Prompt: Afternoon Thunderstorms

Author's Note: This is the final one as I got voted off. (So close to the end! Lol.) I hope you've all enjoyed it! :)

Lazy Sundays


Owen stirred briefly but remained mostly asleep. He'd been on call at the hospital all night and hadn't gotten home until seven in the morning. And he often dreamt of his wife saying his name, so he couldn't be sure he wasn't dreaming now.

"Owen!" Accompanied with an insistent shove.

Guess he wasn't dreaming. Owen removed the pillow that was covering his head and rolled over. As he did, he absorbed more sounds and sights. The rumbling of thunder reverberated against the window panes of the firehouse, followed by a flash of lightning through the curtains. Owen stretched out his arms and let out a yawn. "What time is it?"

"Two thirty. I let you sleep in a little bit longer." Cristina leaned over his prone body to kiss him. Before she could pull away, Owen grabbed hold of her around the waist and tugged. She fell, laughing, onto the bed and into his awaiting arms.

"Let's just stay in bed all day," he said, nuzzling her neck and holding her close. "A lazy Sunday."

"We were supposed to go to the zoo, remember? To go see the lions, the bears, and the inland bearded dragon." After a beat, she added, "Oh my."

"That was this Sunday?"

"Yeah… Though it doesn't seem like we're going to be able to go. It's raining pretty hard outside. Do the animals still stay outside if there's a thunderstorm going on? I'm not driving all the way over there just to see the lame animals that get hidden away because they're that lame."

Owen chuckled. "Want to catch a movie instead?"

"I already checked. There aren't any good Disney or Pixar movies out. We can rent one?"

"I think—"

Suddenly, the door to their bedroom slammed against the wall and the pitter pattering of feet scurried across the distance between the door and the bed.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Her small body came hurtling on top of them. Owen let out a groan as she accidentally kneed him in the gut.

"What's wrong, Penelope?" Cristina asked, tucking her daughter's hair behind her ear.

"It's so loud!"

"What is?"

"The thunder. It's making my windows shake." Penelope let out a melodramatic sigh. "It's like the sky is furious. F-U-R-I-O-U-S. Furious." She paused to let her parents appreciate her genius in using her new word of the day. "Can we go to the zoo now?"

"I'm sorry, honey, I don't think we can today. We'll go another day, okay?" Owen stroked the side of her cheek.

"I guess. Then what are we going to do today? I'm so bored."

"What do you want to do?"

"I don't know. I'm too bored to even think of something."

"I know, let's go camping," Owen suggested. With two females, camping wasn't a common occurrence. At first, Penelope was too young. But when she became old enough – and Cristina couldn't come up with a good enough excuse not to – they always seemed to be paged back to the hospital for one medical emergency or another. And the "medical emergencies" always seemed to involve whatever case Meredith Grey could dig up.

"Camping?" Cristina looked at her husband like he was crazy.

"Yeah! Let's go camping!" Penelope sat up and cheered.

"Go get your blankets. We're going to make a tent, get out the sleeping bags, and make S'mores."

"Yay!" And off she went, leaving her highly amused parents temporarily alone.

"Good thinking," Cristina said, turning toward Owen.

He smiled. "Not the zoo, but at least we can finally go on a camping trip that doesn't make you miserable."

Cristina burst into laughter. "Better than a lazy Sunday lying in bed?"

"Definitely better. Hanging out with my two favorite girls is always better."