ear into his mouth, and the moist heat sent waves of deep desire moving through Hanabusa and crashing in his groan. Kain also utilized a little more pressure when he elongated his fangs and sliced a gash in Hanabusa's ear lobe, putting the younger boy completely off center to make his move. Kain forced his large weeping plum into Hanabusa's mind-blowingly tight body and was left breathless by the sensation. Never in his life had he felt something so amazing.

Aido sucked in his breath, fighting the initial panic and pain that shot through him, but didn't even think to struggle. As much as he was afraid, he wanted this so much more, and it showed by how he hung on desperately to Akatsuki. Akatsuki pushed in a little deeper, and Aido's face strained at the intense agony, causing his eyes to drip with tears even as his body arched against his will as he tried to draw Akatsuki deeper despite the discomfort.

Kain could see the pain in Hanabusa's face and wanted to comfort him because the last thing he wanted to do was bring pain to the beautiful boy in his arms. Kain's lips found Hanabusa's for their first kiss ever, and it was soft and gentle; everything a first kiss should be. Hanabusa's lips were so soft that Kain couldn't help but lick Hana's bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth. Hanabusa responded wonderfully, soaking up all the passionate delight that Kain had to offer. "Hana…Hana…" Kain moaned as he leaned into a another kiss, and this time his tongue plunged inside Hanabusa's hot wet mouth hungrily, claiming what he wanted, while his hands restlessly covered Hana's body, pinching his nipples, stroking his still firm length, all the while slowing sliding into him. "Relax. It won't hurt as much if you relax," Kain said breathlessly.

Aido tried to do as Akatsuki said, but was still visibly having a little trouble, shaking slightly from how large the body stretching him was, trying to will his muscles to relax and accommodate the other's size but failing. Kain could see that Hana was having trouble dealing with his larger than average size, therefore he stopped trusting to give Hana a chance to adjust to the stretching of his maiden passage, but Kain never once pulled his mouth away from Hana's silken pillows, not wanting to break the passionate lock of their deeply intoxicating kisses. Kain threaded his fingers into Hana's hair, cupping Hana's head gently but firmly, along with his careful plundering of Hana's mouth, first sucking his lips tenderly, and then sending a questing tongue to rub his sensitive gums, his fangs, and the roof of his mouth. Kain intentionally bit his own tongue because he knew the blood would bring added pleasure to their kisses.

Aido started to come around as he was drawn in to the passionate throes of Akatsuki's ferverent attentions. Aido hands loosen their grip on Akatsuki's arms and started to wonder free all the while unconsciously pulling Akatsuki in, deeping there kiss. His breathing was beginning to become raged but not form the pain. "Akatsuki…," Aido moaned as his body started to come alive from the overwhelming excitement filling his body. Kain could tell that Hana was now thoroughly enjoying himself so he started to gently thrust into Hana once more, but at the same time he traced a nail over the slit of Hana's cock, pushing it in gently as it trembled, making Hanabusa screamed in pure ecstasy as he saw stars of heaven flash before him.

The pleasure mixed with the pain was doing delightful things to Aido's body that he never once before imagine could be done by this zealous red head. It was a beautifully delicious pain that was almost more than he could take as jolts of electric ecstasy started to courses through him every time Akatsuki slowly push deeper within, and all the while Akatsuki stroked his length in the same rhythm as his thrusts. Aido moaned loudly as a new sensation began to spread through him, and he closed his eyes as the curious rapture unfolded. The pain was still there but laced under incredibly divine bliss. The double sensation made his blood heat in his veins, causing every single inch of his skin to feel ablaze in a delicious manner as waves of pleasure rippled through his body in a crescendo of such incredible levels that he had no idea it was ever possible to feel that good.

