Chapter 33

We know who owns it.

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Friday morning and three days after Edward leaves, I'm sitting on our couch balancing and staring at the phone on my slightly rounded stomach. I recently had to give up wearing my favorite pair of jeans, it was a bad day.

"Dude." Jamie says, walking out of the bathroom in only a towel.

I glance up at her, her boldness doesn't get to me anymore. I hate that she's so damn skinny. I feel like a small cow compared to her.

"Staring at the phone won't make it ring. Stop." She walks straight into her room, and I hear her slamming drawers.

I roll my eyes at her, and eye the clock. It's only ten am, and I'm ready to jump put of my skin anytime my phone lights up.

Dr. Adams needs to call me soon.

Jamie comes out, and sits next to me. She puts lotion on her legs and sighs.

"So here's what we're gonna do. You're going to get up, get dressed and meet me right here."

I nod, knowing shes trying to help me.

"And leave the phone."

I roll my eyes, taking in my sweat pants and Edward's sweatshirt. I get up and walk into my room as she calls out that I stink and should probably take a shower, too.

She's a good friend, but I hate her.


Twenty five minutes later, and still no call; Jamie and I are sitting at our usual table in the cafe we frequent. She's jumpy and nervous, and I actually try not to think of why. I eye her uneaten muffin, knowing she wouldn't judge me if I ate it; so I do.

She laughs nervously ate me, and then sighs.

"There's something I need to tell you. Hopefully it'll take our mind off of today."

I raise and eyebrow as I take a bite of the muffin.

"I think I might be in lovewithGage." She rushes out, not looking at me.

"I... I don't exactly know your feelings for him anymore, but the night after you left for Thanksgiving, He came over. We stayed up all night. We talked until the sun came up. I kissed him. Ever since then... I've always liked him as more than a friend, and if you have a problem with it... I'll tell him I can't see him anymore, but Bella..."

I watch as she talks, trying to process what she's saying and how I feel.

To be honest, it makes sense. I knew she liked him. She told me all the time when we hung out that she wish he looked at her the way he looked at me. She's been so secretive lately with her texts and where she's been; it all makes sense now.

As I think about it, I feel myself actually starting to like the idea of them together, and what say do I have? I'm thirteen weeks pregnant with another man's baby.

"Say something," she nudges me, "I told him I'd tell you about us but now I wish..."

"Shut up, Jamie."

She looks at me, and I smile at her.

"As long as he makes you happy, and you him... why would I have a problem with it?"

"You guys have always been there for me. I think you'd be great together." I point at my belly, "This is my current problem. How the heck am I going to go to Wildwood in two weeks and explain this to my brother and mom?"

She laughs at me, and before I know it, she's hugging me.

"I was so scared. I know things with Edward are..." She trails off, looking at me. "I know you guys have a lot to work out now. I just..." she makes air quotes, "Girl code; don't date another sisters mister."

I laugh, hugging her back.

"You're right, Edward and I have a lot to work on, but you and Gage? Who knows, I do think you'd be great for him. Maybe it was fate. It has it's way of working things out when you least expect it. Be happy, James."

"Just like it was fate when you walked into that bar a few summers ago..." She trails off, making me smile.

And then the phone rings.


"Your sister is going to be the death of me." I mutter, glancing at Emmett as he rocks Cayden.

He looks up at me and says, "Good. After this summer, that stunt you pulled in the car outside..." He shakes his head. I try not to laugh, but he shoots me a glare.

"How is she? We talk to her almost every week, but she's been..." He trails off, "What's going on with you two?"

"She's... We're working through some things." He raises an eyebrow. I watch as Cayden fights his sleep. He looks so much like Em it's ridiculous.

"We're really working on things, actually talking and weighing odds. There aren't any fits and when one of us doesn't like what the other one says, we talk about it."

"So, what you're saying is you're in a relationship." He says lowly.

I nod.

"With my sister."

I flashback to two years ago when he punched my face. I try not to flinch.

"Yeah, I guess I am."

"Okay." He says, after a minute.

"Um, Okay?" I ask because what is happening here?

He looks at me for a couple of seconds. I can practically see the wheels spinning in his head.

"I'll have my say and that's the last I'll say about it." He says, but continues. "Be careful with her. I don't mean "just don't hurt her or I'll kick your ass"; but don't let her hurt you either. I know I have a tough time looking at her as an adult and not my little sister anymore. It's something I'm working on. I don't know the details of last summer, and based on what I've worked out in my head; I don't think I'll ever want to... but whatever it was, I know it was huge and it sucked. I know it almost broke you and Bella... I don't want to ever see either you like that, because if I had to choose between the two of you, of course it'll be her but I consider you a friend, man. The best."

