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Now, I've had a couple ideas running through my head about what kind of story I want to write here. Nations or humans? What kind of setting? Which characters? (I LOVE THE WORLD) Which couples? (BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY THAT I LIKE~)

All in all, a really difficult decision. However I have decided on a plot that I like and should actually have fun writing! (Which is what counts, am I right?)

SO without further ado, I present to you World Camp! Enjoy and I'll see you at the bottom~ :3


Warnings: Just a bit of naughty language~

The World Meetings were becoming a meaningless waste of time. There would be some effort into solving a world issue but after a time, nothing could hold back the broken ties between certain nations. It didn't matter how many centuries ago the incident had happened; they could pretend that old scars were freshly bleeding wounds if it meant a fight. There would be an exchange of taunts and a threat or two before all hell would break loose. Rarely would anything be accomplished at these meetings, if they didn't make things worse by the end of them.

Now, it wasn't often that the bosses of the world got together without the nations present. However, it was time for a change and they agreed that there was only one solution. Camp. Specifically, World Camp. All the nations were to spend a year in a secluded camp site and see if they could find a way to cooperate in the meantime. Hopefully, the bosses thought, if they could manage that for a year at camp, they could during a World Meeting.

Hell, they figured if it worked on human teenagers it would work on the nations (because at times, they're not all that different). It had to work. It couldn't fail. After all, it was their only hope.

Matthew received his letter earlier the previous day. It had come as such a shock that he had to call to verify it with his brother, Alfred, to make sure this was actually happening. It wasn't that he was completely opposed to the idea, it's just...a camp? What did his boss as well as the others' bosses think they were? Kids? He's dealt with these nations for a couple centuries now! And unlike him, others have been with each other for thousands of years. How could they possibly think a year at camp could do anything if thousands of years hadn't?

None the less, there he was, packing a suitcase of clothes and other belongings. He was busy folding one of his favorite T- shirts when he suddenly found his vision had gone black and his nostrils were filling with the smell of fast food fries and general stink, making his eyes water.

"What the fuck?" he yelled (as loud as the generally soft spoken Canadian could yell). He pulled off his attacker which was a plain White T- shirt, stained with God knows what, sporting the image of the McDonalds golden arches. Looking up, Matthew spotted its owner and proceeded to throw the filthy thing back where it had come.

Alfred F. Jones grinned at his brother as he chucked the article of clothing over his shoulder (Matthew winced). He then put on a fake pout, bright blue eyes looking at the Canadian from behind squared glasses.

"Aw come on Mattie!" the fellow blonde whined, "I just brought it over cause I knew all you'd be packing is lame shit with maple leaves on 'em instead."

Matthew was about to argue that that "lame shit with maple leaves on them" was pretty much his entire wardrobe but thought against it, as it would only make his current situation worse than it already was.

"I'm not wearing that-" Matthew paused to look at the crumpled shirt behind Alfred, "...Thing." he sighed heaving and pushed down on the pile of clothes packed into his suitcase (which also had a maple leaf on it) and turned back to Alfred, "Couldn't you have washed it at least?"

"Nope," The American replied. A hamburger had somehow materialized in his hands and he continued to talk while taking a large bite. Matthew wouldn't have been able to understand him if he wasn't so used to it, "Unlike you, dear brother, I was packing the important things."

Matthew was about to ask what could be more important than clothing at a camp when Alfred opened his own suitcase.

He suddenly knew where the hamburger had come from.

"Alfred you have got to be fucking kidding me." The American nation had revealed a suitcase filled entirely with fast food. Then Matthew noticed something, as he looked over the American's greasy treasure.

"Alfred you do realize we'll be gone at camp for a year, right? All of that will hardly last you a week."

Alfred looked at his brother curiously for a second, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "A year..but-" he picked up the letter again and almost dropped his hamburger (almost), "Holy shit!"

Matthew watched as his brother jumped to his feet, zipped the suitcase up again and threw on his beloved bomber jacket, "I'll be back later Mattie! Kthxbai!" With that, the other nation was out the door as fast as he had come.

Matthew hadn't even begun to enjoy the silence when he heard the sound of his own national anthem drift to his ears from a different room. His cell phone. Shit, where had he put it? He got up, and stretched his legs before proceeding to walk about the large house, following the the sound until he spotted it on the bathroom counter. Checking the ID he quickly flipped it open.

"MAAAATIIIIEEEE~!" The Canadian yelped and pulled the phone away from the side of his face, ears ringing.

"Dammit Gilbert!" Matthew said into the phone, daring to put it by his ear once more.

"Yes?" The Canadian frowned. He could tell the Prussian was grinning on the other end.

"What the fuck to you want?" Matthew asked, making sure Gilbert could tell he wasn't taking anymore bullshit.

"The awesome me was just calling to say Hi~" Matthew's thumb was on the end button when the Prussian spoke again, "Just kidding~ I'm calling cause of something my boss gave me!"

Matthew was listening again. When he had received his letter he had actually imagined Gilbert's reaction which had been something around the lines of, "What is this? The awesome me is too awesome to be spending a whole year at some fucking camp with all these less awesome nations!" Blah blah blah, the rant would continue until Matthew, Ludwig or whoever he decided to "bestow his awesomeness" on decided to walk away.

However, due to the fact that Gilbert hadn't started his rant the second Matthew picked up the phone, it actually sounded as though the Prussian liked the idea.

"World Camp!" the Prussian exclaimed, "Sounds awesome right? Well not of awesome as me of course."

"Sure..." Matthew replied, still not fully comprehending what he was hearing.

"Maybe you'll even have the honor of sharing a bed with the awesome me~"

"...Wait, what?" Matthew was forever grateful for the invention of the telephone so Gilbert couldn't see the slight blush that had crept onto his cheeks.

"See yah there, Mattie!" and the phone line went dead.

Matthew stared at his phone, mouth hanging open slightly. Then he stuffed it into his pocket, walked out of the room, and turned off the lights, easily pushing what Gilbert had said off of his mind. After all, it's not like it was anything new. Making the Canadian blush had recently become Gilbert's favorite pastime.

But Matthew didn't have time to think about the albino nation, he had more lame shit to pack.

Camp started tomorrow.

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