Kain knew he had already found Hana's sweet enter spot by the way the body under his withered and mewled in complete ecstasy. Kain was now completely seated in Hana's slick wondrously tight heat with the enter walls milking extreme rapture right from his soul. Kain halted all movement as he brought his other hand up to Hana's face and lightly caressed his cheek in a delicate manor whilst he looked lovingly into Hana's pleasured glazed eyes. The picture before his eyes of Hanabusa cling so erotically to his body was so beautiful, it threaten to swallow his existence whole. Hana's rosy pink cheeks, his over used red swollen lips, the glistening sheen of sweat covering his body, even his labored breathing were all extraordinarily alluring.

Aido gazed wondrously up at Akatsuki's enchanted face, but his mind could not form any coherent thought for he was too far gone in bliss. All he knew was that Akatsuki had stop making him feel incredible, and he needed him to start again. "Akatsuki… more… more… please…," Aido begged and impatiently bucked his hips. Kain let out a loud moan when Hanabusa shifted for it caused Hana's insides to grasp him all around extra firmly almost to the point of juicing him. Kain was more than happy to comply to Hana for once as he pull his hips back before slowly but firmly pumped in to him again, and he once more claimed Hana's soft puffy lips into a dynamically explosive kiss in which Hana moaned into his mouth. So consumed by each other, both boys tightly wrapped themselves around one another as if the other would be pulled away if their embracement would loosen; each completely and irrevocably lost in the other. Aido encircled his legs around Akatsuki's waist while his arms and hands hung on to Akatsuki's back and shoulders, and Kain had one under Hana, gripping the opposite shoulder with the other purposefully cupping the back of Hana's head.

Every touch added to every sensation created a euphoric haven that encompassed everything and invaded every single one of their senses to where only Hanabusa and Akatsuki existed. As one moved one way so did the other with him; it was so natural, as if their bodies were made to pleasure each other's and no one else's. Akatsuki pushed into Hana's tormentingly exquisite sheath as Hana rocked against him in harmony, perspiration dotting their skin making their bodies slippery wet, aiding them to glide with each other. The sensations were unbelievable, and each was totally captivated by the other, Hana by the deliciously beautiful way Akatsuki filled him and Akatsuki by the outrageously perfect way Hana encased him. There were no more need for words between them as their bodies moved simultaneously in an urgent but tender dance of love, lust and need.

Hana moaned in bliss at the feeling of Akatsuki pumping in and out of him and the way the motions drove his own hard flesh into the pleasurably fervent friction being created between his and Akatsuki's crushed together stomachs. Akatsuki slid in and out of Hana's tightness and the heady friction robbed him of his mind. Hana groaned softly and moved his hips urgently, silently begging Akatsuki to pick up the pace. Akatsuki was only too happy to oblige and soon they were both moving together rapidly on the bed, soft groans and cries of passion escaping and mingling in the air. They both began panting heavier as Akatsuki moved harder and faster, Hana now moving with him to meet his thrusts. Unbelievable pleasure coursed through Hana's veins, his prostate being hit dead on every time. They could both feel their peaks approaching them at a rapid pace. Hana dug his nails into Akatsuki's back and bit down hard into Akatsuki's shoulder as white hot pleasure flooded him and white lights danced across his pleasure. Hana exploded all over himself and Akatsuki covering them in his cum. Akatsuki's thrusts quickened as Hana tensed around him and the extra vampire chemicals helped bring him to his own earth shattering release. Akatsuki threw he head back and loudly moaned as he continued to thrust rapidly ringing out his orgasm as he filled Hana with his hot seed.

Eventually they both collapsed onto the bed still entwined with each other, nothing but the sound of their panting could be heard as they both relished in the silence. They felt connected on such a deep level, knowing it was a fleeting moment they both wished to preserve for as long as possible, but in the back of their minds they know what it meant, they now belonged to each other.

Present day

"Aaahh Akatsuki… I'm coming…I'm coming," Aido yelled as he found his released, spilling all onto the bed under him.

"I'm right there with you Hana," Kain groaned as his hot sticky load filled his lover.

Both vampires collapsed onto the bed, breathing heavily still tangled in one another. Aido turned in Akatsuki's arms to look at his lover, and brought a hand up to Akatsuki's face to cup his cheek. As Hanabusa slowly moved in to kiss his cousin, Kain abruptly let go of Hanabusa, got out of the bed, and started to make his way to the bathroom.

