I'm not sure about this one. It's naughtier than what I usually write, but wanted to give it a shot, after reading the threesome story by Natesmama. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it if the idea of a threesome doesn't offend you. I always wondered what Bones would think if she happened upon Angela when the other woman was on the prowl, and the twist is that Booth happens to be with Bones having a drink at the end of the week. This assumes that Bones never went out with Hacker in the beginning of season five, and Angela is supposedly still on her celibacy experiment. Takes place before the infamous 100th episode, thus there has been no rejection and no moving on. Gregg.

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Bones entered the small out of the way bar with Booth. They had just got back from New Mexico a couple of hours before and Booth had called her just a little while ago asking her to join him for a drink. Normally they had their post case, or even end of the day, drink at Founding Fathers or either of their apartments, but not tonight. She had considered saying no, as she had come to a decision while in New Mexico to end her own self-imposed celibacy, and that if nothing happened on that night under the stars with Booth, she'd go out when she got home and find a willing guy to take home and enjoy a couple of nights of invigorating, anonymous sex. In fact, when Booth called, she'd been putting on a very revealing, very raunchy, short, tight pullover dress and was getting ready to leave and "go on the prowl" as Angela would say. She had no desire to give Booth any reason to suspect what she had intended on doing that night, so she'd agreed to his invitation and got dressed in much more appropriate attire. She told herself that she would go out the next night and pick up a guy.

"Why aren't we going to Founding Fathers?" she asked as they got a back booth and sat down with their drinks.

"I drove by there on my way to pick you up and it was packed," he explained. "I've been here a couple of times with guys from work. It's decent and the drinks are good."

Bones shivered as she heard him say pick you up and thought of her own aborted plans. It was only too bad that Booth didn't have the same plans for her that she'd had for herself with some anonymous guy. Booth was the one she wanted, but after all the mistakes and miscues, as well as his qualified statement of love a couple of months before, she was resigned to having to deal with her sexual urges and desires with other men. Booth's boss, Deputy Director Hacker had hinted strongly that he was interested in a bit of fun, but she didn't like Hacker and knew that if she did take him up on the offer he'd made a month before, it would have devastating consequences on her partnership and friendship with Booth. She was now able to understand how her time with Sully, and a year before with the two boyfriends, had damaged what she had with Booth and that it had taken time to get back to where they should be, with the possibility of something more. Then she noticed something.

"Isn't that Angela?" she asked, pointing across the room. It looked exactly like Angela, and she was dancing with a couple of good looking men, and the two men were all over her with their hands and pressing their bodies against her. Not that she could judge, as she would have been doing and experiencing the same thing if she'd gone out like she'd originally intended. It was just that Angela had been celibate, by choice, for some time now. Bones wondered what had brought on this change in her friend, though Angela had complained about it a short while back when they had been on the phone just before she and Booth had left for New Mexico. I need a good, stiff cock inside of me had been Angela's exact words. Apparently she had reached her breaking point. While she hadn't said anything at the time, she couldn't help but agree with the Angela's so eloquently stated sentiment in relation to her own situation.

"Yeah it is," Booth's eyes narrowed as he said it. He felt very protective about the whole Squint Squad, and he didn't like the way those guys were practically manhandling Angela. "I think that I should go over there and let those guys know that they need to treat her better than that."

"Don't butt in, Booth," Bones said as she placed a hand on his arm as he made to stand up and go over there.

"Why not?" Booth demanded. "Those guys are treating her no better than some piece of meat." He didn't say slut, or tramp, as he would never use such language in regards to Angela, but what he was seeing was galling enough that he was struggling with the thoughts that were going through his mind.

"Because she's out trying to get laid, Booth," she told him without any kind of tactful phrasing. She felt that he needed to understand as opposed to feeling comfortable.

Booth groaned. "I didn't need to hear that," he said as he closed his eyes.

"It's not like she hasn't done this before, Booth," she chided softly. "You know I have on occasion when I am not seeing anyone in particular. Who knows? She may even take both of them home with her."

"She's into that group stuff?" Booth asked, not really sure he wanted to know. Sure he'd had his own fantasies about being with more than one woman at the same time, but that was fantasy, not reality. He also didn't like hearing about Bones being on the prowl, even if she was talking about the past.

Bones shrugged. "Sometimes," she replied. "Even I've done so on rare occasions, whether it's with two men, or a man and another woman."

Booth tamped down the images of Bones with another woman, and also the images of her with other men, especially two men at once. The latter made him want to hit someone, the former made him hard as a rock. Neither reactions were terribly welcome right then.

