Chapter Eight: My Charade is the Event of the Season

Sam sat on the black leather couch reviewing everything that he had just done to Dean. Did Dean deserve it? No. Was it Sam's place to interrogate Dean? No. Was Sam jealous that Dean and Layla were finally together? Oh, you can bet on that one.

Sam's feelings for Layla hadn't risen overnight. They had been forming inside of him for some time now, and the moment he thought he could beat Dean to the punch, the chance was taken away. Sam felt guilty because of the feelings he held so deeply for Layla. He knew she was in love with Dean. He knew Dean was in love with Layla.

Sam knew eventually Layla would confront him. He had noticed the look on her face when he came up with the lame excuse of just being worried about her. Layla knew Sam understood she could take care of herself and if she wanted to have sex with Dean, then it was her own decision.

Sam heard quiet footsteps coming down the final set of steps and as he looked up he saw Layla wrapped in a big, red comforter. She had a look in her eyes, a very curious look.

When she finally placed her feet on the hardwood floor, she scuffed over to the couch where Sam sat. As she sat down Sam became very nervous. He didn't know what she would tell her. He could tell her the truth, but that could cause trouble. He could lie to her, but that could also cause trouble. Surely, Layla would know he was lying and carry a grudge for a few days which would just kill Sam inside.

"Sam…" Layla just shook her head slowly. "I know why, so I'm not even gonna ask. I just wish you would have told me some time ago."

"What difference would it have made? You are in love with Dean and I accept that. I accepted that a long time ago." Sam leaned back on the couch, placing his arms on the upper ledge.

"You know there were times when I had given up on Dean. You had a chance Sammy. You really did."

"And I don't now? It sounds like you have feelings for me too and just don't want to admit it."

Sam was becoming cocky, something Layla didn't like to see coming from him.

"No Sam. You don't. I have Dean now. I couldn't be happier. I thought you'd see that. You are the only one I told and here you are thinking you can steal me from your own brother."

"I'm not trying to steal you from my brother. I just want to know if you have feelings for me." Sam was beginning to strain his words as he fought back tears.

Layla grew silent for quite sometime now and Sam was confused as to what was wrong. That's when he heard water running. Had Dean come downstairs? He didn't hear any footsteps. Oh, great, he thought.

"Sometimes just turned on my kitchen sink Sam…" She mumbled, a look of shear terror in her eyes.

That's when a loud banging came from the upstairs bedroom. The lights flickered and every door in the hour began opening and shutting quite violently.

"Dean!" Both, Layla and Sam yelled in unison.

Layla bolted up the stairs after Dean while Sam chased after her.

"Layla! Stop! Dean can take care of himself! Layla! No!" Sam caught a hold of her tee-shirt and pulled down a set of steps. He didn't intentionally mean to hurt her, but she was putting herself in harms way.

Not long after Dean's footsteps came barreling down the stairs, "Get out! I got the car keys, get out!"