DMC5 cross over with Transformers

"Boys On The Run"

Summary: During or before DMC5. Now I know it isn't out in America yet but they DID have the English trailer so I figured I'd gather info. Dante and Sam run for their lives from both of their enemies. The demons and the Decepticons.

Got info from Wikipedia and Devil May Cry Wikia.



Sam didn't know why, but he was in an odd city. It was filthy to say the least, but he sure landed on something soft. He shifted his weight…And the thing groaned.

"Huh?" He looked down.

The soft thing was in fact a person. A young man just a tad bit younger than himself. "Get the hell off…me…" the boy groaned.

Sam had to obey. He did so and got off him.

"Sorry about-"

"Don't bother." said the boy as he got up and cracked his back. Sam caught himself from saying anything cocky to the boy. He DID look like he could take him down, even kill him without flinching a muscle. But this boy looked frail, even fragile.

"At least I apologized." Sam said. The boy glared at him with such an intensity it almost made Sam pee in his pants.

"Don't you have a home to go to?" the boy asked.

"Don't you?" Sam shot back.

This time, Sam received no glare nor painful retort; but a sad sigh. "The streets are my home."

"What's you're name?" Sam asked.

"A little too social, aren't we?" asked the boy as he put a cigarette to his mouth and lit it.

Sam looked at him. "Cigarettes are bad for you." he said.

The boy glanced up at him and smiled. "Not for me." he said in an almost too sarcastic tone. "I'm not a normal kid."

Sam nodded. "I saw that."

The boy cracked another wicked smile. "Y'know, for a 'normal person', I kinda like you…in a nongay kinda way. Tell me your name and I'll tell you mine." he said.

Sam smirked and held his hand out. "Sam Witwicky."

The boy stared at his hand, then took it. "Dante." he said.


For those of you who hate Dante's new look, you shouldn't have clicked on this fanfic in the first place. WHY? Because I LOVE the new look for him. He's so young and what not. This fanfic is based sometime before DMC5. So it WILL be young Dante. He WILL be AWESOME XD

For those of you who actually like it, then I thank you. You guys are awesome and I intend on making a forum discussing his look if you want to join. And to show your support for him review positively and do what ever. :D

Again, thank you.