Chapter 5 of Boys on the Run. Have fun!


Dante kicked open the emergency stairs door. The scene in front of him was horrifying, but he didn't much care. All the noise was making him even more pissed off than ever. And him being more pissed off means total annihilation for the ones causing the ruckus. "Lock and load bitches." he growled.

Demons and decepticons alike attacked the military base. Men and women, as well as the Autobots, fought against the enemy forces. Dante charged at the closest target, which was a really tall Decepticon. He jumped up, made his lead pipe transform into a long spear, and plunged it into the back of the enemy robot. "ACK! YOU LITTLE PEST!" screamed the robot.

The robot swung Dante to and fro, but the kid still hung on. "Have a taste of THIS!"

He made the staff turn into a sword with a chain like blade (Like Ivy's weapon on Soul Calibur II). The chain was long enough for him to plant his feet on the ground, and thanks to his growing demonic powers, he was able to keep the robot on a tight leash. He then pulled it quickly backwards, the robot landing just inches away from him. "Tough, aren't I?" he asked the robot. Without letting the beast answer, he started to punch the creature's head in. Despite its armored skeleton, Dante's fist still went through.

Dante lit up a cigarette and began fighting the smaller enemies. He battled a cat-like decepticon with a machine gun on its back. Unfortunately for it, it didn't stand a chance against the hammer Dante had conjured.

Megatron was battling Optimus when he noticing his smaller units dying fast. "What in the…"

Megatron subdued Optimus by knocking him down and impaling him in the arm with his new sword. He charged at Dante, but the boy disappeared within an instant. A chilling, yet boyish laugh rang out. Megatron spun around in the direction it came from, but nothing was there except for a few fallen men and enemy robots. But something knocked him in the back of the head.

"You realize I'm just toying with you?" Dante asked. Megatron spun back around to get a good look at his attacker. He started to laugh. "A human? Fight me?"

Dante stood on top of a poll that suck up from the rubble. His coat billowed out behind him, and his hair rustled in the warm summer breeze. "Don't underestimate your opponents." He said simply. "Plus I want answers."

Megatron laughed again, but Dante conjured a whip and made it wrap around the robot, then it started to electrocute him. "Answers now. I won't say it again. Why have you formed an alliance with Mundus?"

Megatron fell to his knees. "We want the same thing."

Dante narrowed his eyes. "World domination. And he trusts you enough to make freaks of nature with you and create you an army and a giant sword. Fuck you, you're fucking screwed."

Megatron growled. "I…Will…Not…Be…Defeated…BY A HUMAN!" he screamed. He tries to swipe the boy off the poll, but Dante jumped up to dodge his attack. A he was in mid air, Dante concentrated a good bit of energy into his right leg, then he brought it down onto Megatron's head; which flew off and bounced on the ground. Dante landed on his feet with a wicked smirk on his face. "News flash asshole. I'm not human."

With that, Dante devil triggered. He charged at the remaining enemies, which retreated in fear. He stopped, realizing the fight was over. But Everyone else, Autobot and human, were staring at him in fear. He was panting, knowing the amount of power emerging from his being was too much on his body. "Take a good look." He panted. "This is the real me. You can be scared all you like. I can't change what I am. Nor will I ever."

Dante reverted back to his normal self. The whole room began to spin, and Dante felt his head smack against the cement floor. People were shouting his name, but even his hearing went blank.


Oh dear! Dante passed out! AGAIN!

Dante: Woo…_

Sam: This is strangely interesting…