Hello Fanfictioners!

Happy Valentines Day! In the spirit of love, I decided to whip out a P.S.A.

I have been noticing the LACK of love as far as my stories have been concerned. In essence, we've reached a plateau. I really need reviews. I wanna know what you think, what you think I should fix, how the story should progress. If I know nothing, I have nothing to go off of to give you a good story, and then the story drops. Then what do we have? A stalemate story. It's a Lose-Lose for all of us. Ya know?

So do me a HUGE HUGE FAVOR. In the Spirit of Love Day. Why don't you show me a little love, and post a review.

Also. Tonight. After I have my fun, I'll be posting a story. If I get up to say..2-3, maybe even FIVE reviews. I might just post it sooner. ;D