"Maybe we could help her," Bones said, an idea forming in her mind, and it wouldn't go away. It was a serious risk making this suggestion to Booth, but she was honest enough with herself that even if she did go out the next night and pick up some guy, it would likely not even come close to the pleasure the man next to her could provide.

"Huh?" Booth tried to understand just what she was getting at. Supply Angela with some hard body boy toys? No way.

Bones turned to Booth and looked him squarely in the eye. "You see what she's doing, Booth?" she asked. She wanted Booth, not some nameless one night stand, and here was a chance to get him, and also supply him with the fulfillment of a common male fantasy which she was sure that Booth had had. Despite his prudish demeanor at times, she had no doubt that he was a real guy's guy as Angela would say. "I had been getting ready to do just that myself when you called."

Booth's eyes widened in shock.

"But I decided to put off my plans until tomorrow so I could spend some time with you," she informed him. "But now that we see Angela over there about to break her celibacy, I was thinking that maybe all three of us can help each other."

"Help each other?" he managed to croak out.

"Have you ever been with two women, Booth?" Bones asked, keeping her eyes carefully on his face to see his reactions.

"No," he replied, taking a healthy swallow of his drink. He wasn't sure if this was a dream come true, or if maybe he should have just stayed home tonight. Then that thought brought up Bones' admission of what she had originally planned for her night and he was back to square one, namely wanting to hit something or someone. He wondered if he would be given a free pass if he started a barfight because of extreme emotional distress. Before he could complete his thoughts Bones started talking again.

"Would you like to?" Bones asked.

Booth gulped audibly. "I guess, if it was with the right women," he told her, knowing that she would understand, deep down, what he was saying about the "right" women. It wasn't about judging the kind of woman, but, rather, his comfort level with the women in question.

"What about me and Angela?" Bones asked, now nervous. He could easily turn down her idea, and she would be left with more anonymous flings now that she'd decided to break her over year long celibacy.

For a moment Booth thought he had to be dreaming, but the fact that he'd already gone through that check a few moments ago told him this was no dream. Sex. With Bones and Angela. Two very hot women who he cared deeply about, and was very much in love with one. He took a quick look over at Angela and saw she was still dancing with those two schmucks. He did the only thing his mind, and also his very real lower half, would let him do.

"Okay," he said, a serious look in his eyes.

Bones smiled. In her own mind she was excited. She knew that a threesome with Booth and Angela would only be a one time thing, but she hoped that by the end of it Booth would be willing to take a chance on the two of them being in a relationship. She'd come back from Guatemala ready to talk with him about her feelings, but his condition, and then his qualified statement had ruined it for her. Now she was hoping that she would get another chance with this as the catalyst.

"I'll go see if Angela is interested," she told him, though she was fairly certain that Angela would agree on the spot given how much her friend had practically drooled over Booth when they had all first met him.

Booth watched, transfixed, as Bones made her way over to Angela. He could see that Angela was a bit surprised that Bones was here, but she dismissed the guys and listened to what Bones had to say. He knew the moment that Bones had gotten to the good part as Angela looked right over at him, the complete shock apparent, and then a sly, wicked smile gracing her lips. Then he saw both of them coming over to him, Bones giving him a smile.

"So, Studly," Angela said as he stood up when she got to the booth. "Bren here tells me the two of you want to take me home and have a threesome." She gave him a good looking over, loving what she was seeing, as always. The man was a full on stud in her opinion, physically, and the fact that he was such a nice guy, to boot, only made the total package that much more appealing. Of course, she was not stupid and realized that this would only be a one time thing, but who was she to turn down such an incredible opportunity?

"Uh, yeah," he replied, trying to keep his voice somewhat normal.

"Then let's get going," Angela said, a now lecherous, wicked smile in place. "I can't wait to see if my own fantasies about how good you are in the sack are accurate."

"Me, too," Bones offered him her own wicked smile, her eyes wandering all over his body. She was most definitely wanting to get his clothes off and see him fully erect, ready to give her just what she had been doing without for way too long.

Booth could tell that the two women were serious, and that eased his moral conscience somewhat. That being said, he moved quickly over to the bar and paid the tab, and Angela's, too. He ushered the out the door and asked them where they wanted to go for this.

"My apartment," Bones said after a brief look at Angela. She had the perfect props to make this a memorable night for all of them, after all.

"Did you drive here?" he asked Angela.

"I took a cab," Angela told him, confirming with that answer that she had indeed been on the prowl.

"The SUV's over here," Booth said. "Let's go!"

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