"I think... I think we'll be okay. I really do love her. And I appreciate it...what you said."

He just nods, and I know he's done with the heavy stuff.

"I'm calling her tomorrow. Telling her to get her ass down here for New Years."

"It would be good to have her home." I say, knowing she isn't going to like that. She refuses to come to Wildwood until she has her results.

It's quiet, and I watch as Cayden stretches; and then it's low but loud enough to hear.


"That's my boy!" Emmett whoops.


I'm in my office, shuffling through research on what could happen if Bella's results come back positive; I can't focus on anything else.

There's a knock on my door, and it's Marcus.

He comes in, and shuts the door.

"So, I wanted to ask you yesterday, how's Bella?" He asks, after we exchange pleasantries. I've always loved that he cuts the bullshit.

"She's, uh... I don't know. We should find out her results tomorrow. We're just hoping for the best."

He nods, eying the papers on my desk.

"That won't help the stress, Edward."

I nod.

"I wanted to do this on more official terms, but I don't see a reason to. Things around here are insane, so I'll cut to the chase." He hands me an envelope. "This is for you. You should know that it's noticed, how hard and how much effort you put into this school. I hope it helps you. I'll take my copy when you're done. It's the yellow sheet."

I sit confused, as he walks out. And then I open the envelope.

It's a raise proposal, signed off by the Superintendent. For me

And it's four more zero's added in than I would ever expect to get.


"I have news." I say, as soon as she picks up.

"Yeah?" She huffs, I can tell she's sleeping, and it's only four o'clock there. My poor girl is so tired lately.

"I got a raise."

I'm not prepared for the screech she lets out, but I have to laugh.

"Wow! That's so great." I hear Jamie muttering in the background.

We talk about her day, and how nervous she is about tomorrow. I tell her how much I love to see the pictures of her belly she sends me everyday; knowing that we did that. We created it out of love.

"Let's just hope..." she trails off, but doesn't finish. I know exactly what she's thinking.


I can see her biting her lip and rubbing her belly.

"I know, one day at a time."

"I love you." I say, hoping to change the subject.

I hear her yawn through the phone, "I love you. I'll call you tomorrow as soon as they tell me something, okay?"

"Goodnight, Izzy."

Through her sleepy haze she mutters, "We love you, daddy."


"Next time, try doing the strokes the opposite way, and lighter." I instruct the student I'm watching, except not really. I'm trying not to watch my phone or the clock. Today I'm bugging the shit out of the students, in hopes that I'll somehow not think about what's going on in Chicago right now.

The day progresses the same, and drags. I hear nothing from Bella even after the final bell of the day has rang. I don't want to be nervous, but I am.


I call her phone, but no answer.

"Shit." I mutter, throwing on my jacket, and picking up my things. I was scheduled to meet with Marcus to discuss the changes from the meeting on Tuesday, but there's no way I can handle it.

I walk into my office, telling Mrs. Cope to call Marcus. One look at me, and she seems to get how important it is.

I try Bella again, and when it goes straight to voicemail, I lose my shit.


I take a deep breath, and try to call Jamie.

When she answers, wherever she is, is crowded. I can't hear anything.

I hang up, and text her.

I haven't heard from Bella, is she okay?

I don't remember going through the motions, but soon I'm in my car, on the way home.

She's okay. She was going to sleep, and she set an alarm to call you. She had a lot of information to deal with.

I shake my head. Fuck that.

I pull up to my house with every intention to pack a bag and make my way to the airport.

I run inside, and Angel comes running down the stairs; barking and growling. I'm pretty sure I scare her. Some guard dog.

I make my way upstairs, and stop in my tracks.

My Izzy.

She's there in seconds, and I'm holding and hugging her.

"What are you doing here? I've been worried sick all day... I was on my way to Chicago." I laugh.

She pulls away.

"I saw the doctor today. Jamie booked a flight for me. She said she knew I couldn't tell you the news over the phone... I'm sorry I made her lie to you."

I smile, pulling her to me.


She looks at me with her big brown eyes, and all I want to do is wipe the tears away. But then, her face breaks out in the most amazing smile and I wish I could see it forever. It's a moment that when I look back on it in ten, fifteen or twenty years; I'll always feel the same way.

"Edward, we're having a baby. We're going to be fine."

Pure joy.

It's been a while, right? I'm hoping to get back into the flow. I lost my grandfather in the last year, I'm officially a married girl and we're hoping to buy a house soon. All of the craziness has barely settled down, but Amy and I have always planned on finishing it. I missed this story so much, and I appreciate every message I've gotten. Thank you for hanging in there.