Frustrated Aido sat up and huffed, "Akatsuki, you haven't kissed me since the first time we were together, and I want to know why you keep refusing to do so."

Because he couldn't. As much as he wanted to, he could not go down that road. When he had kissed Hanabusa the first time they had had sex, Kain almost lost himself to Hanabusa at that moment, feeling so much more than just the physical pleasure fulfillment of the act but also a fulfillment on every level of his being. That first time he had truly made love to Hanabusa, and afterwards was too afraid to repeat the act. Always having to be the responsibly mature one of the two to keep his cousin out of trouble, he knew that that kind of relationship could never exist between the two of them. It was one thing to have fun with each other at a young age, but a completely different thing to let it develop into something more. Hanabusa was to be the head of the clan, and Kain was just a member of said clan that the Aido's took in when he had lost his parents as an infant. He couldn't dare to hope that Hanabusa could not only feel the same way about him but also would give up his birthright to be with him. He knew the type of life Hanabusa was expected to lead, and nowhere in that life did it have room for him.

"It's just not my style," Kain replied with a forced grin then turned quickly before Hanabusa could read his face.

"Yes, yes. I get it you're the love them and leave them type. No time for pleasantries afterward…"

Kain froze. That hurt a little more than it should.

"…but you could at least try to be sensual during the act. For goodness sake even Kaname-sama kisses me…" OH SHIT! I just said WAY too much. Felling way to good—more like a drunken haze—from the sex, the blood, and the euphoric atmosphere, Aido let his tongue slip about something no one should ever know about, even if that one person was Akatsuki.

Kain swiftly tuned back to his cousin with a totally wide-eyed blown away expression, "WHAT did you say… Kaname'!" chocking over the words as they were repeated from his mouth.

Aido did know where to put himself. If Kaname-sama were to find out that he had let slip something that he was instructed to—by pain on death—never tell a soul, Kaname-sama would kill him, but more importantly Kaname-sama would never touch him that way again. He had to come up with something to say that would be believable to Akatsuki that would have him think that it never really happened. He was a genius; he could think of a totally believable lie. Couldn't he?

"What I mean is that I don't think that even Kaname-sama could be so cold hearted as to withhold such a simply pleasantry from someone he would have sex with even if it was just for convenience. You know how I am when it comes to Kaname-sama. You think I never thought about what kind of person he would be in a sexual relationship. It not like Kaname-sama would even think about me in that way but still it's nice to dream," Aido finished, hoping against hope that his cousin would believe him.

Kain felt a ping of jealousy from the words Hanabusa had said. So Hanabusa really did want to be with Kaname, but it shouldn't come at a surprise to him how his cousin felt. It was almost common knowledge that Hanabusa was obsessed with Kaname. Of course Hanabusa would have already considered the possibilities; it was only logical. But that wasn't what made him jealous. It was that Kaname was someone that Hanabusa could be with openly in a real relationship, and even though they were both guys it would still be acceptable, and even Hanabusa's obligations to his family wouldn't matter because Kaname was a pureblood.

Not being in the mood to deal with these emotions right now Kain just simply took Hanabusa's words at face value, turning again to make his way to the bathroom for a shower he hoped would wash away this desperate longing.

Aido was a little surprised and relieved when Akatsuki didn't ask any more questions and continued to walk to the bathroom. It had been an exceptional afternoon, and he didn't want it to be ruined now. Still he was a little put out by Akatsuki's lack of interest in other things. All this time he was hoping that Akatsuki could one day think of this as more than just some romp in the hay. Aido long for that same connection he had felt the first time they had made love. In that moment he knew that no one else could ever make him feel that way again, and he was right. Even though he had had sex with his dear beloved pureblood on many occasions, it still didn't compare to the way he always felt when he was in Akatsuki's arms.

Well no time to dwell on that when he had to see to what could have gotten Kaname so aroused and who the other pureblood in the dorms was. This afternoon had been interesting indeed.